Toolset for advanced serialization and iteration

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    What the....., what did i begun? :confused:
    Shure, the core cell borders produce much workload. Unfortunately i found an init bug in my first version, that i had to fix with an additional merger before the Compare Module´s A Input. With that, it is a completly different story. Further i only checked with the trigger clock at sample rate and an event rate of half sample rate. If the ratio between them changes to a much smaller payload (lower event frequency to clock frequency) Max´s Smart Value Macro is definetly the multiple winner. My version gets to the top, if the event rate is something around a fithteenth or more of the clock rate (i.e. evt=3000Hz / clk=44100Hz or evt=26Hz / clk=400Hz).
    Another thing that happened is the bizzare behaviour of Reaktor with unconnected inports. These do not behave like a Zero Constant in every case. I.E. if such an empty inport is connected to the trigger inport of the Value Module, than there is no re-init event (at switch reset). In opposition to a core cell!
    So, +1 for Max

    If you don´t want to "global enable eventloops", than use mine (1.1) :D

    No, not really ;)

    The best working version is 1.1 (for those who are interested, nethertheless)
    see attachment

    PS: For such considerations it would be much easier if we would know the CPU cycles for the basic Modules, Core Cell conversions included. Then we would only need to count....

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    Hi herw!
    is this series available in english?
    the link points to a user/password request.
    many thanks!
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    the link is old, try this:
    i have changed the link in old post too

    I don't have time to translate to English, sorry; but i think it is simple to translate

    ciao herw
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    Is there any way to trigger an iteration with an event produced by an upstream iterator without using the nested iteration system?

    like so:


    I'd like the 2nd iteration to start after the first spits out $=1. the macro "only $=1" leaves only the event through which carries the value of 1

    I know that for an iteration to occur we need a primary event to trigger it. But is there a core iterator version which interrupts the event stream of the first one, performs its iteration and then lets the first one finish its job? I think I had it years ago but can't find the structure anymore.

    thanks in advance
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    I now got it to work kind of.

    I didn't want to use the nested interation subsystem because the 2nd iterator would be in a different part of the structure. I thought I would need to set all of this structure to "non-solid" then. It didn't occur to me that for the nested iteration to work only those core iterators would have to be "non-solid" that have a nested iteration below them. Also I didn't know that we can setup an iterator chain inside the { }} bus.

    this structure would work but I'd really love to have another solution. so any help would be great!