Traktor 3 Pro plus D2 or X1 mkII

Discussion in 'KONTROL D2' started by Qwert19, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. Qwert19

    Qwert19 NI Product Owner

    Just about ready to make a switch to Traktor 3 Pro from my current DJ software.
    I've never used Traktor before, but I am in awe of the Allen & Heath Xone 96, so I need help from the community here, so here is my Question:

    Am I better off investing in a few D2's or should I not bother and stick with buying a few X1 mkII's. Are D2's not suited with use of TP3?

    What are the cons I need to know?

    I've been holding off buying for a year in hope of some new hardware in way of a D3 but had no luck and I cannot wait any longer ..

  2. Ryan0751

    Ryan0751 NI Product Owner

    I know this thread is a couple months old now... but I'll bite.

    Both D2's and X1 MK2's work great in Traktor Pro 3.

    You might have to dig to find some D2's given they were discontinued early last year. I recently bought a like-new pair off eBay for a good price but had kept my eye out for a while.

    If you are really looking to dig into remix decks and maybe stems, and use the step sequence, the D2's are still great. The screens mean you can really just ignore your laptop for 95% of the time.

    They are discontinued though... so while I anticipate they'll continue to work in updates for Traktor Pro, it's unclear what NI's plan is around Traktor DJ (which is supposed to be the new codebase moving forward).

    The X1 MK2 is probably the best selling controller out there for traktor. They are very small and easy to pack up. They have nice functionality. You won't have the niceness of the D2 screens, however. The F1 has probably the most complete implementation of Remix decks of any controller.

    But, I really do love those screens on the D2. Seeing what you are adjusting for effects and on the remix decks is just a big usability improvement. I think it's a shame there hasn't been a D3. I wouldn't mind a controller like the D2, but with the S4 MK3's haptic jog. They could add a multi-touch screen to it and implement on the touch display anything they couldn't fit in physical buttons for. But alas, that doesn't seem like it'll happen.

    I'm using my D2's with a Xone 96. It's a fantastic mixer no doubt and works great with Traktor.
  3. Tom Burnell

    Tom Burnell NI Product Owner

    I've just got into Traktor and bought a new X1 and a used D2

    They are both very good from my initial use - but i'm new to it so it's lots of shiny without a critical viewpoint just yet.

    I did just come across this forum post which gives a good run down on the difference between F1 and D2.

    I think I will probably get an F1 too and see how it compares. It would certain take up less room in a bag. The D2 is pretty chunky There seem to be some remix-deck functionality missing from the D2 that the F1 has but the D2 also acts as a deck controller and the freeze function is pretty cool. It also has a set of deck Fx controls.

    It might be nice to have both and swap them around for different flavours.
  4. Qwert19

    Qwert19 NI Product Owner

    Traktor Pro 3 in its second year and still we don't have any updated X1 or D2 next gen hardware that allows full control of the current software other than controllers with build in mixers (S2/3/4) ...

    Shame on you N.I.

    Talk about taking a $H1T on Xone 96 and or DVS Vinyl users.

    Heres' to a 3rd year and probably another plastic toy controller with a built-in bedroom grade mixer on the horizon.

    Sincerely yours a Xone 96 DVS vinyl user that would actually like to have an X1/D2 that controls all the TP3 effects and features properly.

  5. Ryan0751

    Ryan0751 NI Product Owner

    Just curious, but what do you mean about controlling Traktor 3 properly?

    What can you not do? The only thing I’ve seen missing is mixer effects, which can be accomplished with a simple mapping.
  6. Qwert19

    Qwert19 NI Product Owner

    Key Play and Color Effects