Traktor Audio 6 - output routing - headroom?

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    I think I'm a bit confused. Im using TSA6 with Traktor Scratch 2 Pro. I have a question about Internal and External routing. I have TSA6 set on output routing -- routed to HW mixer, but I don't use timecode at all. For internal routing I have headroom (for TSA6) -6db. So the question is, do I have to lower the gains (channels A and B) by -6db in Traktor SW, when I switch to external routing. Then increase the 6db in HW mixer, that it will not hit the red? Both channels? What is the best settings, have somebody encountered similar problem?

    I think this is very important part of "sounding" clear ,without any limiters turned on sound should be bright.

    Thanks for any information :)

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