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Thoughts on Pioneer PLX-1000...

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR PRO / TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO' started by djenzyme, Jul 17, 2014.

  1. djenzyme

    djenzyme NI Product Owner

    Pioneer have announced their new PLX-1000 turntable...

    Some people are saying that Pioneer bought all the rights to Technics so this is the new incarnation of the 1210.

    What are your thoughts on this new piece of kit?
  2. Irv_Tf

    Irv_Tf NI Product Owner

    Looks like an improvement over the 1200 in some ways.

    The extended range on the pitch is great.
    Replaceable RCA's.
    Better torque.
    Better Pitch Range.
    Decent sound dampening.
    Decent wow/flutter (not better than the technics)

    It's not a bad turntable by any stretch but, there is nothing amazing about it to me either. People who love Technics 1200s will like it because of the nostalgia. Clubs will use them to replace Technics because most places trust Pioneer. Not sure I would choose this turntable over an Audio-Technica LP1240 or ReLoop 8000. I am just glad that instead of clubs possibly giving up on turntables they might put Pioneer PLX-1000 in place instead.
  3. makar1

    makar1 Forum Member

    It's not related to Technics whatsoever, and appears to be yet another Super OEM with a higher price tag.
  4. Irv_Tf

    Irv_Tf NI Product Owner

    You are right for the most part but, it looks like Pioneer attempted to do some sound dampening and vibration suppression. That's something not all the OEM's care for and is vital in places with big sound systems.