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The Tips & Tricks thread

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by euklides, Aug 25, 2009.

  1. MetalFox

    MetalFox NI Product Owner

    Chord sets with chord progression notation instead of chord names

    This isn't 100% correct, and I would welcome corrections. It's the major and minor chord sets notated from a chord-progression writing perspective. I have a hard time keeping scales and chord names in my head. Staring at the names on the controller, it slows me down to keep recomputing which chord is which in my head. With more practice, that'll be less of an issue, but for now, I've mapped the pads out in a way that lets me think more intuitively about the chord sets.
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  2. regeler

    regeler New Member

    i recommend checking out resonic player (https://resonic.at/) . It's freeware, efficiently programmed with a very clean and accessible UI+UX. Take a look at the features of the upcoming pro version too.
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  3. Supercreative

    Supercreative NI Product Owner

    Hey Maschines,

    since 2.5 we got the Perform-FX for Group-Level only.
    Many users want to the Perform-FX on their Master to use it for more than on group.
    This is easy to do. It´s no black magic:

    1. Create a new empty Group
    2. Load the PERFORM-FX into this Group
    3. Route your Sounds you wish to get processed together into this new Group (OUTOUT SECTION)
    4. Now you´re able to automate this the PERFORM-FX for all routed sounds on this Group - if you want
    5. Have fun - SCRATCH is great ;)
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  4. mkopter

    mkopter Member

    You're absolutely right, works like a charm! Even effect chains are possible that way.
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  5. jhorology

    jhorology NI Product Owner

    I've just released a small script code that can help tagging .wav files, and also started a personal project with this code for organizing audio files.
    I love the maschine browser.:thumbsup: Have fun!
    Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 9.57.35.png
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  6. TheAndroid

    TheAndroid NI Product Owner

  7. addhitman

    addhitman NI Product Owner

    Uh...? Help :-/
    I'm not even close to your level of smarts and I'm wondering if you can tell me in simpleton terms how this works?
    Most of us have thousands of wav files which, to use in Maschine, we need to drag and drop from a folder into a Maschine sound slot.
    It seems that if I somehow copy/paste your code lingo to (somewhere) in my pc then Maschine will recognize my WAV files and categorize them in the Maschine browser. Right?
    I'm also assuming we'd need to add some descriptive metadata to each individual wav for this to function?
    So... for example, if I have 99 "C Major distorted bass" loops then I would need to (somewhere) enter "Loops", "Bass", "C Major", and "Distorted" to each of these files and then your script will then allow me to search and locate based on all or any of these tags?
    If I'm understanding this correctly then it sounds amazingly helpful. Could you please tell us non-coder's a step by step procedure to do this?
    Thanks :)
    Side question; Can you do this for Midi files? Please? Please???
    I've been dreaming of a midi browser for years.
  8. jhorology

    jhorology NI Product Owner

    Yeah, basically yes. If you already have right categorizing information, programing is powerful. Apple Loops has 20,000+ files and each file has many informations in inside. But you still need programing as the case maybe, my script code just give you time-saving for that.
    Maybe write document what I'm doing for my project.
    I'm a beginner, jam is my first maschine. At this time I'm stuck in learning phase, so I don't know how maschine manage MIDI files. Howerver, If there is a thing to be able to compensate by programming, I will continue to do so in future.

    PS. Converting Apple Loops maybe illegal. I don't care about it. I'm not professional and not going to use it for commercial purpose.