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Traktor 3.2.x Buglist

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR 3' started by PhilL, Jan 7, 2007.

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  1. PhilL

    PhilL Moderator Moderator

    This is the list extracted as I was going through the whats next thread. It also partly things wot I found while using Traktor. Its not complete by any means and I would invite you to submit your bugs you have found in Traktor 3.2. Please don't submit feature requests into this list hats what the 'what's next' list is for.

    3.2 Bugs
    • Details Loop Select Functions / Deck Loop Button Functionality
    ○ Moving loop to loop requires two button presses.
    ○ Pressing loop move button once causes playhead to drop out of current loop.
    ○ Jumps between locked loops is not synced or quantized.
    ○ Stop the preview player from playing when trying to load a track into a deck - Too easily selected to play.

    Midi and hot keys fixes
    ○ Fix the Autorepeat bug when copying midi and hotkey commands.
    ○ Add Layout Next / Prev option, only supports explicit choices right now.
    • Fix ability to resize the preferences pane so midi and hotkey commands are not cut off
    • Continue fixes to NMX recordings fix cut delete and position move issues
    • Increase the height of the phase sync mouse drag region
    • Improve skew angle range for knob side drag = fine range -presently it you can be only a few degrees off exactly horizontal or the drag is not detected as a fine range motion.
    • Desktop animations outside of Traktor window cause Waveforms to stutter or run roughly.
    • Midi - Fix relative mode knob deck Track BPM control
    • Midi - Fix relative mode knob deck Move Beat marker control.
    • Add Window Layout next and prev Hotkey / midi key control
    • Add Master Tempo Slave Select hotkey and midi key function
    • Add Midi support to assign Details page selection to a knob
  2. djquartz

    djquartz NI Product Owner

    Please clean up the GUI freezes
  3. Fohat

    Fohat Forum Member


    - When continuing a saved nmx the entire track looses *always* 0.2 bpm
    - Auto-Gain does not work during recording in NMX mode (after loading a new track I have to deselect first and select again the gain button to get it work)
  4. boysteve

    boysteve NI Product Owner

    --Can't delete a track from a playlist if it is in the preview player.

    --Make increments more realistic on knobs, esp. key (related: make adjustable sensitivity for MIDI control knobs, not just rotary encoders).
  5. djdood

    djdood NI Product Owner


    + On resuming recording of a previous nmx (dub), one playback deck always has pitch shifted down to the maximum. The only way to continue dubbing is to disable pitch on that deck, losing that feature for the rest of that mix.
  6. DJ_AS

    DJ_AS NI Product Owner

    Native mix recording bugs:
    - auto-gain failures (feature must be turned on and off)
    - awful audio glitches when beat gridding a track whilst recording mix
  7. DJ_AS

    DJ_AS NI Product Owner

    If a track is stopped somewhere within the main body of the tune (i.e. anywhere except the very start and end) it sometimes 'wobbles' even though its supposed to have been stopped.

    This constant wobbling (for want of a better description) causes a scratching sound.

    I have only noticed then when going back to 'overdub' a slightly dodgy mix.

    Its disappointing that despite being on version 3.2 of T3, native mix recording is still dodgy. D- to NI - must do better.
  8. djfitty

    djfitty Forum Member

    Cue Snap Beat. I set this up as a hotkey. It will work then it will stop working. I have to reload the song again to get it to start working again. Happens on all decks.
  9. DJ_AS

    DJ_AS NI Product Owner

    NMX Recorder (during some editing of a mix using 'Overdub'): T3 has removed the cue points (load marker and grid marker) from one of the tracks in the mix!!

    I can't be more exact than that, I can't be sure of exactly what I was doing that caused this.

    I thought this was my imagination, but I have just swapped the collection file with an older copy from the 'backup' folder and the cue points have returned.

  10. rocdollar

    rocdollar NI Product Owner

    Traktor 3.2 locks up after a period of inactivity/non-usage. So it is a fairly low impact bug but annoying nonetheless.

    Only way to regain control is to kill the Traktor process and start the prgram a new.
  11. r.tificial

    r.tificial NI Product Owner

    GUI only: the minute markers in the stripe view are gone

    "program freezes": On my Thinkpad only the GUI freezes, especially when loading new tracks or previewing tracks in the collection. On my MacBook these freezes also make the sound stutter and happen much more frequently - the MacTel version is unusable to me. These "glitches" occur regardless of latency-settings, asio/non-asio, preloading-cache settings, ...
  12. inquiri

    inquiri New Member

    Not sure if this is truly a bug or something particular to my system, but upon importing my music folder (1st time), Traktor closes itself. Selecting the option "import folders at startup" causes it to crash over and over...had to eject my hard drive and turn that preference off.

    Anyone else had this?

    Mac Book Pro OSX 10.4.8
  13. PhilL

    PhilL Moderator Moderator

    @Inquiri Some questions
    - What Traktor version?
    - System Config?
    - How many tracks in your collection?
    - Have you checked you music to make sure you don't have any corrupt MP3s?

    Can you also please check your "My Documents\Traktor Folder\ For any crashdump files that tie to the crash dates and times and email them to me at jplewis01 AT comcast DOT NET

  14. r.tificial

    r.tificial NI Product Owner

    It seems to me that my tests have been inacurate: reducing the preloading cache on my MacBook (1 GB RAM) from 256/8 [AB/CD] to 128/8 [AB/CD] seems to improve the situation on the "freezes". I don't know how I could have missed that, maybe I should stop doing those things when I'm getting tired ;-).
    Nevertheless I blame it on Traktor, because with 256/8 it says there are still 140 MB free, with 128/8 this value has now increased to 360 MB. Free RAM is wasted RAM - why should I *not* use it?
    Since this is the first version of Traktor to handle much bigger preloading caches maybe that mechanism is still a bit faulty?
  15. treetops

    treetops Forum Member


    anyone else using evolution uc-33 & the uc-17(xs-session) ?

    traktor crashes when i try to use both of these at the same time in 3.2. Otherwise they work fine individually. I had to download updated drivers from m-audio, or they dont show up at all on the traktor midi page. I uninstalled, reinstalled, rolled back drivers, updated drivers...
    crash log attached...

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Feb 7, 2007
  16. AudioRapture

    AudioRapture NI Product Owner

    Treetops: Please submit the crashlogs to support, they are the only ones who can fix this.
  17. DJ Freshfluke

    DJ Freshfluke Traktor Mod Moderator

    confirmed as bug:

    if setting a beatgrid while a track is loaded in another deck (including the preload deck) leads to: the beatgrid is not saved/ disappears on the next time loading this track.
  18. joat

    joat New Member

    **the "sort by last play" field puts the un-played tracks at the top of the list, instead of the most recently played track.

    **no way of stopping Traktor scanning a pluged in ipod when traktor starts. this taked AGES on a 60gb ipod.

    ** is there a way to globally turn off the auto gain

    **the ability to have a seperate sound device like a built in sound card able to be used for the preview player. my main sound card only has 4 stereo outs :) or at least be able to map the preview to the same output as something else
  19. DJ Freshfluke

    DJ Freshfluke Traktor Mod Moderator

    true. i will file this as bug.

    AFAIK it's adressed in the forthcoming version

    yes, by clicking on the autogain (called *gain*) button in the master panel.

    won't happen as far as i can see.
  20. Polyglot

    Polyglot New Member

    I'm not very far into dealing with this, so there may be a fix, but there seem to be some issues with iTunes import.

    When I browse by release, some of the albums are empty (despite showing the right track count in brackets); if I browse the iTunes playlists under the Playlists/Mixes tree some of my playlists are missing entirely.

    I've tried re-importing and all sorts, but it's still going through support, so maybe there's a fix...

    As I've never done vinyl, just CDs and now a computer rig, I'm accustomed to working with albums, and I can't really find my way to the tracks I want if I have to go only by track or artist names.
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