Traktor 3.0.2 TT Tempo issue S4 MK3

Discussion in 'Archive' started by DJTDogg, Dec 7, 2018.

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    Imagine, for example, I set my Tempo Range in the Transport preferences to 25%.

    It works perfectly in Jog mode, but if I flick it over to TT mode then it instantly jumps to 8%.

    I can find no method of altering this behaviour and as you can imagine it's not what is expected! If I set my Tempo Range to 25% then I want it to be 25% no matter if I'm using TT or Jog modes. As soon as I flick back to Jog mode then it goes back from 8 to 25. Imagine you are doing a set, flicking between modes, and it slips your mind that you are in TT mode and not Jog..... well, you can imagine the disaster that could be!

    This has been confirmed by multiple users as well.

    EDIT: If this isn't a bug, but by a quirk of design, cool, let me know and I will create a feature request instead.
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  2. djKiddVicious

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    Ya I am having the same issue and it's driving me crazy. Only thing I can imagine is it is a feature that is supposed to mimic a real TT and possibly to avoid barely touching the wheel and getting a relative crazy high jump up relative to the tempo it's set too? This is literally the only post I could find on this subject so let me know if you ever get any other answer on this too.