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Traktor DJ Top#1 enhancement requests (wish list)

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR DJ (for iPhone and iPad)' started by Kalo, Oct 13, 2018.

  1. Kalo

    Kalo Active Member

    If someone would ask me what i miss most in current TDJ ? And if i would have one wish free only ? o_O

    Is it the 4 deck support, or compatibility with new S4 or S2 .. or whatever ? I took my time to think about longer (because having a long list, you may have same 'problem', but i have to do a decision for one only ...hmm, i love my old S4 with TDJ, miss 4 decks crazy In TDJ (for sure my top#2), at the end i need portability (thats why i love my Z1) ...

    ... here is my personal #1: I wished to be able to use an X1 aside my Z1 on travel with TDJ :thumbsup:
    (Why?: I could prepare all songs (grid, hotcues) on travel AND make my live gigs with iPad and this 2 devices only, a dream !)


    Surprised ?? Sure i would have a list of other wishes too, but if i would have one vote only .. this one is mine :)

    Folks, tell us yours ! .. and keep in mind only 1 allowed :)

    Foot note: always in optimistic hope that some relevant product manager from NI are reading our threads. Hope this thread may help NI, so folks: please add your Prio#1 too, maybe add a 'why' (no comments/judging about others folks wishes needed, post your personal #1 vote may help at most)
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2018
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  2. Mutis

    Mutis NI Product Owner

    F1 support and remix decks option. Something like looptunes dj...
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  3. D.Light

    D.Light NI Product Owner

    Nice one Kalo :thumbsup: I have only a small wish: The new S2 should work with TDJ. If this becomes truth, I would buy it at once.
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  4. Moxie

    Moxie NI Product Owner

    What D.Light said...me too! Bring it on NI!
  5. BrandMo

    BrandMo New Member

    DVS with my Z2 please.
  6. ardkor

    ardkor Member

    My wish/hope is that the S4 Mk.3 will work with TDJ.
    I'm currently looking about for a new mixer and was contemplating a Z2, but since seeing the coolness of the S4 I have been thinking of getting one of them for use in a 4 deck set up. But it would be a waste if I could only use this thing with my decks / Traktor Pro (which I use at home) and not with my iPad Pro (which I use when out & about).
    I don't fancy cashing out for a macbook on top of the S4 just to go mobile with it (as I wouldn't use the macbook for anything other than for Traktor)
    Surely NI must have forseen that people would want this new hardware to work with there iPads and TraktorDJ?
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  7. Peter Delve

    Peter Delve New Member

    I like the idea of using both the z1 and x1 together on on iPad portable heaven.
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  8. Kalo

    Kalo Active Member

    In case no TDJ updates are planned anyhow i wished a new DJ app (iOS) From NI with: ...

    - a functionality of TDJ in minimum but with 4 decks.
    - must have nr2: supporting all current S2/S4/Z1A2 models (mk3) AND the old mk2 versions ! I do no plan to buy a new S4 because iOS app only. ;) ..

    NI: ... and please do not remove current TDJ in app store at least until both reqs fullfilled, ok ? :D, the user love TDJ, and some of them (e.g. myself) spent money in NI controller because TDJ only !
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2019
  9. Pesict

    Pesict NI Product Owner

    Only one wish: Midi Support

    I can not believe how „unable“ NI sometimes appeals.
    They’ve created aeons ago a futuristic mind blowing solution and then got kicked hardly in the nuts.
    Nothing happened since then. Not even a word why...

    And then people ask my why I’m so angry about this topic.
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2019
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