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The official word on the Guitar Rig 2.2 update

Discussion in 'GUITAR RIG' started by Nils @ NI, Nov 2, 2006.

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  1. dippy

    dippy NI Product Owner

    oh homebelly, you are my hero.

    This, like the closed thread previously is out of hand. There are the "whiners" and the "lemmings".....and they don't agree. The lemmings are constantly quoting things out of context and cannot remember what was said from post to post.

    Now, as far as the seeing from NI's point of view......let's just talk common sense for a moment.....humor me......just this once. Why should paying customers see it from a "companies" point of view? If they had said "soon" once or even twice and this was going on.....the lemmings would have a point. Not only is that NOT what happened, you know it. So the real question is why are the people who are so intent on standing by NI no matter what happens?

    It goes without saying that the "other" companies haven't promised anything. Clearly, regardless of the spin the supporters keep putting on things, NI has promised things. It's on record, and I'll say.....for the courts to see.

    Anyways, have fun.....
  2. mrjoec

    mrjoec New Member

    Can I request that Nils make this sticky "read-only" so that I don't have to slug through all the whining to get to the pertinent updates (disappointing as they may be)?

    That way, those of you who want to continue to snipe each other can do it in another thread that I don't have to read, and I can just check the RSS feed every now and then whenever I take a break from playing and writing to see if Nils has anything new to add.
  3. Homebelly

    Homebelly Forum Member

    I'm not sure i understand your reasoning.
    Why lemming?
    None of us with G5's or any suported computer for that matter, took a leap on this,,
    I also question you being in the majority here,, you maybe the loudest but that doesn't nessesarly mean there are more of you,,

    I'm also disapointed you didn't have a come back for my insinuating you hang out with cheap girls,,,
    Thanks for spelling my name right though,, for a moment or two there i really did think this was getting pesonal,,
  4. timants

    timants NI Product Owner

    I thought the "That's too bad, you have to." was better. The hat was good too though.
  5. Bhunaman

    Bhunaman New Member

    This has been a fascinating thread to follow - Guitar Rig gets a dedicated moderator (good news!!) to improve communication (good news!!) and a handful of whinners proceed to flame him for days on end. I'm sure Nils will be falling over himself to help the Guitar Rig community after this!

    For those of you who have declared that you have lost faith in NI and Guitar Rig - please, PLEASE, do it what it takes to get your money back (or cut your loses) and buy alternative software (I hear every other piece of software ever written is bug free, so you'll be fine...). The Guitar Rig community doesn't need you and we can make this forum a pleasant place for constructive comment and discussion.

    Acschurr's well-written post summed up my feelings and I'm sure he represents the views of most Guitar Rig users (actually I'm guessing 99% are using the software with no problems, blissfully unaware that this thread even exists!).

    I suggest we all sit back, have a nice cup of tea, and wait for the update to appear in the support section. I for one will no longer be reading this thread so those of you ready to flame me need not bother replying. Go play your guitars instead.

    Good luck Nils - hopefully you'll find the Guitar Rig forum a better place in the future...
  6. Z

    Z NI Product Owner

    I agree. Acschurr (hey that's pretty easy to say when you're quite drunk!) hit the nail with his post.

    To all the whiners (you know who you are), go outside, get some fresh air - or better yet, go play some guitar or make some music instead of attacking every single NI employee and forum poster who doesn't share your opinion on the matter.

    And by the way, thruthfully speaking: Purchasing an Intel Mac in awaiting the release of a UB GR2, is just plain dumb.
  7. Hont

    Hont NI Product Owner

    +1 to the above two posts. Couldn't agree more.
  8. timants

    timants NI Product Owner

    forum (noun): a medium in which the public may debate an issue or express opinons

    debate (noun): a discussion, as of a public question in an assembly, involving opposing viewpoints. A formal contest in which the affirmative and negative sides of a proposition are advocated by opposing speakers.

    All of this is nothing to get worked up about (except you Nils, we got our eye on you). We are expressing points of views on a subject in a forum. You don't have to read this thread. You don't have to post. If you are up and running without the update why are you wasting time reading our daft, friggn dumb idiotic opinions. Dare I even say they take a look at all of this and learn a bit more about customer service and possibly god forbid crack a smile while learning. These forums and discussions are priceless to a company.

    Hell, if I knew what this guy meant I might even agree with him:
    "it rates along side people that claim freedom of speech is a right but ignore the fact that so is the freedom to shut the phuck up."

    mrjoec, Nils wrote "This thread is now closed to consolidate the discussion." in the last unofficial thread. This thread was created for this discussion. If you are up & running then just go use the product. That's what I would do. I have never spent more than the time needed in a forum than to get a answer to my question. Go make some pre-sets (NI will not get mad at you if you adjust thier presets I promise). If you do not mind waiting for the update then cool, wait. Some of us with opinions will share them here (or else where) whether you like it or not.
  9. globalhiccup

    globalhiccup NI Product Owner

    Ah yes, and that expression on his face ...... he can't get GR to work!
  10. ramuji

    ramuji NI Product Owner


    Yes, I would also appreciate this, or a similar solution please.

  11. Homebelly

    Homebelly Forum Member

    I wrote it in response to this

    "Seriously acschurr, what side of your family is Nils on? Or better yet, how long have you worked for NI. I think we all openly regret our what we think was a mislead decision or "stupid" as you would so elegantly put it. But this list of excuses is a joke. Like I said in a different post, hopefully they can remove that NI tattoo from your a@@ when you jump onto the next company's cheerleading squad."

    Part of entering into a debate or partaking in a forum is that you remain civil. You seem well able to find the dictionary definitions of certain words, but you don't seem to understand there greater meaning.
  12. dippy

    dippy NI Product Owner

    your point is completely baffling......

    And, at least I hang out with girls....."lol".......
  13. dippy

    dippy NI Product Owner

    there are no pertinent updates, at least not with guitar rig.
  14. dippy

    dippy NI Product Owner

    and again......debate? what debate? debate that NI can't keep a promise? I'm still waiting for an explanation of why you keep sticking up for a company that obviously doesn't have your best interests in mind.....

  15. Rune Slagget

    Rune Slagget NI Product Owner

    Let´s not turn this forum into a meaningless and boring parody of the movie Grumpy Old Men.
    In a week, at this time, I guess we have enjoyed the wonders of GR2.2, for days.
    A good weekend to you all. :)
  16. darc

    darc NI Product Owner

    Quote: "Sorry to point out the obvious, but Product Managers are part of the MARKETING team - this means he deals with the bits and pieces that come from development, support, management, finance etc etc etc and has to make sense of them, and then relay this to us."

    I know this was intended to defend Nils in particular and perhaps NI in general, but in fact it has the opposite effect. Now let me state right out that I don't think Nils should be personally vilified for what's gone on with GR2, and let me also say that I LOVE Guitar Rig; despite all its faults I've pushed through and gotten to a point where it serves me very well. (Investing the time felt like a roll of the dice sometimes, but it actually paid off for once.)

    Nevertheless - pointing out that Nils is not a development guy, nor a project leader, but in fact a dedicated product manager responsible for marketing only reinforces the fact that he should have been and now should be here, posting more often. If, for a couple of weeks, he gets a beating for having been absent, he'll have to just take it. Once he's settled in and a level of trust has been established, then I'm sure he'll be given more slack. The bottom line is, if he is an arm of NI marketing then this is his job, pleasant or otherwise. If he doesn't want the job, NI needs to post someone else here. Personally, I wouldn't give the job to a Product Manager, I'd give the job to an intern who'd work for peanuts and the privelege of telling his friends he works for a music company, but that's just me. I'd also fire him if a week went by where loyal customers' questions went unanswered, turning them into disloyal customers. So I guess I'm a prick on 2 counts.

    More briefly - if Nils is marketing then he can have nothing more important to do than put up with the belly-aching here, as improbable as that may sound. THIS IS AN OFFICIAL NI FORUM for crying out loud!!! (Not tooting my own horn but) why is it that I personally answer more questions here than any NI staff does??

    Or: "...and then relay this to us..." should be a higher and more frequent priority if you've made it part of his job description.

    This specific business with the upgrade is an embarrassment. It's par for the course for s/w to take longer than expected. It's par for the course for an unforeseen incident to delay a day or two after a date has been announced. But delay after delay, and improbable excuses like a coincidental server upgrade bouncing a release a day, then a week...? It looks dishonest and it looks bad.

    I'm very fortunate that I'm a Windows XP guy and so GR2 has been working for me for months now. On the other hand, I too bought GR2 (specifically RK2) based on a false promise - proper MIDI control from the footcontroller. I don't mind that it wasn't delivered. For one thing, I've come to effective workarounds, and for another, I knew the feature wasn't definite, so I was taking my chances. But looking back, I am offended that NI has never said a word about the false information propagated by U.S. sales, and they have never bothered to say so much as "yes" or "no" to the possibility of a driver upgrade to further MIDI support.

    None of this is the end of the world, obviously, but it's fair to point out that it's all very bad PR, and needlessly so. I can see why some people are reacting as negatively as they are.
  17. jazzaholic

    jazzaholic NI Product Owner

    I think Darc's last post is the most balanced and objective commentary on the situation so far. Some previous posters have been very emotional, some in a negative, some in a "protective" way (btw, Rune - I admire Your optimism, but saying smthng like "I really think it's going to be out any minute now!" every day does not help to cool things down here).
    So, I agree with Darc. And please, don't call this w h i n i n g. Someone at NI, please, learn a lesson from all this.
  18. nezer

    nezer New Member

    I'm afraid to ask if this could get any worse for NI or their Mac customers.

    I see big changes happening with the internals of NI.

    They way I see all of this one of two things is happening. Either we are being defrauded as was brought up before or NI has simply grown beyond the limitations of the company's senior management. I really doubt we are being defrauded as there is a GR 2 product that has shipped and works for many users. It seems much more likely that NI has outgrown their management structure; a structure that lacks the ability to accurately allocate resources (programmers, etc) where needed and lacks the ability to properly respond to unexpected stresses with their infrastructure. I've worked for two companies in the past that had similar issues. One was Worldcom and the other was an online travel service owned by Cendant. We all know what happened with Worldcom.

    The online travel company now exists only in name because Cendant bought out a competitor in this market and moved the existing brand name to the former competitor's infrastructure. I was fired because of all my complaining about piss poor infrastructure management. A year later all my friends lost their jobs.

    Unless NI's senior management is seriously restructured and policies are put in place to better deal with their growth, another competitor will come along and eat their lunch. Right now it would be difficult for customer service to get much worse. Hopefully having a product update ready to be released but unable to do so because of another department's infrastructure mismanagement (be it poor hardware architecture, poor software architecture, or both) will serve as a wakeup call. In my experience, however, this is often not the case. I hope NI pulls through this as they have proven themselves to make pretty decent and innovative stuff.
  19. pfokus

    pfokus NI Product Owner

    I would love it if somone could log in remotely and post this weekend if not today if possible. Would love to start bringing one laptop around this weekend if possible.

    Thanks for the bad news as it is at least news! ;)

  20. Ouroboros

    Ouroboros NI Product Owner

    Hey here's a bit of a heads up regarding GR for Intel Macs. I recently read a report on a Mac news site mentioning that in the OSX 10.4.8 update there were improvements made to Rosetta. I agree. About three months ago I tried running GR on my iMac Core Duo (2ghz with 2GB RAM) and it was terrible. The sound would jump in spurts from working for a second to terrible white noise, and the processor power would jump from 70% to over 100%. Obviously unusable. Well in stand alone mode NOW with 10.4.8 I can run through a good number of the presets and it hovers around 70% processor usage, with no white noise, no spikes, and no clicks or pops! I am using a MOTU Traveler to run it and I'm of course not using it as a plug-in.

    Just thought I'd pass this on if you anyone is interested...
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