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The Tips & Tricks thread

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by euklides, Aug 25, 2009.

  1. Maxwell Smooth

    Maxwell Smooth New Member

    Such a great thread!
  2. Fuselier

    Fuselier Forum Member

    You can stretch and pitch small sections of the sample with the edit start and end point without effecting the rest of the sample. Its a bit hammer and chisel working with vocals but its a hammer and chisel I didn't have before.
  3. AG Beats

    AG Beats Forum Member

  4. faster

    faster NI Product Owner

    Layered Drums

    Here is a tip for layered drums. Very easy and you get some nice results.
    All done in one group, I chose group-A.

    In group A, I name drum pads in this way Pad 1=kicks, Pad 2=snares, P.3=HH closed, P.4=HH-open,...etc until I make a kit, using all 16 pads with various names.

    Now I choose 16 kick samples, 16 snare samples, 16 HHs, 16 percs etc, that I want to use and I make a loop out of each group of samples.
    Now I have one 16 Kick loop, 16 snare loop, etc... (I use Sound Forge, samples arranged with a small space between them) Must slice to 16 correct SLICES!
    Do the same for snares, HHs, Percs, etc for the 16 pads.
    I load the Kick loop into pad 1 and slice it and "apply". (they apply to pad 1)
    Do the same for snares, dragged in pad 2, HHs, percs, all 16 pads...
    SAVE it as a Group, "Multi-Kit".

    The result is, when you load this kit, it plays a normal drum per pad.
    To switch to have 16 BDs, hit pad 1(kicks), then shift+pad-mode and 16 pads play kicks.
    To switch to snare "layers", hit pad 2, hit shift+pad-mode and you are in 16 snares.

    Low CPU, each pad can have its FX and it makes a monster of a kit of 256 samples occupying only ONE group.
    Hope you find it usefull
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  5. nostrez

    nostrez Forum Member

    Finally found what i've been searching for!

    Hey Folks,

    I've been searching for a sounds & samples library solution on Windows for ages and guess what? I recently found SonicWire Mutant and it works like a charm and best of all, it's free! I really like the auto play and pre-hear features.

    Check this out:

    SONICWIRE provides software "MUTANT" free version that manages the sound materials at free of cost. By installing this software, it enables you to access to the sounds you look for from the staggering amount of sound data and let you preview them easily. Making use of COMMENT or BOOKMARK function, the sound data are easily organized, classified and searched.

  6. AG Beats

    AG Beats Forum Member

  7. enrique1.6

    enrique1.6 New Member

    hey! is it possible to download different patterns for Maschine somewhere? I saw this video on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gIt9IdUzl0&feature=youtu.be and I really like the idea Mike Huckaby presents, seems to be great stuff! But is there any way to avoid putting all those patterns into Maschine manually?
  8. AG Beats

    AG Beats Forum Member

  9. GCC722

    GCC722 New Member

    how do i record my loops and customize how long i want it to be recorded for?
  10. Jabriel1

    Jabriel1 New Member

  11. minim

    minim NI Product Owner


    Soundflower is Mac only. Look into JACK.
  12. Uwe303

    Uwe303 NI Product Owner


    Jackaudio is an equvalent i think, but i havn´t tried it jet.

  13. mfosselman

    mfosselman New Member

    Here is the technique I use to make the "Perfect 4 Bar Loop"

    - Sample
    - Find Start Point
    - Find Tempo
    - Set Tempo
    - Choose how many bars you want to record to.

    Step 1 - Setup
    1) Press "Sampling"
    2) Go to "Record"
    3) Change "Source" from "External" to "Internal"
    4) Change "Record Input" to "Master"
    5) Change "Mode" from "Detect" to "Sync"
    6) Change "Length" from "Free" to "4 Bars"

    Step 2 - Set Startpoint on Sample
    1) Press "Sampling"
    2) Select "Edit" tab
    3) Set Startpoint
    4) "Truncate"
    5) Set "Pitch/Gate" to "Oneshot"
    6) Tap out the tempo

    To find out if sample is on beat: Now we have:
    1) Hold down "Shift" and press "Play" - Tempo
    2) Set "Pattern" to "4 Bars" - Sample
    3) Press "Play" and hit pad on time - Startpoint

    Step 3 - Lay Down Sample
    1) Change "4 Bars" to "8 Bars" ( Don't know how long the sample is going to be)
    2) Make sure the sample is on "Oneshot"
    3) Insert sample onto 1st Bar section
    4) Press "Restart" to make sure the sample is starting on 1

    Step 4 - Recording Sample
    1) Press "Sampling"
    2) Select a pad to record to
    3) Press "Start" ("Waiting")
    4) Press "Restart"

    Perfect 4 Bar Loop!
  14. aaron.james

    aaron.james Forum Member

    Poor Man's Sidechain (for dance music)

    Set up a filter (LP or HP doesn't matter.
    Set your cutoff and resonance to whatever you may
    Change LFO to LFO Sync and change it's speed to 1/4(or 1/2 if you're working on a halfstep song)
    For LP Modulate downwards and for HP modulate upwards.
    Have fun!
  15. charmingnerd

    charmingnerd NI Product Owner


    SCARYMAN Forum Member

    It's been very quiet in here..... I can see tumbleweed......
  17. CityHaul

    CityHaul New Member

    Hey everyone, I've been wanting to make tutorials again for a while now, thought this little 'dub synth' trick might be something easy to start with. Enjoy!
  18. Bonus Beats

    Bonus Beats NI Product Owner

    I guess I can make a few VERY short videos of my little tricks I sometimes do to get things done quick and easy.

    Here will be the first its an .ens Sowari built for us that lets you record Mutes by recording midi through your Maschine pads.

    I can't be bothered to set up a mic to record voice overs sorry.


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  19. 33tetragammon

    33tetragammon NI Product Owner

    With Maschine 2.0 we can now FINALLY rename Macro Controls. Just double-click underneath a Macro Control to do that.
    The only bummer is that when you rename the Macro on Sound Level and then assign the same Macro on Group Level the latter changes the name of the Macro on Sound Level. Just something to keep in mind.

    Honestly, it would be better if we could just pick the Sound Macro on Group or Master Level from the drop down menu imo. You can't do that right now unless i missed something somewhere.
  20. Falls A Star

    Falls A Star Forum Member

    Something I found useful after messing up a sound in my first project, and then saving afterwards without realizing:

    There's software available which scans folders for changes and automatically backs them up. Every time you save a project, an edit to a sample, etc. a new copy is made just in case.

    The one I preferred after trying a couple others is called AutoVer. There's probably something similar for Mac, and other alternatives for Windows.