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Traktor 4 decks + New 2 sample decks + 1 channel to fade and cue machine ALL TOGETHER

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by XDeeJay, Apr 1, 2011.

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  1. XDeeJay

    XDeeJay Forum Member

    i want you to add to the s4 software or traktor pro 2 and scratch pro 2

    2 more decks to be use as sample decks (every 2 decks from the 4 main decks has one shared sample deck from the New additional 2 sample decks)

    and 1 input channel (the 1 input for machine i can cue it and fade it from an x1 knob and bottom)

    i want to use the 2 new decks as sample decks and the 3rd input for machine

    Why ?

    1 ) Coz i cant cue machine from it software) and i dont want to buy a new mixer to add the machine to a new channel to cue it and fade it or lose any of the 4 channel from s4 for machine,

    2 ) i don't want to use only 2 decks and lose 2 other decks for sample decks , i want them all together in one software

    and ill control all of them them with one kontrol x1 i have and no problem for using the knobs of it as a faders for all the 2 new decks and the 1 machine input channel

    for the sound card no problem i can add an external one for this Job

    plz developers think about this, i'm telling u my needs and everyone dream of a complete software an ultimate one,
    seriously that will be the ultimate software on earth until the 6 channel mixers start to be a regular one for all be the pioneers in this and ill keep supporting you...

    thanks a lot for reading...
  2. Cid K

    Cid K NI Product Owner

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