Traktor 3 + Windows 8: Is it possible?

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR 3' started by DJ OutaDare, Apr 24, 2014.

  1. DJ OutaDare

    DJ OutaDare NI Product Owner

    I searched, but didn't find a thread that helped me specifically.

    I've been using Traktor 3 for years on an 06, windows XP Gateway PC. Recently I upgraded to an HP Envy with Windows 8. 1st thing I did was pop in my old Traktor 3 software CD. It seemingly roared to life, but the install seemed to always fail. So I download that old NI service center, but again, it didn't seem to like my pc, as it wouldn't update (or even fully install for that matter).

    So my question: Can I use my old software on my new PC, and activate with my old code then use it like the many good times before? Or would I need to pony up for the new traktor pro 2?

    Of course I would love to upgrade, but it's meager price of 100 bones is still out of reach for this working (not as much as I'd love too) DJ.

    Any info, leads or miracles would be much appreciated!

    Thanks for the time!
  2. khan.cross

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    If you like to use Traktor 3, why don't you install XP on the same computer but on a different partition or harddisc?

    During boot you can choose XP and do your gig. That is exactly the same what I do on an 10" netbook.