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Discussion in 'GUITAR COMBOS' started by Marc_S, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. Marc_S

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    My name is Marc Schonbrun and I'm the new moderator of the Guitar Rig and Combos Forum here at NI.

    I'm a professional guitarist in New York and have been involved with Guitar Rig since Guitar Rig was in pre-alpha release (It had no graphics and one amp model). I've written extensively about guitar and technology and edited the recent "Guitar Rig 2 Power". My own books and videos have detailed how users can combine guitar and technology.

    I also administer the forums at, so I've been at the mod thing for a while now.

    My job here is to accomplish a few things. My first job is to help make this forum a productive and respectful place to hang out and to make sure that questions and concerns are resolved and passed on to the proper channels.

    I'm going to make sure the topics are well organized and flow together. I'll be consolidating threads, bringing some topics into focus so we can discuss them. Secondly, I'll be passing information onto NI based on your feedback. NI will still make all the official announcements, but my job is to make sure that your valuable feedback is heard at NI. I'll also be able to pass feedback from NI back to you as well regarding important and relevant information.

    I'll also make sure that we all follow common courtesy and treat each other with respect; the respect that we all deserve. We've all seen forums go downhill due to lack of respect, and I will help to ensure that this forum never goes that way.

    I'm not here to fulfill technical support duties, although when I can, I will be *glad* to help whenever I am in a position to give clear advice. I'm a Mac guy, so I have much more experience with Macs, but I am well versed in pretty much every software program that folks use.

    I have other life obligations and don't work for NI in any office; I do this from home, so I will check this board a few times a day. If you need a response on something urgent, contact support. If I don't respond to a direct post, It's not because I don't love you anymore... I do the best that I can and life definitely gets busy at times for all of us.

    I guess that's it!

    Let's make this a great place to help others, exchange information and in general, a great community for all Guitar Rig fans.


    Marc Schonbrun
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  3. zedboy

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    Or to respond to direct e-mails asking the same questions?
  4. LouSwimmin

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    Good Luck Marc - good to hear you have all that experience. will you be able to provide advice on guitar rig questions on achieving certain effects?
  5. Marc_S

    Marc_S NI Product Owner

    Hi Guys,

    I'm trying to find out about the UB stuff.
    As for direct email questions, let's keep it on the list unless it's personal and does not have to do with NI.

    Advice on rigs? Sure, I did some preset work for Guitar Rig 1, so I think I can help out!
  6. disfrontman

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    Thank goodness. We Combo users feel like we've been hung out to dry.

    The official Intel Mac/UB section of the NI web site says the Combos will not be ported to UB, but several of us have now been reassured, albeit in very cryptic and vague ways, that a free UB crossgrade will be available soon. The definition of "soon" has been altered a bit as well.

    Please, Marc--get to the bottom of this. I, for one, cannot afford the full-bore GR2 package right now, but if you keep me happy with what I already own (AC Box Combo), then I will be MUCH more likely to buy the whole enchilada later. I played with the GR demo and I know it is fantastic.

    I am working on my band's upcoming album. Once it is finished, I'll likely use some of the proceeds from sales to get the GR2 hardware/software rig for live playing. But no ACBox UB = no album (which is bad for me), or an album made using a competitor's product that I eventually become more familiar with and use in lieu of NI gear (which is bad for you * NI).

    Please, please bring us good news,

    P.S.: Here is a link to my band's current album release:
  7. Marc_S

    Marc_S NI Product Owner

    Remember that I don't work for NI. I'm an outsider.

    I know that Combos is being ported to UB. I have no idea when nor will I know as I'm not on that beta team.

    I can't tell you when, only an official announcement can do that. I do know that it is going to happen.
  8. brooks61

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    What is the best way to load GR2 on a Macbook running Logic 7.2 if you want stand alone & plugin versions? I am having problem with audio drivers, midi failure & pedal control movement. I understand there may be a new driver on the way but also want to make sure instal should be easy or custom, that was a little confusing for me.
    Thanks for your assistance,
  9. Marc_S

    Marc_S NI Product Owner

    The installation does this. Just install the 2.2.1 update and you'll get both the standalone and the plug-in, just like it has since Guitar Rig 1.0
  10. dburnz

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    Welcome, Marc. And good luck! :)
  11. little legs

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    hello there

    hi mark
    i am new to this foroum i am lost how to get started
    i am sure you lad,s will help me find my way around
    all the best lil leg,s
  12. charlierock2009

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    Ihave the Combo III but I don't have Sound do I only need the Midi cable to work?
    I Have a Combo III but have no Sound, I can see the sound Levels going up and down but no Sound. I have check my Sound System and is connected OK. I need some HELP!.
  13. ew

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    Welcome =)


    Combos are an audio effect; not a MIDI instrument.

  14. Enzo Legend

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    Hi I'm a newbie to the site, I'm in completeley the wrong placebut can some one help please
    This may seem like i'm a bit thick but I have had my iAX393 working on my pc (windows vista) with combo 1 previously but it was a few years ago and i'm not very technically minded. My headphones are in my combo is on but got nothing coming out.

    My settings are as follows:
    interface ASIO
    Sample Rate 44100
    Output Device Behringer USB Audio
    Output Latency 0ms

    Input 1 1:IN 0- Behringer USB Audio
    Input 2 2:IN 1- Behringer USB Audio

    Ouput 1 1:Out 0- Behringer USB Audio
    Ouput 2 2:Out 1- Behringer USB Audio

    Input Interface
    (is blank)

    Ouput Interface
    Microsoft GS wavetable synth [off]

    Please can someone help a techno phob before my kids realise there dad is getting to old to rock LOL

    Thank you
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