Traktor 3 not playing through Mac Laptop...

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR 3' started by KiannaRexia, May 8, 2010.

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  1. KiannaRexia

    KiannaRexia New Member

    Hi there, I'm relatively new to the program as well as mixing software in general. I just installed Traktor 3 on my Macbook, (OSX version 10.5.7 so I know it's compatible!). I launched and followed the instructions in the manual for the audio setup, however the program is refusing to play tracks through my laptop. No volume controls appear to be muted or on 0, I'm not sure how to go about fixing the problem. Anybody have any idea what might be wrong? Mind you I'm using a factory soundcard and currently do not have any external mixers or turntables hooked up to my laptop. How should the audio settings look if this is the case?

    Please help a n00b out, thanks!

  2. Karlos Santos

    Karlos Santos Rocket Man Moderator

    Welcome To The Forum

    You probably have the Output Routings incorrect.

    Are you using the Macs Soundcard ?

    In Preferences :
    Audio Setup - Built In Audio
    Output Routing - Internal Mixer
    Output Master - 1:Output Out 0 & 2:Output Out 1

    Also check the Manual for setting up the Crossfader. There is a section called "my crossfader doesnt work"

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