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Traktor 2.6.1 Crashes, crashes and more crashes

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR PRO / TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO' started by dj_lem, Mar 8, 2013.

  1. dj_lem

    dj_lem Account Suspended

    We've reported our initial findings from the first day in someone else's thread here, but i'll repeat them here... in summary - Traktor 2.6.1 is like the traktor from a few months ago, for us anyways... it crashes almost constantly, and at least it's reliable in at least doing that - crash... half the time it doesn't even produce a proper crash log to send to NI....

    1) Upon installation of 2.6.1 on top of 2.6.0 - it waits about 5-10 minutes at the 95% line when loading our (rather large) collection... this is when loading 2.6.1 FOR THE FIRST TIME.... it crashes after... no log ( or log of zero size ) is produced... CRASH UPON RECEIVING 2.6.1 ? CHECK

    2) After running 2.6.1 again, it seems to work... the keyword here is SEEMS... once we started importing several hundred new tracks... a new crash soon to follow... does not save any work before it crashes... just crashes.. CRASH UPON IMPORTING NEW FILES? CHECK

    at this point i should say that we have open up a ticket on all these crashes months ago, and they were seemingly fixed in the last few versions - as in we didn't have any crashes until 2.6.0....

    3) Disgruntled that we cannot import new files, we start analyzing the KEY (just the Key portion) of our older files, as sooner or later they need to be analyzed... within 5 minutes Traktor crashes again... Did so with random parts of our collection - Traktor CRASHES UPON ANALYZING KEY OF OLD FILES? CHECK

    4) Pissed off at this point, we decide to re-create our collection FROM SCRATCH and import all of our folders... this takes 3 days and sure enough, on the UPDATING <file> portion, Traktor takes 3 days but crashes again. CRASHING WHEN IMPORTING FILES TO NEW COLLECTION - CHECK.

    5) At some point we figure out that we can SAVE COLLECTION *after* traktor has crashed.... however doing so, and restarting Traktor produces "Your collection is invalid and has been renamed" EVEN THOUGH TRAKTOR ITSELF PRODUCED THE FILE... NOT LOADING ITS OWN COLLECTION FILES? CHECK

    at this point i feel like giving up (again)... as you have to understand our collection takes at least 2 minutes to load every time so this is NOT quick troubleshooting here...how can we go through these problems again, when we opened up a ticket months ago and got them fixed! traktor 2.5 was working without any problems... importing... analyzing... whatever you wanted to do - no crash... now all the sudden back to this... very unprofessional coding here.

    of come to think of it let's add

    6) Sometimes when Traktor crashes upon start (yes it does THAT as well) it deletes my .TSI file with all my settings in... does it bother to back it up beforehand? nope... just overwrites old one and then crashes... CRASH UPON STARTING TRAKTOR and destroying TSI file? CHECK

    How can you crash a program again and again and have the crash file size 0? How can an MP3 that's already been imported months ago, crash a program again when importing now? How come NI cannot produce code that's fail-safe? If an MP3 is incomplete, or an MP3 is a DJ mix or an MP3 cannot be analyzed JUST MARK IT, don't crash the friggin program with unsafe code.

    We will not be giving up - as in we will be opening up a ticket for all this behavior. We didn't pay for Traktor to get unusable software that crashes CONSTANTLY (which is what 2.6.1 does)
    We have a large collection, that was working flawlessly in 2.5, with some new problems arising in 2.6... however 2.6.1 is unusable and now that we have converted our collection file to 2.6.1 we're stuck with this one, because as i said re-creating it from scratch takes days, and traktor crashes anyways...

    I'm a programmer myself, although quite intermediate, i still do not understand how an advanced program, such as this, and GERMAN MADE, can crash soooooo much, especially when these types of problems have been reported (by us to you) and fixed by you... Blows my mind that COLLECTION INTEGRITY and the PROGRAM NOT CRASHING aren't your two most important priorities...

    seems like your priority of defeating MIXED-in-KEY has resulted in rushed, crappy, incomplete code that makes us do your QA work for you... that's our impression based on above behavior.

    hope you can fix these 'old/new' problems, even though your program doesn't produce many crash logs.
  2. dj_lem

    dj_lem Account Suspended

    Now... having sort of shat on your work, we need YOU to know this: we're ready and willing to work with you to make Traktor a great product that DOESN't CRASH... not sure if you have the same experience but most software we use frequently DOES NOT CRASH.... EVER and some of them are FILLED WITH PLUG-INS... unlike your strigent NO VST FX PLUGINS Rule...

    the bottom line is this... basic stuff that used to work is broken... can't enjoy new features because of Analayze - Key crashes... can't import new files because of New Import File crashes....

    latest notes...
    - noticed a lot of "cover image file is too big" in traktor.log often
    - traktor definately crashed when it encountered DJ mixes (or files with multiple keys)... this shows great code immaturity as dj mixes frequently get mixed into our collection with no problems this far

    ticket#2013030810011149 is open, please fix these crashes we're available for beta testing or whatever, large collection (470k)
  3. dj_lem

    dj_lem Account Suspended

    LATEST 2.6.1 Awesomeness

    - loaded up 2.6.1 with the collection that works (can't add to it - crashes) and played a few songs... ahh the key mixing works
    - then i encountered a track that hasn't been key-analyzed yet, so i Analyze - Key only.... the track analyzes okay, then 2 seconds later

    can't even use your software now great job guys...

    last night i left on my collection to analyze Keys... it made it about 492 down before crashing .... another night wasted due to traktor 2.6.1 crashing - have to babysit it every 5 minutes...

    if you need more crashlogs for my ticket open, then we generate a few an hour...

    this is pretty pathetic to be honest with you. you introduce a new feature, which is great, but then break all the other code so that we can't enjoy it.

    my suggestion? if an MP3 or WHATEVER action crashes traktor, trap the error (instead of bubbling it up to the surface and RUIN someone's session) and then mark the track red (ie unusable) instead of losing everything... you know to import 10,000 songs/loops takes a while since you introduced your extra steps a while back, so to have one file crash the whole party is VERY frustrating to say the least... seems like first year of computer science they stressed how important it is to code for the unforeseen - well here you have a PILE of people telling you what's wrong with your code... seems like you don't test Traktor properly, just shove it out the door once you add some nifty feature...

    please fix this in 2.6.2 or higher and please release it FAST as we can't do anything with this steaming pile of ___, let's call it steaming pile of 2.6.1

    thanks in advance
  4. shadow23

    shadow23 NI Product Owner

    Haven't had a crash yet myself. My collection is only 125GB though.
  5. Frank G

    Frank G New Member

    I havent had any crashes for quite a while now, though my collection is only about 400gb.

    But one thing that I have noticed with the beta test version is that the CPU load is much higher than it usually is.

    I cant get the Key Analyze to work at all! NIce thought, bit of a gimmick, I use my ears and track knowledge to mix my tunes :)
  6. shadow23

    shadow23 NI Product Owner

    The way it should be :D
  7. djivobutnot

    djivobutnot NI Product Owner

    Not a single crash. 350+ Gb collection. At least 3-4 nights a week. EVERY week.
  8. dj_lem

    dj_lem Account Suspended

    Thanks for the input everyone.
    Thanks for NI to replying to the ticket and showing how to turn on extended logging.

    Here's what we have decided to do after the latest testing... as the problem crashes seem to be occuring only in the LARGE COLLECTION, we have decided to setup another collection MUCH MUCH smaller, for Playing and Jamming purposes.... we keep that in a separate NML file from now on and guess what?

    NO CRASHES from one day of testing on the new collection..so the problems are related to some problematic MP3s/FLACs and/or their ID3s

    it's much faster with a minimal collection as well and can save on the fly... also discovered a (new?) Mapping Command called "SAVE SETTINGS" which can save the TSI file, in case of anything a happening

    we're working with NI support to resolve the crashes in the VLC we call it Very Large Collection, but happy there hasn't been any problems with the new Jamming Collection we setup.
  9. Frank G

    Frank G New Member

    I had very simillar problems in the early days of Scratch. Back then the software was very unpredictable, unstable and for me I just did not have any confidence in the product to use in a live set up.

    At that time I wasnt getting great help from NI so I decided to switch over to Serato. Looking back in wasnt the best move, a very expensive switch over to a new product. Yes, Serato was stable. Yes, I could use the Bridge to link to Live8 but in all honesty it was a huge trade off in terms of features, you could say it was a downgrade in many respects.

    With the launch of Scratch v2 i decided to try NI again. With the introduction of a much more flexible user preferences setup interface, and a much lower CPU hit than with previous versions many of the problems I had experienced before seemed to fix themselves overnight with the v2 release. The SAVE options available within preferences are a big feature, to export everything contained within a .tsi file means that everything can be recalled as and when needed.

    The one main thing that I have noticed is a big improvement with the support from NI. Talk to them, listen to them, and they will be more than willing to help resolve your problems.

    Another point to note here is that your software will only perform well if it's setup correctly to suite your computers performance specifications. As a user, taking delivery of your new software it's very easy to want to have all features running hard - but ask yourself - can my hardware deal with it? A huge music/sample library is great to boast about, but do you need to carry this around with you? The answer is probably NO. Do you need to use large wavs/aac files? Maybe yes you do, but on a large club system can you always hear the difference?

    Anyway I guess i have rambled on for long enough now.....
  10. dj_lem

    dj_lem Account Suspended

    Thanks for your insights Frank. Have used Serato in the past and I completely agree with you - other than it being really good at playing with vinyl, i found the rest of the features to be... minimal at the very least... good for playing via vinyl live let's just say that...

    We should note at this point that NI has resolved some problems with collections and crashes in the past for us - and that's why 2.5 was so stable (for us anyways ;)

    but fast forward a few months and we added 1000s of loops and songs to the collection and now we're being told that it's likely due to invalid characters somewhere in the file/ID3 tag. Since Traktor NML files are XML i can see that being a problem at some point...

    Back to the VLC - Very Large Collection... you're absolutely right we don't need to lug around half a million songs, however for our studio it's a GREAT resource for building ideas, brainstorming and finding good songs in our pooled collection. Now being able to KEY ANALYZE 0.5 million songs will make this collection even more useful, once the hiccups get resolved.

    We're on the wire with them now, and they seem serious about helping us so great! We'll do more testing with the extended logging and submit it back to them.

    Basically once an invalid file(s)/ID3 enter your collection, you will see Traktor crashing once trying to (1) add to collection (2) analyze collection. It might not happen right away but it always crashes... funny thing is, we re-start it, start analysis from the same point forward - and then the second time it works (on the same failling track) so the problem is somewhere deeper within the code.

    Thanks for your thoughts Frank... we followed a similar reasoning and thought that ALWAYS using the big collection is sort of limiting on speed, load times (and crashes now) so we changed our workflow... i have to say jamming is more fun with less overhead.

    as far as CPU - we find 2.6.1 to be quite stable and fast... it only hiccuped once and soundcard went all screwy (used to happen all the time) but that's when we're running Live8 simulatenously on the same machine... other than that chaining Ableton Live 8.1 and Traktor 2.6.1 via MIDI SYNC CLOCK seems to be working great... some issues with when the phase is not quite on sync though..

    One last thing - I wish there was a TRACK VIEW and a LOOP/SAMPLE VIEW of your collection so you can just look at your songs, and your Remix Sets and their Loops/Sounds separately.
    It's just a bit messy with loops and tracks together when you're browsing it... for that reason we have kept removed all loops from the large collection, but are creating tons of our own Remix Sets in the Jam Collection.
  11. oldgit

    oldgit NI Product Owner

    I have a collection of over 600Gig and have very similar issues with crashing/freezing on loading.

    I have used Traktor for several years week in week out (DJing is my job) and have had little issues here and there, but this has been the first time I have gone back to a previous version and will stay there until this is fixed.
  12. NuffStuff

    NuffStuff New Member

    Does not save .TSI file. I have to re:import every time I startup.
  13. gunnga

    gunnga New Member

    i have more crashes than you

    Crashes crashes and more crashes...... me too... and i tell you more! i recent format my MACBOOK, and have only 10 MP3 files on my HD only for tests.... even like this? CRASHES ALL THE TIME...... I test with

    HID (cdj900)
    2x KONTROL X-1

    and always crashes withe the message... TRAKTOR QUIT UNEXPECTEDLY... all the time..... i test with my Z2 soudcard....... e itest with aggregate CDJ900 soundcard......... i test with AUDIO6 soundcard..... and still crashes..... looks like a joke but is completedly real.... My macbook has a fresh instalation of MOUNTAIN LION 10.8.3, core2duo, 8GB.... traktor 2.6.1 original downloaded from the NI site with the serial suplied with the Z2.... service center 100% actualized....updated... and stiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilll crashes.... i have 17years long of djing.... i used FINAL SCRATCH, TORQ, TRAKTOR old versions, SERATO....and i have never seen this..... itas a shame! can anyone help me please? or should i come back to FINAL SCRATCH ? at least ...WORKs!
  14. DJ Freshfluke

    DJ Freshfluke Traktor Mod Moderator

    have you been in contact with NI support?
  15. Frank G

    Frank G New Member

    I was also going to ask this..... have you contacted NI Support. They have analytical software which you can run and will help them to identify exactly what the problem is.

    Don't struggle trying to fix this yourself and then complain on the forums - contact NI Support - they are very good at helping to fix issues!
  16. gunnga

    gunnga New Member

    ok GUYS... I CONTACTED them last night..... and i am in process of how to detect the problem..... the guy from support called VANGELIS.... is very nice.... lets see what happen...
  17. dj_lem

    dj_lem Account Suspended

    Just to give you some background, gunnga, Traktor used to crash 100x more than it does now. We bought a copy and contacted support and outlined our issues (after some initial ranting, so i understand where you are coming from) and they were able to address our problems within the next few releases of Traktor.

    So do contact support, the crashes do "crash" your spirit, especially seeing them a lot, but given NI's past record in addressing the issues presented to them is advisable to contact support and enable the extended logging.

    We're working out the kinks that were raised in this posting... they only occur in the large collection and due to some problematic MP3s.... anyone can make an MP3 and when you import a large amount of them there's bound to be issues...

    Cover size seems to be an issue (thanks to the post on that and the suggestions)
    Special Characters in Tags were an issue, might still be

    we have submitted some problematic MP3s to support wiht some logs so hopefully next version of Traktor will be more stable
    this is on PC, but i assume good code will translate across platforms...
  18. gunnga

    gunnga New Member


    yes i contact the suport, reporting my crash log... .. now i am waiting the response... so in this mean time.... i notice one strange thing...
    1 - i decided do a DOWNGRADE of TSP2
    2 - i completely uninstalled the 2.6.1 version
    2 - i installed the 2.5 version, and them update to 2.6.0

    now is working perfect.... i am still doing stability tests ... but looks great now......
    i played 3 sets 1h30min, 1h48min, 2h05min.....using the mixerZ2, CDJ900in HID mode and a X1.....
    why problems with 2.6.1...... and perfect with 2.6.0 ?

    cheers guys
  19. gunnga

    gunnga New Member


    YES..... It was only a false alarm !

    still crashing...... but i am in touch with the support.... good guys.... any news i will let you know....
  20. Dezyman

    Dezyman New Member

    Traktor 2.6.1 Crashes

    I'm running Windows 7 on my laptop with 2 Pioneer CDJ's and a DJM mixer I've bought downloaded and installed the programme 4 days ago and you guessed it, it keeps crashing uninstalled and reinstalled several times it works for a day then it crashes I've logged this with technical support still waiting for advice and assistance on this matter I must say I'm disappointed £50 this software cost me and so I've had no use or enjoyment whatsoever I'm considering a refund though that would be disappointing if I have to go down that road hopefully (fingers crossed) they will have an update/Patch download or even a contact number for English speaking g customers to contact so this issue can be resolved but any constructive suggestions from anybody on this forum will be greatly appreciated. Thanks