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Traktor 3.4 - Thoughts...Questions...etc

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR 3' started by chilly, Jul 24, 2008.

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  1. The Syndrome

    The Syndrome NI Product Owner

    Hey NG,

    I appreciate that there is a correct support channel however, having followed it, Issues that I have reported have had no successful resolution. The last answer I got was downgrade to 3.3. This is not really the answer I was looking for, some indication of a potential fix and fix date would have been a more pratical answer.

  2. signaturex

    signaturex NI Product Owner

    Ok .. here is some funkiness.

    I use beat port and traktor concurrently to browse for tracks and then mess around with them. So far this has been working pretty good. I have traktor looking at my playlists folder in the beatport folder in my home folder. Traktor uses its own collection. This way I can make playlists in beatport and traktor will play with them without having fifteen million songs in my traktor three collection.

    Ok so last night I was doing as I usually do and I closed beatport to run traktor and mess with some loops. I opened my chosen playlist in traktor and the playlist was good.

    Ok so I got done with the track I was working on and I closed traktor and reopened beatport. The playlist is toasted. Only a few tracks remain on the list.

    No big deal Ive got it all backed up.

    Ok so Ive added tracks back to the playlist and closed down the programs and reopened them. Same result -- tracks dissappear from the playlist.

    Im thinking that traktor 3.4 is corrupting the beatport play lists some-how. Is there a new version of beatport sync player that is available that jives with traktor 3.4?
  3. SeanMF83

    SeanMF83 Forum Member

    My guess is the unicode conversion is causing the issue.

    Is there a reason you don't just import the files into your collection? I have 47K of songs and don't have any problems with my collection.
  4. signaturex

    signaturex NI Product Owner

    I just like to limit the song choices i have while in the actual traktor program.

    Unicode.. probably -- Im going to file a support ticket and see what they say.
  5. Rich1980

    Rich1980 NI Product Owner

    I heard that a large music collection combined with a large amount of RAM can cause problems, so if you got 8GB RAM then maybe this could be affecting you?

    Also, as Native Girl said, is Traktor supported on a 64bit OS? I'm no expert, but I hadn't thought so. Could that be causing problems? On the official system requirements it says this:

    "This product needs a 32-bit compatible environment to operate under 64-bit versions of Windows XP/Vista."

    Not sure exactly how that works out, but maybe something to bear in mind?
  6. jester7_11

    jester7_11 NI Product Owner

    I've just updated to 3.4 and have picked up that there are bugs that never existed in 3.3.

    Most notably:
    Auto Gain does not work even when highlighted, I have to click it on and off before it works at adjusting gain.
    When loading a track that requires analysis, the audio drops out, even though CPU usage is almost nothing!
    Resizing the windows drops the audio out too!

    I have had to adjust audio buffers on my EDIROL FA 66 because of audio break-up to double that which I could achieve with 3.3.

    Has anybody else had these probs? I am wishing I hadn't upgraded and may have to go back to the buggy but less frustrating 3.3. Unfortunately, my playlists "won't be compatible with older versions".

    To be honest I am no longer confident using my VCI and Traktor - mixing has become like hard work. Instead of streamlining work flow it now makes me less confident than mixing with good old FS 1.5

    So if anybody has any constructive ideas before I go back to 3.3 I'd appreciate it.
  7. iamscoby

    iamscoby NI Product Owner

    As I am not a hard core techy, I can't get all arsy and know-it-all-ish, but too much RAM? Hmmmm, some evidence may be required :D
  8. buenputter

    buenputter NI Product Owner

    As the auto gain uses the value of Traktor's analysis, the tracks have to be analyzed before being loaded into the decks.
    The graphical representation of the master signal is clipping when auto gain being enabled, BUT the sound does NOT clip at all! (This is a known bug.)
    BTW: You have to add the tracks to the collection and to analyze it from below the collection (NOT from below the explorer-symbol.)
  9. jester7_11

    jester7_11 NI Product Owner

    Thanks for your response buenputter

    Even after analysis Auto Gain has not worked without the double clicking mentioned.
    Never experienced the second thing you mentioned.

    Have read all I can about 3.4 - and it has been - well, rather enlightening. As far as I can see the best idea for all users is to steer clear of this update, maybe even the next as well. Wait until something stable comes along. Updating now will give you more bugs and headaches.

    Roll on T4
  10. signaturex

    signaturex NI Product Owner


    I haven't posted my specs.. sorry.

    powerbook g4 1.67 ghz 2 g ramm, some video ram, 100 gb internal hd < osx 10.4.11

    this machine is still under warranty so Im working with it for about six more months. great computer. getting to be a little underpowered. I can't help to think that my os and the now outdated non-intel operating system is going to be a problem. 3.3 in the latest build is very functional for me. though 3.4 seems to be a little more econimcal with my single core processor.

    my sync player playlists are of little concern... right now. so the bug there isn't to much of an issue.

    What Im feeling right now is that this update is better but a little buggy. Just like 3.3 was .. Once we get these isssues solved -- probably in the last build of 3.4 .. things will be golden.

    My opinion is that the bugs that were reported and are being reported couldn't possibly have been fixed in a mere two months. For this initial release. If NI operates anything like my business.(sound installations) things move slowly so freaking slowly it will cause you to go absolutely freaking mad mad mad mad i tell you .. ive been waiting for chinese parts for 4 stupid months... ughghgughughuguhguhghughu
  11. buenputter

    buenputter NI Product Owner

    It's a pleasure!

    Just to ensure:
    You definitely did NOT analyze tracks from below the explorer-icon?
  12. jester7_11

    jester7_11 NI Product Owner

    Nope - highlighted tracks in the playlist - right clicked - analyzed. A couple were loaded in to decks and analyzed on loading.
  13. signaturex

    signaturex NI Product Owner

    Hotkey assignments got muddled last night. A few of my hot key assignments have been randomley lost. I reset them. Strange.
  14. 2stepsteve

    2stepsteve Forum Member

    What has happened to being able to drag and drop folders into a playlist? Used to be able to highlight a bunch of folders and throw them into Traktor's playlist window, Traktor would scan the folders and grab the music files from the folders no matter how deep the folders go.

    Now when this is done nothing happens.

    Why has this feature been removed? :|
  15. chilly

    chilly Returning Customer

    Sounds like a topic you need to post seperately
  16. dj_PK

    dj_PK Forum Member

    Have done several parties to test out 3.4, so far haven't noticed any problems, sound is cleaner than on 3.3 and everything works just fine...
  17. Sargie

    Sargie NI Product Owner

    Sorry this has take so long to reply: I've been away and very busy!

    Thanks for the replies Native Girl and Rich1980. You raised the points that:

    1. Does Traktor run on Vista 64 bit?
    2. Is 8 GB too much RAM for Traktor?
    3. How big is my collection.

    To go through the points:

    1. As someone else pointed out. In the product specs it says: "This product needs a 32-bit compatible environment to operate under 64-bit versions of Windows XP/Vista." Can anyone tell me what this means in plain language? What's a 32-bit compatible environment? How do I set one up? Do they mean running the program in compatibility mode (right click on the program icon and select "compatability")? If so, which setting do I use? I am assuming this means I can run Traktor in 64 bit Vista if it is setup correctly? However, I will say that all the previous versions of Traktor have actually run on Vista 64 bit and the version I am using right now (3.32) runs fine for hours and hours without any issues...

    2. If this is the first case then this is the first time in 20 years of professional software development I can remember too much RAM being a problem for a PC application ;) I suppose it could be an issue related to the 64 bit problem mentioned in 1 (if it exists) as 32 bit Windows machines can only access 4GB RAM. Having said that, my previous comments about 3.32 running fine still stand.

    3. Why would the size of the collection matter? Surely NI should ensure that if there is an upper limit on the size of the collection that the software handles it in an elegant fashion (i.e. it tells you about it and stops you going past the limit). This would be the user friendly thing to do. As it happens, my collection is just under 100GB and is mostly Apple Lossless format with some MP3's.

    Lastly, I actually went to the trouble of running Traktor (the September update) off a fresh install of Vista and the problems still remain. I suppose I could try running it on Windows XP to see if that fixes the problem but that would be a monumental pain in the arse right now...


    Guess I'll wait for the NEXT update and see if that fixes things :)

  18. DJ Freshfluke

    DJ Freshfluke Traktor Mod Moderator

    i'm not sure about that either. please contact here the support if the procedure is like you pointed out.

    *ggg* yes, i was shaking my head also when i heard that. however, it does only matter in combination with a large collection. with collection is not exactly meant the size of actual tracks on your hd but traktors collection file (in the traktor3 folder). when traktor was tested with very large collections - which means 80k-100k tracks in the collection, the issue was reproducable.

    again, please contact the support for indepth information about that! remember, i'm only the long arm of the manual, not the support ;)
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