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The Traktor 3 Problem Compendium

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR 3' started by PhilL, Dec 28, 2005.

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  1. friction

    friction NI Product Owner

    my 2centz!
    I know I dont post much around here,
    But I have been around for a couple of years invisibly! :)
    I'll try and contribute more this new year!

    First off, I wanna say I love T3, but have not yet migrated completely, meaning I havent gotten rid of T2.6 yet, and I cant!!! Not until T3 gets its first real make over, hopefully by implementing many of the essential issues we all have been listing here..

    My T3 Issues:

    - playlists-

    Playlist organisation improves in T3 with the fact you can
    drag songs up and down in order..unfortunatly if you by mistake hit the name/artist/number/etc... fields your order gets lost?
    whats the deal with that? It would be nice that if you reorder the songs around in your playlist and then hit the save button it will keep that order, ala' winamp.

    - comfort-

    1. I may be the only one here that may misses this, but wth..
    I miss the close/minimise feature when in full screen mode,
    as in T2.6 in the top right corner.... To quit I have to first hit the full screen button, then quit..seems redundant to me.

    2. I miss the fact that the mixer settings are not reset each time you restart T3. By mistake, you may forget you have the eq's set all over the place...


    1. I still get my hotkeys dropping out after extensive use..they stop working, and have to restart T3...
    (I'd freak if that happens to me live!!)

    2.Either I dont understand the use, or it really has no use..
    There are 3 pages in the hotkey editor, but only the ones on the first page work for me. anyone else with this??

    3. I use the keyboard hotkeys to cut the fader right/left/center Alot.. Seems hard to set up in T3 or I havent really figured it out yet. Now I use the fader hotkey, set one
    to inc, the other to dec. (set them both to repeat, and to switch mode) but I still have to press them twice to jump from all the way left to the right? something is complicated for such an easy thing...T2.6was easier to set this up...

    4. I think this may have been mentioned b4..
    But when you hit buttons through hotkeys, they don't light up
    to let u know something is happening. ..IE sync or tap.

    - Browser-
    1. Im there with everyone on the in-editing feature issue.
    I actually like the fact you can easily organise songs by just typing directly, But I have already erased soo many song titles, that this is just not working. But since I do find these feature useful, I think it would be safer to have in the column with the analize/delete/renumber/EDIT...that maybe the edit one will lock and unlock the in-editing feature in T3. And to edit the tag, you right click on the song to "edit tag"

    2.I dont understand why we cant write/read tags anymore when browsing through the explorer column, I use this view extensively since it coincides where my songs actually live on my hardrive...when I'm making beatgrids, I can't write tags from there...this feature is essential for me.. Anyone else?
    I think there should be a write tag button right under analize button.

    of all the controllers out there I think the one closest to what
    NI should look into is the Allen & Heath Xone:3D, but ofcourse made affordable ;)

    all in all, T3 is really becoming quite a tool, and going beyond just the mixing software it was in 2.6. I think it really stands ground when compared to Live 5....Which I thought would make a dent on NI, but I think it has made a nice comback...

    thats it for now,

    maybe more later...

    cheers, and happy new years to all!!!!!!!!
  2. LoungeLover

    LoungeLover Forum Member

  3. boysteve

    boysteve NI Product Owner

    Jeez, I dunno--how about making the GIANT HEADPHONE CUE BUTTON smaller and putting about 4 things there instead?

    I don't care if it has the buttons, but I want the functionality on the hotkeys/controller. A tiny LED beside the EQ knob can light to show a kill.
  4. RufusWhite

    RufusWhite NI Product Owner

    I did about a 9 hour set tonight, audio was flawless but T3 forgot my midi controller again right at the start of the night!

    This is the only stability issue I'm having... I fly back out to Ibiza very soon, and I don't want to have to use 2.6 for the entire season just because T3 keeps forgetting my Midi controller!

  5. gmint

    gmint NI Product Owner

    If you get to charge them for suggestions, then I get to charge them for business advice...
  6. RufusWhite

    RufusWhite NI Product Owner

    Sounds fair. Or how about 10% of the profits from Traktor (The Xmas party money) goes into a pot, which Phil distributes according to useful input to the forums ;)

    flamers will have their pocket change taken off them and this money will also be added to the pot.

    While I'm here I'll add my iTunes woes to the compendium. ie. There's no iTunes support! (Apart from being able to import your current iTunes playlists). What happened to the brilliant iTunes integration which worked so well in 2.6 (and which is still advertised on the box??)

  7. mal1ce

    mal1ce NI Product Owner

    This is prolly a stupid question...and I'm sure you've thought of it already, but....
    Cant you save the midi config file once it's setup and just reload it as needed...??
  8. PhilL

    PhilL Moderator Moderator

    I like this idea, Huge Traktor party next Christmas! I would come to NYC and or London just to throw that puppy!!!

    As for iTunes support....
    I 've got great itunes support... plug in my iPod Double click on the Traktor icon to start it and it doesn't... just sits there and spins, you're done. Plug in the iPod after traktor starts and theres no iPod support at all, and I get 30-45 mins before Traktor starts nosediving and drops into a flat spin. Like I said great support...


    Wait till next week till I get me mits on my Black shiny new 60GB puppy, that should make Traktor Freak Totally...

  9. RufusWhite

    RufusWhite NI Product Owner

    Aye, you can do that, but the problem is that T3 just completely refuses to believe that the Midi controller is there rather than the fact that the definitions have gone missing.

  10. Maxl

    Maxl NI Product Owner

    couple of things that came up while mixing yesterday ( broadcasting live for 6 persons ); using my PC, not my PB.

    at the same time, I recorded a "native mix", and all/browser operations added stuttering to the sound; as far as I remember, it did not happened with 2.6

    this was worse because sometimes, when you want to click on a track, you mistakenly click on the magnifier and "auto search" for stuff; and THAT SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM THE BROWSER!!!! and more than once, the "back" button does not work.

    also, please remove the on-line editing in the browser, too often I doubled-clicked on a track to preview it, and went into editing.

    Also, there should be a better way to see the channel assigments for the crossfader.
  11. adonispoly

    adonispoly NI Product Owner

    Yeah i also have this exact same problem. I use an Ecler NUO4 mixer which has extensive MIDI controls. I'm connected via usb and sometimes my controls just stop working and my controller disappears from the preferences section. Other times it stops working and disappears under the default name of "Ecler NUO4" but seems to rename itself "USB audio device" or something similar. If i select this my controls start working again but only whn i restar traktor which is catastrofic in the middle of a set.
  12. boysteve

    boysteve NI Product Owner

    I've had this happen twice--both times at home, thank god--and the only solution has been to reboot. I thought there was something wrong with my MIDI cable. On separate occasions I've had T3 lose the soundcard, the MIDI in, my MIDI tks file, and my hotkeys TKS file in mid mix. Clearly there's something going on here.
  13. adonispoly

    adonispoly NI Product Owner

    It would seem so, i was going to buy a MIDI cable and connect my Ecler NUO4 MIDI controller directly to my scratchamp to see if this fixed the issue, has anyone tried this? Anyone got any ideas for a solution or has anyone else experienced similar issues?
  14. RufusWhite

    RufusWhite NI Product Owner

    This happened to me again live last night, luckily this time I'd come prepared: I played a track off my iPod while I restarted T3. I should not have to do this though!

  15. MiniVan

    MiniVan NI Product Owner

    I have not seen this MIDI issue with Mac OS X on my PB. I assume RufusWhite you are using Windows XP SP2 on a laptop?
  16. gmint

    gmint NI Product Owner

    I just remembered something that I would like to see that I've had written down on a sticky note for quite a while now. You know how there used to be (or may still be, I don't know as I never used it) a checkbox to import music library on startup? I think an "import iTunes playlists on startup" selection might be FAR more useful...
  17. Dj Hobbes

    Dj Hobbes NI Product Owner

    Well... that may be a good idea. I will check to see if it has already been requested, and if not, I will request it for you.


    EDIT: I have requested this feature.
  18. beeznutz

    beeznutz Forum Member

    i did a search on this and couldn't find any info so i'm posting it
    as a bug........... or something.............

    -Consistency Check Report

    if you right-/ctrl-click on track collection and select consistency
    report a box will pop up and give you info about your track
    collection. a good thing about it is that will show missing tracks
    and tracks which need to be analyzed. this is the same box that
    will pop up on starting traktor 2.6. the difference is:

    when you choose to analyze the tracks [in 2.6] it will ask you
    if you want to re-analyze the ones that have been already
    analyzed [phiew, that's a lot of anal words in there!].
    version 3 seems to just analyze everything all over again, no
    questions asked.

    i'm pretty sure this is not the way it should be but let me know
    if you think otherwise.

  19. duduche

    duduche New Member

    Hello guys, I tried a search but didn't found exactly what I want,so here is my problem :

    since I use Traktor I write extented tags into my mp3s, so I don't have to use the Traktor collection and I don't want to. I just prefer to keep my files organized just like it is on my harddrive and don't have to backup my collection each time I reinstall windows...

    But since I've switched from 2.6 to, several problems occurs whit that tags... T3 seems to not read tags properly, it results in some songs with missing stripe info. I tried to switch back to 2.6 and the tags are still here, so there indeed is a T3 read problem, I guess. Or have I missed something ?

    Thanks. And sorry for my english...
  20. gmint

    gmint NI Product Owner

    Wow, how often do you reinstall windows?
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