Traktor DJ compatible soundcards (Unofficial)

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  1. DrRek

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    I have altered the title of this thread.
    Generally we do not allow threads that specifically state what 3rd party equipment works with NI products because NI have not tested them or approved them.

    This thread is not an official list.

    Anyone taking advice from this thread does so at there own risk.
    If you buy a soundcard on the advice posted here and it does not work, do not blame NI.

    This thread stays open unless I am advised to close it.



    I'm really excited about having a Traktor DJ setup with a two channel soundcard for either direct output and monitoring or output to a mixer for lower key gigs.

    I don't want to drop a lot of money on a audio 6/10 as its not worth it for just this purpose.

    Would something like this work?

    Obviously it would need a powered USB hub through the camera connector connection.
    But I'm not sure if its "class compliant" or "core audio" from this page.

    Please let's list cheaper sound card options here as people prove a working method for them.

    Also will there be a way to charge the ipad while using a soundcard? It sounds like you can't charge ipad while using camera connection kit? This is kinda bad for reliability.
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  2. Pesict

    Pesict NI Product Owner

    what about the American Audio VersaPort?
    you may need a powered HUB, and depending if your iPad uses the 30pin Connector you also might need a specific Adapter I'm awaiting for tomorrow - more on that tomorrow :D

    edit: And maybe this might be the right device for you!
    it says if the USB-Connector is pluged while it's connectet to the iPad, it would charge it :D
  3. Mr. Eff

    Mr. Eff New Member

    M-Audio Fast Track Pro working through a powered hub.
  4. Pesict

    Pesict NI Product Owner

    And a powered Hub is the most important Part :)
    An American Audio Versaport does work fine, got it for 50€ off Amazon :D

    And of Courage the NI Komplete Audio 6 - but that's not the pricerange you are looking forward :)
  5. spielor2

    spielor2 Forum Member

    Soundcard in my mixtrackpro controller is supported with 2 stereo audio channels!
    Now I just need midi and the app rocks like hell
  6. SherpaPsy

    SherpaPsy Forum Member

    I have a Roland duo capture EX with a third party power supply (it does not ship with one, at least in the UK). Played on my iPad for a couple of hours through a camera kit to it and my Yamaha monitors the other night. Nice levels coming out of it...quite high actually.

    Bought a tiny powered USB hub, still need to test to see if I can get power to the iPod, but I doubt it...
  7. Icaras

    Icaras NI Product Owner

    I have a question about the camera connection kit.

    Why is this needed if we are plugging the iPad directly into a USB hub? Both the 30-pin connector and lightning cable have USB plugs on the other end.

    Edit: Sorry for the confusion. Got mixed up there for a second. Of course I would need the CKK because of the mini port on my USB hub.
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  8. SherpaPsy

    SherpaPsy Forum Member

    UPDATE: this is a single channel stereo interface, there is no option to cue and master in stereo in Traktro Pro. I think its useless for the Traktor DJ as well based on this (though it is ia really nice sounding little box, a shame!

    I'm strongly considering grabbing an apogee Duet2 today, its tres $£$£ but vey high quality and will do what I need on my MBP as well.


    Current Apogee Duet2 does not work...get a message about it wanting too much power (while its got a separate power connection?), but there' a new one coming which will support, but not released yet. I finally took the fine advise of guys at West End DJ in Tottenham Court and bought the NI Scratch A6, now I have vinyl and CD control should I ever want it ;) Audio 6 works briliant after firmware update.
  9. rickyeffe

    rickyeffe NI Product Owner

    so the griffin imic does not work ?
  10. viper9711

    viper9711 NI Product Owner

    ESI UDJ6 is working with no problems. Powered USB Hub is needed.
  11. viper9711

    viper9711 NI Product Owner

    Focusrite Scarlett 2I4 works fine. Powered USB Hub is needed.
  12. ofstudio

    ofstudio New Member

    Echo 2 works fine with iPad mini via Camera Connection Kit. Very nice touch interface :)

    No powered USB hub is needed (Echo 2 has separate AC adapter)

  13. Billymac10

    Billymac10 Forum Member

    I have an American Audio versaport that i have for Intimidation Touch DVS- how are you connecting Traktor DJ App it, via line in or the USB connection?
  14. ky4k0b

    ky4k0b New Member

    guys, will it work with NI audio 4?
  15. viper9711

    viper9711 NI Product Owner

    No- only the new AudioDJ 6 and 10 are working
  16. ky4k0b

    ky4k0b New Member

    yeah I've seen that officially only 6/10 are supported.

    just wanna know if anyone tried to connect traktor dj with 4. Maybe using powered usb-hub
  17. Karlos Santos

    Karlos Santos Rocket Man Moderator

    The Audio 4 does not work with Traktor DJ as it is not Class Compliant.

    Doesn't matter if it's on a hub or not, it's not a power issue. It needs drivers and cannot be used by an iOS device.
  18. kleerkoat

    kleerkoat New Member

    how did that work out? i have a mix track pro on the way and am new to all these connections.

  19. Pesict

    Pesict NI Product Owner

    First of all you need a Apple Camera Connection Kit, and if your device is class compilant and has its own power supply you could hook those components together, and check what is happening :D
    If your device needs more power then the iPad can deliver, you allso need a powered usb hub.

    That's all, and in this thread we list all the working devices.

    Did I mention that I tried to use the Alesis iO Dock, and it "kinda" worked?
    The iPad got charged, but the Output was only on one channel :(
    Thought the Dock includes an Audiointerface with multiple IOs.....
    That Dock would be awesome, if it would charge the iPad AND deliver 2 channels of output... well, anyway, didn't spend money on that, so why bother...
  20. barryfell

    barryfell Forum Member

    Yes it's really disappointing the Alesis iO dock can only do 1x stereo or 2x mono output with Traktor DJ, as it's such a great solution to the external interface and charging issue. Plus the iO dock obviously makes it ideal for playing out on.