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New Traktor 3.5.0 266 writes wrong BPM to file.

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by kokernutz, Jun 5, 2021.

  1. kokernutz

    kokernutz Active Member

    (I've posted another lengthy thread on this issue for a previous version.)

    Newly imported/analyzed track. Beatgrid was good so I locked it. Traktor says 126.00, Apple Music says 125.

    I consider this an issue because if the analysis lock is turned off for whatever reason, Traktor seems to update its BPM to whatever is stored in the file when a consistency check is run, ruining the beat grid.

    Screen Shot 2021-06-05 at 11.12.35 AM.png
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  2. Jonas C @ NI

    Jonas C @ NI NI Team NI Team

    Hi !

    Would it be possible to send me the Track itself in a private message so I could investigate this more ?

    Thank you !
  3. PietroDi

    PietroDi New Member

    kokernutz, unfortunately there are multiple *CONFIRMED* bugs with Traktor and mp3 tags (I have multiple support tickets, with several bugs confirmed). For instance the comments section will destroy linebreaks, and several fields get deleted.
    Native Instruments is aware of (those) issues yet chooses *NOT* to do anything about it (and instead to put its resources towards new features).

    That's why I personally choose Traktor *NOT* to touch any tracks, as it can and/or will destroy your painstakingly gardened tags.
  4. Jonas C @ NI

    Jonas C @ NI NI Team NI Team

    kokernutz :
    After a quick investigation, I think it's the "analyse" function of TRAKTOR which doesn't write any tags.
    If you have a minute, could you try this procedure :
    1. Open TRAKTOR
    2. Enable tag writing in Preferences
    3. Find the problematic track in your Library
    4. Right Clic -> Edit
    5. Manually change the BPM to 126
    6. Clic on Apply then Ok.

    This is definitively not a sustainable solution but that would mean that the problem comes from the analyse function.
    Thank you for your report !
  5. kokernutz

    kokernutz Active Member

    I already write tags, but I followed your steps, and Apple Music/iTunes now reads 126.
  6. Pablo84-SJR

    Pablo84-SJR New Member

    I have a similar issue with decimal BPM like 98.54 (analyzing set this bpm).

    If i have preference "Write all tags to files" active:
    1- the bpm on list window is updated by analyzing (98.54);
    2- the bpm on tag (seeing in edit mode) is updated, but without decimal (so 98.000);
    3- if i change the bpm in edit mode, at the next opening of Traktor PRO (3.5.2 299), the tag was without decimal.

    Now, i select the preference "Only write custom Traktors Tag":
    4- if in list window i change Artist or Title or Album, this change affected only Traktor and not id3 tag (it's ok, it's the preference)
    5- if i analyze new track, the BPM with decimal is written correctly in tag;
    6- if i analyze track analyzed, the BPM in tag isn't overwritten;
    7- if i go in edit mode and change BPM from 98.000 to 98.540, now the tag is currently updated and i see that also if i close and open Traktor.

    I think something is wrong in this point:
    - 2 -> It's possible with preference "Write all tags to files", the BPM is written with decimal number?
    - 3 -> is possible editing file is'nt overwritten?
    - 6 -> is possible overwriting the bpm tag?

    I need to share my music with my crew, so i need my work to set bpm, cue, grid, etc. is share.
    With cue, grid it's ok, but with wrong bpm, playing is so difficult for my friends.
    In my PC, traktor read the traktor collection, so if id3 tag is wrong, no problem, but when reading file in new pc, the file is not ok.

  7. kokernutz

    kokernutz Active Member

    I think I was being an idiot and not locking analysis. I haven't had this problem in quite some time. :D

    June 2021 seems like years ago!
  8. Pablo84-SJR

    Pablo84-SJR New Member

    Ehi Kokernutz, what is "locking analysis" ?