Tips for Using a Kore 1 & Kore 2 Controller together? (Win10)

Discussion in 'KORE' started by TechLo, Apr 16, 2019.

  1. TechLo

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    Picked up a used Kore 2 controller as I'd been experiencing the dreaded "knob on the fritz" issue on my Kore 1. I actually just ran the shop vac over the knobs like I'd seen suggested and it worked better for about a minute, lol. Anyway, hooked up this Kore 2 controller, installed the driver and have been off to the races. By itself (without the Kore 1 controller plugged in) it operates as expected with the Kore software or as a midi controller. With both units plugged in, however, the Kore 1 controller assumes supremacy and always takes control. The Kore 2 controller never has the option to be the face of the of the Kore 2 software. You can set the Kore 2 to midi control and have it mirror the interface that way, but there's no graphical update of knob twists or button pushes. I guess I was hoping that it would be possible to choose different instances of the Kore plugin to have up on the different controllers but it doesn't look to be possible. I mean, you can in the sense when just using the Kore 2 controller in midi mode, but it would be nice to have the full functionality and the controller screen working in plugin mode as well. Seems pretty clear NI never intended for 2 units to be used together in this fashion...unless I'm wrong and have somehow missed it. I still use the Kore 1 as my main audio interface with Asio4All -- pretty rock solid in Windows 10 for a discontinued product. So that's the other problem. If I have the Kore 1 plugged in as my audio interface it's always going to hijack the plugin interface.

    Anyone else ever messed around with this and have had similar/dissimilar experiences?
  2. oodoodsiin

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    oh boy, I think I spent a whole month trying to get either two kore 2's or a kore 2 and a kore 1 to work together.

    the furthest I got, iirc without the kore 1, was to have a kore2 in kore mode and the other on the ableton midi template, and it would work fine, until I would focus another instance of kore vst, then the midi one would screen lock and just freeze.

    I was so sad to have to give up on it, had it setup on my nice glass rack, made the studio look so epic.

    do you use asio4all because the driver won't install on w10? I'm still on w7 myself.