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  1. Kalo

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    Hi folks,

    in attachment my application TraCoConverter. It's independent from my other application (TraCoMerger), both are native stand alone application. I developed this application for the whole community for free usage … so feel free to download and share the link, hope you enjoy.

    What is TraCoConverter ? …. The application helps you …
    • to visualize all meta data (e.g. all hot cue points) of your Traktor DJ (iOS) or Traktor Pro (Mac/PC) song collection
    • TraCoAnalyzer reads the Traktor collection.nml and create 3 new files: TXT, CSV and most powerful: a colored XLS (Excel) spreadsheet with all colored hot cue data
    • XLS sheet is ready for browsing through cue marker definitions, printing, sorting and filtering features (e.g. show non cue-ed songs only..)
    • use the TXT and CSV file for any further usage (like importing the meta data into database or spreadsheet application on Mac)

    • NEW in Version 2.0: - edited in Aug. 2016 - You can use my application to more then just creating reports (that's why I renamed 'TraCoAnalyzer 1.x' to 'TraCoConverter'): TraCoConverter allows you to convert your Traktor meta data (bpm, grid, 8 hot cues, musical key) into formats of other (Non-NI) DJ application. I started with DJ Player Pro (iOS), my favorite DJ app beside TDJ ... :) ... So if you want to use DJPP in parrallel, or want to migrate from NI world to DJPP at all: Version 2.0 can help you, creating a DJPP import.db database file with all earlier Traktor data. ... more details see included help file (Manual, FAQ's, Release Notes) in zip files below.

    • NEW in Version 2.1: see release notes in post below (also included in Manual file, zip1)

    • NEW in Version 2.2: iCloud workflow described in help file, bug fixing

    • NEW in Version 2.3: Bugfixing (TDJ files with multiple grids accepted)

    TraCoConverter is (same TraCoMerger) a PC Windows stand alone direct-run .exe application (does not need any installation), supports any Traktor collection on Mac, iOS or PC … Traktor Pro and Traktor DJ .. so hopefully also useful for Mac guys :) ...
    Mac user: run the application with your Mac collection.nml on any Windows PC from friends - quite easy, because no itunes or your songs or any Traktor needed ... more details see included help file (Manual, FAQ's, Release Notes) in zip files below.

    Guys, if you have any detailed technical questions or any bug feedback, the please send me a private message (click on my Avatar, then 'start private conversation'), to keep this thread mostly clean, a kind of sticky thread. I kindly ask you, not to discuss any general issues in this thread …positive feedback in public always welcome :D …. also happy about each like :thumbsup:

    I will update this first post in this thread regularly with the current actual TraCoConverter Version, so you will find the latest version always below here:

    Good luck, hope you like the idea of TraCoXY applications :)

    >> Disclaimer … I am NOT a NI guy, just a TDJ user same you. NI does not support me in my development, but accepted to share my application in this forum. NI is not responsible at all, so please use my private application on your own risk. Feel free to share the application @Karlos Santos and @Native Coconut: please add if i missed anything, thanks !

    >> Download Instructions:
    - Attachments 01-05 are screenshots and notes only
    - TraCoConverter 2.0 is zipped. I had to split into 3 parts (forum restriction), so extract content of all 3 zip files
    - If you want to convert into TXT,CSV or Excel XLS then ZIP Part 1 only is needed Part 1 also includes the html Instruction Manual.
    - If you want to create DJ Player Pro Import database, then ZIP Part 2 and 3 is needed too
    - a direct run appilcation, no install necessary. Click TraCoConverter.exe to run.


    Attached Files:

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  2. Kalo

    Kalo Active Member

    Hi guys,

    i updated first post with the actual 1.1 version (details: see TraCoAnalzer -> Help menu):
    • I added some enhancements (xls only checkbox)
    • fixed the GUI freezing bug (thanks to the guys for telling me this problem)
    • updated the documentation.
    Cheers :)
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  3. Kalo

    Kalo Active Member

    I updated my application, also renamed from TraCoAnalyzer to TraCoConverter, actual version now: TraCoConverter 2.0 - details and download link see attachment in first post of this thread.

    Maybe most important news for some of you: TrCoConverter 2.0 allows you to transfer/migrate all Traktor meta data (bpm, grid, 8 hot cues's musical key) into the iOS app DJ Player Pro (from iMect). Transfer works with Traktor Pro and TDJ.

    Release notes summary (TraCoConverter 2.0, August 16th, 2016)
    • Renamed TraCoAnalyzer to TraCoConverter because of enhanced intended use
    • New output file format: .db to support metadata transfer to DJ Player Pro (iOS)
    • Checkbox in main window for each output file format (TXT, CSV, XLS, DB)
    • Any kind of nml files supported, requested song syntax: <ENTRY TITLE="xy” … </ENTRY>
    • All musical key notation in input nml supported (Traktor, Camelot, open key, musical key)
    • Support mp3tag reports as nml (transpose key to accept all musical key notations)
    • Support mp3tag reports as nml (changed <ALBUM tag to ALBUM)
    • Bug fixing if Excel library not found (no Excel necessary for TXT, CSV, DB files)
    • Bug Fixing Error Messages (UTF-8, TXT, CSV, XLS, DB specific details)
    • Help File Update (Manual, FAQ's, Release Notes)
    more details: see download links above (zip pack 1 includes also the manual in html format)

    enjoy :)
    01 - TraCoConverter creates XLS.jpg
    03 - Example XLS (TDJ).jpg
    02 - TraCoConverter creates DJPP.jpg
    05 - Workflow TDJ to DJ Player Pro.jpg

    to download the application > see zip attachments in first post of this thread.
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  4. ErikMinekus

    ErikMinekus NI Product Owner

    What about an export to rekordbox.xml? And it would be nice to see the code on GitHub, so someone can make a Mac version :cool:
  5. Kalo

    Kalo Active Member

    funny .. maybe you can read my mind ...testing the possibilities with recordbox.xml will be the next step, needs some analysis first ;) but will need some time, quite busy in moment. I never thought about github, thanks for the idea!
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  6. alec.tron

    alec.tron NI Product Owner

    +1 for RB!

    And Serato would be neat too :D
    I.e. back & forth for all major digital/DVS DJ apps would be grand... the more options we have to transfer our data from one to the other, the better.
    Nice work!
  7. Kalo

    Kalo Active Member

    I am not a Serato user, so can't promise anything, but got your point. I will think about after Recordbox, deal? :D :) ... but please don't wait, will need more time even .... and (please accept) in any case only from Traktor to DJPP, ...RB, Serato, no hope for the other direction. Thats the task for the Record Buddy folks.

    thx for your compliments to my work :thumbsup:
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  8. Kalo

    Kalo Active Member

    TraCoConverter also supports new DJ Player Pro version 9.x
  9. Kalo

    Kalo Active Member

    I updated my application, actual version now: TraCoConverter 2.1 - details and download link see attachment in first post of this thread.

    Release notes summary (TraCoConverter 2.1, February 5th, 2017)
    • Support Excel Multi Language versions (no Multi Language Pack needed)
    • Support Traktor PLAYTIME_FLOAT meta tags, used in XLS sheet and DJ Player Pro hash ID
    • New footer in DJ Player Pro db.log file to visualize errors due song duplicates in Traktor collection
    • Bugfixing: Updated Error message if songs are missed in converted DJPP db file
    • Bugfixing: Protect key words in nml tag fields
    • Help File Update (Release Notes, chapter ‘How to transfer Traktor metadata into the iOS app ‘DJ Player Pro’)
    thanks to the beta guys who helped me in finding the bugs and new ideas to improve !

    download links: first post of thread (zip pack 1 includes also the manual in html Format)
    enjoy ;)
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  10. Craig Spree

    Craig Spree New Member

    Woah! These applications (TraCoConverter and TraCoMerger) are total game changers! I was able to transfer my cue points and tags from Traktor Pro to both DJPP iOS and TDJ iOS! I can also go back and forth, FINALLY, between Traktor DJ (iOS) and Traktor Pro (Mac). The ability to sync cues between Traktor DJ and Traktor pro is absolutely huge. Thank you so much, Kalo!
  11. Kalo

    Kalo Active Member

    :thumbsup: thank you so much for this feedback, amazing to hear, THANKS !
    so i will try my best to post futher updates :)
  12. Kalo

    Kalo Active Member

    Hi folks,

    I updated my TraCoConverter. You will find the new 2.3 version in first post of this thread.

    New in Version 2.2 (August 11, 2017)
    • Supporting TDJ 1.6.8. (iCloud version), worked already in earlier version but help file needed update
    • Some enhancements more (details of all enhancements: see Help file)
    • New Help File (Manual): Please read the Help file ! ... new chapters and all news regarding iCloud included
    • Bugfixing

    New in Version 2.3 (Sept 04, 2017)
    • Bugfixing: In some rare situations Traktor DJ created multiple grid entries (don't ask me why). In this case the DJPP grids got wrong. This bug is fixed in 2.3: now always the last Traktor grid definition is used. Songs with multiple grids are marked with 'xx' in CSV/XLS files.

    Hope you like it, enjoy

    kalo :)
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  13. alexrandom

    alexrandom NI Product Owner

    Hi Kalo,
    An excellent and useful application. Thanks!
    I'm interested in using it with software such as MP3Tag to bulk update tags. Currently I have to copy/paste out of playlists exported as HTML into excel and then manipulate data.
    Your application opens up the possibility of being able to pull the data directly from the .NML files into excel.
    However what would make this work fro me would be to include in the xls data the filename and path so that the file can be addressed by MP3Tag. Would this be a feature you would consider adding in future versions please?
    Many Thanks,
  14. Kalo

    Kalo Active Member

    Thx :) in general a great idea, but the problem on this is: many times there is no FILENAME or PATH tag in nml included, so can't export at all. In Traktor Pro it depends how you include the songs (with or without itunes reference), in particular all TDJ nml files i found do not include these tags (because TDJ referece to iTunes ID's only, using a ITUNES PERSISTENT_ID instead). Maybe check your TDJ nml files yourself: Open the .nml with the included nml viewer (split mode) in TraCoConverter, no file related tags there.
    But I keep the idea in mind, thx ! .. what I could do in next releases: In case there IS a file or path I could include into xls (for the Trakor Pro user) :thumbsup:
    btw: I love MP3Tag too, use the bulk feature a lot.
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  15. Kalo

    Kalo Active Member

    Hi folks ..
    in case you use and like my TraCoMerger or TraCoConverter, maybe give me a like :thumbsup:in first post of the 2 threads (below the download links)?

    Simple reason: this gives me a better understanding which program is used more often or if you use them in combination mostly. The counter of downloads/views does not show me this, as it always starts with zero with each update. If most user like both apps I will maybe merge both apps into one in future (not now, more on long term), will see.

    And beside counting downloads ... I am happy about each like of you !.. :)

    thank you :thumbsup:
  16. Kalo

    Kalo Active Member

    Some feedback from Mac user:
    in case you want launch TraCoConverter (or TraCoMerger) directly on Mac OX, the app Parralels emulation should work (install the x64 Windows 10 inside Parallels) ;). Launch TraCoConverter after Win10 in Parrallels is ready, TraCoConverter (and TraCoMerger) itself does not need any install.

    (Mac emulator 'Wine' seems not be be an alternative, maybe some actual NET framework missed)
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  17. Kalo

    Kalo Active Member

    Hi TDJ friends,

    i got this question several times from several TraCo user in private channel, so let me post my answer in public, allowing you all to be prepared ;)

    My current tools (TraCoMerger and TraCoConverter) allow to import/export/share meta data with the current TDJ version. We all do NOT know what happens if TDJ2 will appear in store, right?. I do NOT expect that my tools will still work with TDJ2 ... so in case you need the meta data input essentially maybe think twice before downloading the announced TDJ2 !.

    Same with the S2mk2 and S4mk2 user .. these controller are supported in TDJ1 .. I do not see any statement from NI that TDJ2 will too.

    So my message to help you all as best i can in moment:
    S2mk2 user, S4mk2 user and all user which need my TraCo tools (or any option to share meta data) essentially should avoid that a TDJ2 installation overwrites your TDJ1 by accident. My personal recommendation: make a backup of TDJ1 now (see below)!

    We all do not know when NI will sunset the TDJ1, right ? ... so if you want to be on safe side, you could do what I did: I made a backup of my purchased TDJ to my PC. You need a ‘real’ backup the app file, means you need a backup which included the file "Traktor DJ 1.6.8.ipa". Her comes my 2nd hint: Any iOS backups (in iCloud or itunes) do NOT contain this file ! - Apple removed this feature some time ago, the backup contains a link to the app in store only! -> this means: if a app gets sunset in app store your backup does not help at all. How did I solve this issue for me: I use the application iMazing, this allowed me to backup my current TDJ app: I cannot take any guarantee for this tools, even do not want to recommend any tools from any companies (maybe other companies have similar tools, I don't know), but I wanted to post what I did to be prepared.

    This link shows you how to export an ipa file with iMazing ;): (see min 6:59)

    So I hope this hints avoids some 'bad surprise' for some of you, maybe make a backup of your "Traktor DJ 1.6.8.ipa" file now

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  18. Kalo

    Kalo Active Member

    Minor follow up, to keep my TraCo tool friends up2date ;):

    - TDJ1 (for iPad) works with TraCo tools, TDJ1 also back in appstore (in parrallel to TDJ2). So even user which did not purchase this app in past can download. I still recommend to make an update as described in earlier post, because we all don't know how long available. Anyhow, good news (and THX to NI!) for havin the 1.6.8.ipa back in store :). Detail: the iPhone version is not available, but iPhone did not support iCloud anyhow (and couln't be used since Dropbox support ended)

    - TDJ2 is not supported from my tools, simple reason: TDJ2 does NOT use any collection.nml any longer. NI developed a new data base structure for meta data (i assume the new idea also for Traktor Pro in future), but this database in currently not accessable via file sharing or iCloud, used internally in TDJ2 only, we have to wait until NI will publish these file. Feel free to send me a private post if you need more details. Btw: latest TDJ2 also support the older S2/S4mk2 meanwhile.

    so enjoy TDJ1 (and DJPP) with my tools as i do,
    enjoy TDJ2 in parralel (to play around without meta data sharing),

    kalo :thumbsup:
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  19. Galal mohamed

    Galal mohamed New Member

    Hello Please May I know why when I convert the csv or xls to xml and import it to the rekorbox why it doesnt give me the cue point but it give me the energy levels and the keys that mad by mixed in key and imported to traktor .
    and isnt there update from you to make a convert to rekordbox direct?
  20. Kalo

    Kalo Active Member

    Hi Galal :), thanks fist for testing/using my application.

    Currently I do not have plans to extend the Converter also for RecordBox in near future, but it is still on my personal wish list too, would make lot sense for sure :thumbsup:

    Beside the fact that I do not have the time to this extension, I want wait next steps from NI first, examples: TDJ2 has no import/export at all (what a pity, hope they rethink about soon), Traktor new architecture seems to introduce a new database instead xml in next steps, etc. -> In summary I want wait first (too much ongoing on NI side I feel). Send me direct post for any further questions/details ;)

    thx, kalo
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