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The Traktor 3 Problem Compendium

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR 3' started by PhilL, Dec 28, 2005.

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  1. triune

    triune NI Product Owner


    annoying as hell!
  2. Dj Hobbes

    Dj Hobbes NI Product Owner

    This behaviour is being fixed for an upcoming bug fix.

  3. gmint

    gmint NI Product Owner

    OK, I ran T3 last night for a three hour gig and here are some issues.

    First, Traktor lost the analyzation of about 100 tracks that I just did the day before. Very annoying. I've also lost stripes and cues on many tracks. And no, I haven't done anything to any of the collection files.

    Also, I was wondering (and may have mentioned this before), has anyone found a way to turn the master (as in master/slave for tempo on a deck) button on with a hotkey or MIDI command? I see the "Deck Tempo Sync Slave" command, but there does not seem to be a corresponding command for master. Am I missing something or is this just an omission. 'Cause if it's an omission, COULD WE GET IT PLEASE?

    In the same vein, can someone explain to me why a deck can have both master AND slave (for tempo) active on the same deck? I can't figure that one out. Also, it would be great if we could have a command to TOGGLE between master and slave, which seems to me to be the most logical setup.

    Here is the big one. T3 is SLOW, SLOW, SLOW!!! Running TWO decks on a 1.5 Ghz PB with 1 Gig of RAM at 20 ms on a Firewire Audiophile I can't even start a track on beat because there is so much delay. Same goes with nearly every feature of the interface. The waveform is sluggish, moving around the track is slow, cues are slow. Everything is just TOO DAMN SLOW!!! And, mind you, this is on a top of the line powerbook WITH TWO and only TWO decks. I've optimized my machine to the hilt and the processor meter in T3 is at like 25% when playing. Anyone else experiencing this? Any way this could be rectified ASAP?

    EDIT: I filed this under support ticket #64873

    On the upside, I have to say that T3 does seem to hold a mix much better than 2.6. For some reason 2.6 just didn't seem to be able to lock in a mix like 2.5.3 did. Even beat gridded tracks seemed to waiver. Fortunately, this seems to have been fixed in T3. To it's credit, despite the fact that I still don't have T3 setup very well, nor do I have handle on where the commands that are setup are at. Despite that, my mixes were pretty tight. I'm pretty sure that several of the mixes would have completely fallen apart in 2.6. Not so in T3. Of course, I couldn't start a track on beat...

    Moreover, I want to say that one of the COOLEST features of T3 that I have seen is the ability to nudge the track by clicking and dragging the beat offset meter. For me, the one reason that I always wanted FS (until I got it and subsequently returned it, of course) was so that I could ride the beat more effectively. With this feature, that's completely unnecessary. IMHO, it's the single best thing about T3.
  4. signal

    signal NI Product Owner

    I'd love to see a "Harddrive Usage" meter added to the CPU meter in the System Info. Running 4 Decks I think it's essential to see that this isn't working them too much and the files in different locations can be accessed easily.
  5. jmugu

    jmugu Forum Member

    I experience this slow response, actually I'm not using T3 because of this, terrible performance on my Powerbook. I have try it in a PC and the behaviour is so much better and the Pc I tested it has only 512 mb of ram.

    And about holding the mix better than 2.6, not in my machine. Actually after the 10.4.4 update I load two songs with constant beat markers in T3 and the mixing of this 2 songs is very bad is like if T3 is randomly slowing and accelerating the songs, samll changes and ramdom but you can hear the mix not tight, weird behaviour...the mixing of the same songs is perfect in version 2.62...
  6. gmint

    gmint NI Product Owner

    So, here is the response I got to my support post:

    At least I'm glad I got a response. Sort of...
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