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Traktor 3 a big dissapointment

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR PRO / TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO' started by nr1cristi, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. nr1cristi

    nr1cristi NI Product Owner

    NOTHING out of the ordinary from Traktor 2
    Except for some minor tweaks in elastique 3 , addons for the fx with filter , collour changes in layout , slighty better Limiter!

    i am testing the demo and some lacks that I find missing and we all have reported / want:
    NO stacked waveforms
    why isnt the test dimming if a track is played? instead the same old tick
    NO recursive subdirectories! why on earth can't i see whats inside the directory with all the folders and subfolders ?!??
    CPU is beeing used 3 times MORE !
    when using KEY we should see the NEW KEY not the tracks key!
    Collors?? really ? where ?? I have to use ITUNES to have reccursive foldering and collors are useless here!
    in 30 mins demo time i cant test it through rough conditions! what can you do in half an hour?
    again the FILE shows the FULL PATH (useless since you have the SHOW IN FINDER / EXPLORER OPTION)!
    smart playlists ?? too far away for us meer mortals...
    and lots more...
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  2. Redz0ne

    Redz0ne New Member

    That all that we were told was coming... Did you expect more? again more is coming even later apparently.
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  3. nr1cristi

    nr1cristi NI Product Owner

    nobody reads / listenes...
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  4. mykejb

    mykejb NI Product Owner

    From my point of view the path is essential rather than useless. I have all my music in the same folder (with subdirs obviously) which is copied to my laptop to play out. I use the File column in the browser to make sure there are no files outside this folder and wouldn't get copied. Maybe the answer is one column that shows the filename and another that shows the path?
  5. djpipw

    djpipw NI Product Owner

    im wondering if anyone from NI actually reads these forums? its not hard to see the top 5 requests....you could rewrite the entire program in two years...have the dev team been on holiday for 18 months or something?
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  6. Floppybob

    Floppybob New Member

    As you can see on the bottom left of page here, that's exactly whats happened!!!

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  7. snowbro

    snowbro NI Product Owner

    I'm sticking to my "old" Traktor, which does all I want, for the way I dj. Pay for a new version? Sure, if it's worth it, but pay for what seems to be no more that a simple upgrade??? New filters (which I never use), a better audio engine, (so sound quality remains good even when extremely slowing down or speeding up a track? Who needs that. Sure you can pitch some tracks up or down a bit,but when people start to think "hmmm, I know that song, but in a faster version", then you're over doing it)..sometimes pitching to beatmatch songs doesn't work. A new layout? It just seems darker, and from what I see from looking at screenshots, it looks more difficult, just one big,black screen with buttons. still those open spaces next to the filter knows...Nope, way too little and way too late. I hope the updates for Traktor 3 come in fast, so the changes will become more obvious, but I doubt it. And the 2 new controllers, one aimed at the beginner market, which is already over full, do they really think kids will keep on buying dj stuff. Most of them try it out, then they find out it's too much work, they quit dj'ing and move on to the next "what's cool"...and the pro level controller, is there really such a need for spinning, haptic drive jogwheels? Because it feels more like spinning with turntables and vinyl? How many dj's under 40 have ever done that? Sure, nice gadget, but does one really buy a controller for that, knowing that the software is still way behind the competition?
  8. Renato Camargo

    Renato Camargo New Member

    NO recursive subdirectories! why on earth can't i see whats inside the directory with all the folders and subfolders ?!??
    smart playlists ?? too far away for us meer mortals...

    That really sucks. I don't like Virtual DJ but it has a better search engine and smart playlists.
  9. andyfoz

    andyfoz NI Product Owner

    i guess you need in depth experience of the short cumings of other dj software to be able to make a balanced opinion and choice of what actually is best. Currently there is no Dj software that does it all perfectly, It took a long road for me to be able to say that.

    you dont see the need for improved sound quality when tempo stretching? back to dj school for you laddy.
  10. Scoox

    Scoox NI Product Owner

    Yeah but loooong before you (and many others) reached that conclusion there were other DJs who had already walked that road. The requests are all over the web and this forum. Based on the frequency of updates, it is clear Traktor doesn't make NI as much money as some of their other products. The current update cycle is a joke and that's not even a personal opinion: other companies bend over backwards to patch up bugs as soon as possible. Some even maintain very old products (e.g. U-he, RME, etc). The waveforms in Traktor are still a joke, just like they were in TP2. Even though some new useful features were added in TP3, many things were actually made worse in TP3 in a futile attempt to make the product look "fresh" enough that people would be less unwilling to upgrade. In short, NI are more preoccupied with making money than user loyalty. I no longer buy NI products, and the only ones will by upgrades for are Reaktor and Kontakt, and Traktor if it picks up again. Whenever NI release a new plugin I simply look for alternatives from software companies that don't act like Steinberg.