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Third party libraries not loading in Kontakt 5

Discussion in 'KONTAKT' started by Young Blew, Jun 25, 2017.

  1. Young Blew

    Young Blew NI Product Owner

    Good day all,

    My apologies in advance for the log thread, but I need some help.

    Long story long. I lost a hard drive last year :mad:[​IMG]. After weeks of configuring my setup, updating aps, changing library structures and all that other jazz, my drive crashed. I got so pissed at the idea of having to start from scratch and route through time machine backups, that I stopped making music for a while.
    I have since up graded to a newer mac, new 500GB pci-e ssd and added a 4TB internal as well as a 2nd external 4TB HD. I have three other internals, one for windows and the other two are there for future storage.

    I have a lot of third party libraries as well as personal samples saved from my previous setup. I have spent several months getting things set back up, deleting duplicates, moving folders, rescanning directories with all of my DAWS and apps.......not to mention all the fun downloads and app installs :(.

    I am currently having trouble installing some of my my third-party Instruments and libraries, in both Kontakt and Maschine 2. Some libraries I can open under the files tab in Maschine and access the individual wav files, but the instruments won't open in Kontakt. Some libraries give me an error message in Maschine and the instruments give me an error in Kontakt. Yet still, some "samples" I can open in Kontakt, but the sample is missing from Maschine. I have rescanned the user and factory libraries in Maschine, as well as rest and scanned in Kontakt.

    The error I get in both apps is: "Your new Library needs to be added before this Instrument can be used. Please go to Kontakt's Libraries tab and press the Add Library button." The problem is, everytime I hit add, Native Acess opens and asks for a serial. Most of my third-party libraries and instruments are free downloads that I got from the community or as a bonus for buying something, there is no serial for them o_O WTF?

    As a side note, most of the problem children have a: (Main Folder > "Samples folder, Instruments folder, info_nkc file, info_nkx file, .ninct file") setup, with another .nki file in the instruments folder, and both .nkx and .nkc. files in the samples folder. The other instruments only have a "Main Folder > "Sample folder, .nki file", but even some of those scan for missing info every single time I load them!

    Losing my damn mind out here :confused:, please help me not choke my neighbor. He says thanks in advance ;).
  2. EvilDragon

    EvilDragon Moderator Moderator

    If those third party libraries aren't Kontakt Player licensed, they won't have serial numbers, and in that case you do not need to go to Add Library on Libraries tab, at all.

    Just load them from the Files browser instead, and/or add them to your Quickload. If samples are missing, you need to batch resave each and every library that pops up with that Samples missing dialog.
  3. Young Blew

    Young Blew NI Product Owner

    Thank you Sir, I will bach save from now on, I was afraid I would mess something up. I am going to eventually get my quickload file structure set back up and I totally understand the whole EULA and no tabs for non "Powered by Kontakt" Instruments thing. My problem is that these are Powered by Kontakt instruments, that I got from links here on NI's website. One example is some of my Soniccouture free instruments, when I click on the .nki or the .nkm file, it gives me the error message stated in my original comment. Even if I can't add them to my library, as the free instruments don't have a serial, at the very least I should be able to open the instrument or the multi, without Native Access automatically opening. I had no problem with any of these same files when Native Access was in beta and Service Center was the go to. Not in front of my desktop at the moment, will try a few things that I've seen on youtube after 5:00 p.m. pacific.
  4. oh-long-johnson

    oh-long-johnson New Member

    If they are indeed Powered by Kontakt instruments, they should have a serial number by definition, even if they are freebies, I would double check with the library developers (Soniccouture in your case)