Traktor 2.6 | 4 decks | 1 Pioneer CDJ400

Discussion in 'DJ Controllers' started by emkai, Jan 6, 2013.

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    I am wanting to use 1 CDJ 400 to use as controller for 4 decks in Traktor. I think I am misunderstanding the use of "Focus" within mapping as I assigned a button to change deck focus and thought that the rest of the mappings would all change to control the "focussed" deck, but this does not work. I have an external sound card, so it's not an audio setup issue, just a controller issue. Particularly, it's the jog dial. I want to be able to control the track with the jog dial, i.e. touch up mixes that are going out, etc.

    Is this actually possible? I can't find any mappings relating to this or to even using 2 decks with 1 CDJ400. I also cannot find anyone else asking or talking about this! I'm not that proficient with mapping, but if this is possible then I'm willing to try to do it but would need some information on advanced mapping first.

    If anyone can point me in the right direction or offer some insight I'd be very grateful!
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    Update for those who may be interested and attempting the same setup.....

    After looking at the helpful guides on here in regards to mapping, specifically using modifiers. I now tried producing a midi map which involved using the effect toggles to specify which deck is to be controlled. Including LED lighting, etc.

    Discovered the main big problem. Standard controls, such as, Play/Pause, Cue, etc cannot be mapped/assigned. So, these buttons just control the selected focus.

    I am wondering if an old firmware (before HID introduction) would allow midi mappings to any button. Anyways, I am contacting Pioneer to ask for options e.g. access to older firmware, will these buttons be open on an update, etc. Alternatively, I may have to move from Pioneer to another CDJ that has full midi assignment capability.
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    If the CDJ had multiple MIDI pages, then this would work. But since the CDJs really only support one, then you may be able to manually change the deck focus with the MIDI modifiers. Holy crap, I think I just figured this out as I'm typing this. Bear with me...

    Try this: The FX buttons on the CDJ-400 are typically unassigned when it's in HID mode. You can use them to switch between the 4 decks by making each button change a pair of global modifiers. (It looks like Modifiers 7 & 8 are free. You will need two in order to ID four decks [2 modifiers X 2 states = 4 permutations]) Do you follow? Swell. I'll carry on...

    Ok, I think we just hit a little block here. Since each MIDI function can only have two conditions in Traktor and many of those functions already have conditions, we cannot use one CDJ to completely control even two different decks. Well screw it, it's 6am and my mind's not working right. I'd hate to see all this typing go to waste, so I'm posting it anyway. Peace! :p