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"Traktor can't be installed on this disk" - - Mac High Sierra

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR PRO / TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO' started by lloydi, Sep 17, 2018.

  1. lloydi

    lloydi NI Product Owner

    I have recently got a new Mac laptop and done a completely fresh install (no migration assistant). I have a copy of Traktor 1 that was working fine on my ailing 17" Macbook Pro, but now need to re-install on the new laptop. I have created a disk image from the original installer disk and tried running the installer on the new Macbook Pro (2017 model, SSD) with High Sierra installed.

    I cannot get past the first stage where I select destination drive. The HD has a yellow alert on it and the message 'Traktor can't be installed on this disk'

    What's the problem here? I tried installing on another Mac (iMac) and I get the same issue there. I am not sure why this is happening (the old laptop was also running High Sierra and also had SSD).

    All help gratefully received.

    (BTW, I realise that this version is now getting a bit old, but I am not a working DJ and barely find enough time to call myself a hobbyist even! So I can't really justify upgrading to a newer version for the amount that I get to use it these days)

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  2. Irv_Tf

    Irv_Tf NI Product Owner

    Traktor 1 was never designed to work with 10.13.X high Sierra. Most likely it was written with preinstall checks on the version or... It doesn't want to install on APFS. You might be able to get away with forcing an install using pacifist but, it could also cause your Mac to become unstable.
  3. lloydi

    lloydi NI Product Owner

    The annoying thing is that it *did* work on my old Mac which *was* running High Sierra, on an SSD (I can't tell right now whether that drive was converted to APFS). Upgrades over time to the OS didn't break Traktor, but installing from fresh is not working. I've not heard of Pacifist before - I'll give that a look anyway.

    If I cannot get this to work, then I could upgrade to Traktor Pro 2 - but before I do (*if* I do) - can I confirm that v2 installer will run on High Sierra?
  4. Lymedo

    Lymedo NI Product Owner

    Try going to Disk Utiliy and run the fix permissions option.