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Traktor 4 features for a new generation

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by Eswe, Oct 12, 2019.

  1. Eswe

    Eswe New Member

    "VSTi deck"

    Description: Add a VSTi deck as an option that runs NI family plugins.

    Purpose: Play basslines using Massive X from a keyboard, sample it and assign it to remix deck. Sync Maschine to the master deck without sync offset issues. Less CPU intensive than running a second host application.

    "31-band Main EQ"

    Description: A 31 band graphic EQ in front of the Main Out Limiter.

    Purpose: Compensate for installed speaker systems with too much mid bass, barky patio speakers or thin ceiling speakers.

    "Hybrid mix routing"

    Description: Run two decks in cruise mode to a single stereo output and use the other two decks for external mixing.

    Purpose: Seamlessly switch between background music and important event music such as the first dance at a wedding or team/fighter anthems.

    "Additional MIDI Modifiers"

    Description: More modifiers in MIDI mapping to further Traktors flexibility.

    Purpose: With so many controls on modern day controllers, it can be easy to max out the modifiers. Creating a second input for the same controller doesn't always work smoothly because changing the modifier state or resetting may not always register in both mapping. The easiest solution would be to add modifiers.
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  2. PhilL

    PhilL Moderator Moderator

    Yeah I would also love to see the addition of Global modifiers. where pressing a key on the keyboard activates the modifier across all controllers.
  3. Azido

    Azido NI Product Owner

    You can already have this by creating one big tsi for all your controllers. Simply switch to a different midi channel for every controller to ensure you get exclusive buttons/knobs on every controller and set the input/output to all ports. That's what i do right now for a hercules dj rmx, a launchpad, an akai mpd 218 and an evolution uc-33 controller. By doing so, for example setting modifier 1 to 1 with a button on the hercules, that modifier state can be used on all other controllers, too.

    What i would love to see are another condition (condition 3), the possibility to use AND/OR for modifier condition combinations and the possibility to control the pitch/gain/sample play mode for every sample cell in the remix decks with my hardware instead of using my mouse.

    Beside this it would also be funky to be able to switch between the already given filter and other effects or even panning for each sample slot individually. Right now you can only tick/use a filter on/off for each slot, but other effects and balance affects the complete remix deck.

    We could get freaky creative with such small changes.