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Traktor 3 Tips & Tricks

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR 3' started by PhilL, Nov 25, 2005.

  1. PhilL

    PhilL Moderator Moderator

    Traktor 2 and 3 can exist on the same system at the same time. Traktor 2 and 3 collections are not cross compatible!


    If you want to be able to run both versions on the same system, make sure you install Traktor 3 into a different subfolder than your existing Traktor 2.0 version.

    Make a copy of your Traktor 2 collection and subfolders and call it Traktor 3 Collection or similar. You will point Traktor 3 at your newly copied collection folders. Both versions can share the same music folders. It will be necessary to import new tracks into both collections to make them accessible to both versions.

    The New browser in Traktor 3 now supports in place editing for fields in the browser list. Want to edit a single field? Simply click in the field and type. Changes are automatically saved to the collection when editing is done.

    For those users that don't want to make use of the Beatport Browser in Traktor there exists the ability to turn it off in preferences. Go to Preference | Collection Preferences. This will remove the Icon from the explorer browser tree making beatport browsing inaccessible and inert.

    Background Analysis is an important new function to Traktor but its recognized there may be occasions where analysis may need to be stopped. To do so, simply right click on the analysis status bar and choose 'Remove Analysis-Jobs'.

    User that want to never run background analysis can turn it off in Preferences | Collection Preferences turning off Automatic Background Analysis.

    You can Hide the browser status bar if you wish to claim back some screen space. Right Click at the top of the Traktor window beside the layouts drop list and deselect 'Show Status Bar'.

    Decks & Mixer
    You can quickly minimize both A & B or C & D decks by double-clicking on the round dot on each deck panel.

    Loop size selection can be changed for the loop button on each deck by right-clicking on the button and choosing the appropriate size from the list. The size will apply to a currently selected loop and to new loops set by this button. It works per deck so you can different sizes on each deck.

    For users with scroll wheels on your mouse, scrolling while over the waveform changes the zoom for the current deck.

    Double Clicking on any knob in the deck or mixer will reset the control to its default value.

    Hover the mouse over the + sign of any knob then right clicking it and a menu will appear, changing this value affects the incremental change that the knob will apply with each mouse wheel click or click on the + or - buttons for the knob currently highlighted.
    If yu simply want on off function for a particular knob select the switch mode.

    Right Clicking the Cross fader will re-center it. Take care with this feature as it can wreck your finely crafted cross fade mix.

    If you unlock Key or a track that is in slave mode, any adjustment to Key will unlock slave mode and Tempos will drift. It is by design and is a natural consequence of changing the tempo of a slaved deck.

    Deck Play / Pause / Cue. There are several options to start decks playing depending which Button you press and which Mouse button you use. Almost all play options are supported and behaviors are subtly different depending on whether the deck is playing or not.
    For example, Left Clicking Cue play jumps to the previous nearest cue and plays immediately. Right Clicking Jumps to the previous nearest cue and holds until the mouse button is released when it begins to play. You should experiment to find the options that work for you.

    Detail panels are customizable you can change contents of any of the 4 pages on the fly and these changes are saved between sessions.

    Operations of details items applies primarily to the currently focused deck. You should become accustomed to checking which deck the function you are about to perform will apply to otherwise you risk performing actions on decks you had not intended to operate on. Decks are color coded and the decks detail panel provides a quick way to see which deck is focused. It often worth including the decks detail component all your details pages while becoming familiar with Traktor 3.

    Details Panel states are the same across all Layouts. You can hide Messages or tooltips if you don't care to see them by right clicking next to the layout drop list item, and deselect show messages.

    Got something helpfiul to add? Lets hear it!
  2. DJ Freshfluke

    DJ Freshfluke Traktor Mod Moderator

    ... which happens by default, if you don't change the default paths.

    thank you phil! :)

    another short and good update how-to can be found here:

    how to... update from 2.x to 3

  3. Talent Scout

    Talent Scout Forum Member

    got a question, when trying to use the software for the first time I usually like to perfect the basics first...Is there anything you can recommend doing to make it easier to learn?

    And can I completley remove 2 of the decks so I am only using 2 and take out other functions that I will not use in the beginning?

    Since I have never used any dj Software before I feel that the more uncluttered and basic it is the easier it will be!

  4. deeplfo

    deeplfo NI Product Owner

    I particularly dislike this feature. You can so easily erase a name of a track or artist, etc without wanting to. I really hope that this is either taken out or made configurable via preferences, i.e. I should be able to turn it off.

  5. RufusWhite

    RufusWhite NI Product Owner

    In 2.6 if you enabled the "live" button it stopped access to the edit tag dialog to stop you editing this information whilst at a gig, perhaps something similar could be implemented here?

  6. DJ Freshfluke

    DJ Freshfluke Traktor Mod Moderator

    in the beginning of the manual is a kind of quick start for new users described. this helps newbies to start easier.

    of course. you have many pre-defined layouts that you can adjust to fit your needs, of course - a few of them are 2-decks-based.

    don't hesistate to ask us! :)
  7. RufusWhite

    RufusWhite NI Product Owner

    Ok, now that I'm here properly (T3 all working nice, just played for 5 hours constantly and not a single hiccup w00t :) Here are a few of the things that don't get mentioned in any of the bumf and you don't really notice until you're using the software properly (Am I just easily pleased?? yeah there's a few niggles but overall this software is giving us what we've been asking for for years!... but will you use this power for good.... or for *evil*.....? mehehehe)

    The browser...adding tunes freshly downloaded from beatport takes less than half the time thanks to the in-line editing. Something that nobody else seems to have mentioned is that when you drag a track from the collection into a playlist on the left, you're returned back to the place you were at in the track collection, instead of the top of the list like 2.63. It seems like nothing at the time but this will save me *hours*! In 2.63 I had to scroll back in the track collection and find my place every time I moved a track to a playlist.

    Searching for tracks is pretty much instantaneous now. Sometimes it could take 10-15 seconds on 2.63 to search for something.

    There's *finally* a "mix" field in the browser. Loonnnnng overdue. Until now I've been using the "remixer" field for this information.

    Back/Forward buttons in the browser. Truly getting a lot of love for this, you *need* it in your life! Instead of taking a scroll halfway to the moon (my tree pane has a *lot* of playlists/folders) and a click on something that might or might not be the folder you were just in, just press the back button. I just want to cry it's that great!

    I can turn off the crossfader!! Yay! make it do something useful with effects!! Yay!! What I'd like to see in the future is *all* the effects have their wet/dry controls assignable to the crossfader... it's not always that I want a harsh ending to a reverb/delay (in actual fact it's never)

    Master/Slave...There's no other way of keeping 4 decks in time.

    The details section... it's a good way of keeping the buttons you need organized, *but* I think each panel needs to have a user definable colour. All those buttons look exactly the same otherwise, and more than once already I've gone to lock a cue point, and ended up pressing the lock button for a loop instead. Oops.

    The "fine" loop move buttons... thinking about it, I suspect this could have been done in 2.63, but I just never thought to set it up. You know when you click to press a loop, and you miss it by a beat? I used to shorten the loop to a beat, then move it back, then extend it to 8 beats or whatever again. Now I can just move it back in increments of a beat.

    Similarly, beatJump... seems pointless at first... but it's oh so useful when you wish that a phrase in an accapella could just come in *there* instead of *there*. Just skip your beat track forward 32 beats. It does it in time, and keeps it in sync. Nice.

    Beatmasher... I wasn't sure at first, but get a few nice vocal sections, set it up so it will mash about 1/2 a beat in reverse, set up a control to increase/decrease the length, and wahey! Kinky buildups all round! Using small (8 beats or so) vocal loops it's nice and easy to do fatboy slim style remixes live. Oh dear god I can't wait to use this in Ibiza!

    There's independant balance for each channel. Tell me why that's not a good idea, go on, tell me? ;)

    Background analysis: even with 4 decks going hell for leather, it's faster than analysing a track in 2.63 .

    And just so that you can't call me biased, here's some things I don't like so far:

    pitch bend: ok, they've put them the wrong way round, we all know that. I can live with that. But they work in the opposite way they should!! If you imagine the waveform is a rotating record, and the red line is the needle, at the point where the needle hits the track, it's moving from right to left. So far so good. Now if I want to nudge track a little faster, I'd hit the button with 2 arrows pointing to the left, to schoosh the track a little more in that direction. Oh no, that makes it go the other way. WtF???

    Clicking on the decks so much to focus them. I hope when my UC33e comes today I can figure out some way round this, but it is a bit of a pain.

    When you drag tracks from explorer into the collection, they get added wherever you drag them. I prefer them to just go to the end of the collection, that way I can easily get to all my newest tracks.

    Beatport: it's slow (waiting for a preview to download seems to take forever), and I have a routine (as I'm sure most people do) of how I import tracks from beatport. I tried using it, but it took all the fun out of buying music from beatport (the web version the preview happens straight away, I don't want to wait 2 mins just to hear a preview), so I went back to using the web version. That's what it's there for.

    Why doesn't the tree pane keep the same width when you restart T3? I have to resize it every time I load.

    Mouse dragging the waveform: wayyyyy too fast. What happened to this new amazing mouse speed technology NI keep banging on about??

    NI seem to think everyone works in the civil service, and like everything to be grey. I'd like to be able to give playlists/tracks different colours so they stand out from the millions in my collection.

    NI completely ignored my suggestions of putting a dancing bear in the box. Fools.

  8. djquartz

    djquartz NI Product Owner

    Re: Traktor 3 Tips & Tricks

    One thing that did impress me is how quickly I was able to setup DJ Studio 3.0 and get up and mixing.

    What I did is make a folder called tdjs_traktor. After I installed DJ Studio 3, I copied my fs_traktor/Stripes folder into tdjs_traktor.

    I set all my preferences, customized the interface to my liking, made my track collection and record cases.

    Tested my tracks and all my info, cues and stripes are intact... :D

    So I am happy with the file management so far, my crates load fast, migration was effective.

    Hopefully they will automate this process in the next release but the manual process is quite simple as well.
    Last edited: May 3, 2011
  9. slopes

    slopes Forum Member


    You just made my day! Is that on the Xone EQ setting?
  10. RufusWhite

    RufusWhite NI Product Owner

    It's on whichever mixer you care to work with. Personally I use the Nu04 as I only have 3 knobs above the faders on my midi controller.

  11. PhilL

    PhilL Moderator Moderator

    See nobody listens to the Kiwi Git. ;) Been telling ya about balance for the last two weeks! Makes a HUGE difference to your mixes.

  12. slopes

    slopes Forum Member


    Sorry mate. Attention span running a bit low these days. I'm distracted by the fact that my copy is on backorder from NI. Got any tips or tricks to expedite the process :)

  13. monki

    monki NI Product Owner

    heya mates,

    I use this baby entirely on my PowerBook G4 for the time being, and needless to say, I am out of a lot of options for physical control of the many digital doohickies.

    N E 1 know how to fine-tune the tempo knob's setting? One mouse click seems to advance or slow it too much.

    It is rather sad to face beatmatching issues because the controls are too ruf!

    I would prefer some sort of key trigger of the knob and then an arrow control of it with minute segments?

  14. mal1ce

    mal1ce NI Product Owner

    I dont know if this will help at all, but you can set a single hot key to perform multiple actions. Here is my deck load/deck focus setup:
    Browser Load Into Deck | Deck A | Trigger | Command + A
    Deck Set Focus | Deck A | Trigger | Command + A

    rinse and repeat for each deck.
    It will at least help on the initial loading of a track so you dont hafta click on the deck, but I agree, there should be a way to "tab" between the decks.
  15. slopes

    slopes Forum Member

  16. PhilL

    PhilL Moderator Moderator

    Oooh now thats interesting!!Tablet Screen for input control and a 21" LCD for Traktor screen controls. I'll let you know how it works...

    BTW Traktors new controls do NOT work with a Tablet PC. Because of the control overloading things just don't work. In fact from an HID control heuristics perspective, the T3 controls break just about every rule there is. 8-<

  17. tomd25

    tomd25 NI Product Owner

    One thing I only realised today (due to never using the master feature in T2.6) is that if you want the master effect to be in time with one of the decks, there is no need to tap the bpm (which is what I was doing :)) - just set the master clock to Slave mode and then whichever deck you would like to sync the master effect to, to Master mode. And voila, the master clock follows that decks clock, and therefore the effect is in time. As I said, pretty obvious but I didn't spot it till now.

    Also for those of you using hardware controllers (e.g. the BCR) and find the focus thing confusing (e.g. changing the effect parameter on one deck whilst the other is in focus, so you can't see the changes in the Channel Effect detail window) - other than waiting for NI to fix this and let us have seperate details panes for each channel! - you can assign it so that certain controls also change deck focus.

    For example, what I have is that my deck A effect knobs and buttons are also mapped to select deck A focus, so whenever I do something to deck A's effects, it automatically switches focus (I was going to have it so every deck A control was also mapped to switch focus, but that proved too annoying!) - and likewise for deck B. Saves a lot of mouse use!

  18. PhilL

    PhilL Moderator Moderator

    I took it a step further and switch Details pages so I can always see the right Channel effect when I change it or the right BPM panel when I tweak it. I'm yet to flesh it out fully but it does work...

  19. boysteve

    boysteve NI Product Owner

    In 3.01, when you assign details pages to decks (let's say you have a loop section for every deck), does the focus change to that deck's details page when you use that deck's loop controls? Because currently (I'm demo boy still) you've got the one loop panel, and it has different controls depending on the focused deck, but when you use deck-specific loop controls, the details page doesn't change to indicate that deck's settings.

    So if I'm running an 8-beat loop on B and set a 16-beat loop on A, the details page show Deck B's 8-beat loop. It can be very confusing, and I hope this has changed!
  20. PhilL

    PhilL Moderator Moderator

    Well what you can have is more than one details panels of the same type per details page and bind each to a deck so that it always shows the setup for the deck its bound to. Since each decks and deck specific details panel is color coded you should be able to see which is which right away. The only time colors change when deck focus changes is when the assignment for a panel is "focus" I personally would like to see a MUCH MUCH stronger color presence in both the deck and details panels, I still find myself making mistakes because I failed to make the regional association between decks and details.