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Traktor DJ wishlist?

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR DJ (for iPhone and iPad)' started by m.ind, May 4, 2013.

  1. Alexinhomg

    Alexinhomg Forum Member

    Audiobus support like djay 2. If djay could i don't know why this app not yet. I hope the audiobus support to use the livefx app or the ikaossilator, figure or beatmaker2 as a sample deck like remix decks with traktor pro
  2. tr4gik

    tr4gik New Member

    ^^^^ this ^^^
  3. signaturex

    signaturex NI Product Owner

    making a list -- check check check
  4. caraba

    caraba New Member

    Please add an history of the mix session.
    Add also a sign next to the tracks that have already been played.
  5. ikke2000

    ikke2000 New Member

    +1 rating and comments...
  6. signaturex

    signaturex NI Product Owner

    -- ok its been SEVEN years since i was active on this forum. Pretty damn sad. BUT Traktor DJ for Ipad has come to frustration during that time. UHM YES! nice thingy ya got here. single module control and playback device. no wires, no midi interface, no parts to break or wear out :) so --

    individual deck pitching independant of master ? is this possible with s4/s2?

    snapshotting of mixes(track phase and position) so you can recall them as they sounded instantaneously / maybe Traktor pro 2 integrates with this. such a nice tool for looping and messing around very creative it would be nice to be able to be able to recall something good that you find and then mix it with another source. like through the dj mixer and then mix in another track from vinyl or traktor or another program. snap shot saving so it comes up in the remix decks of traktor pro ? in real time? theres a good idea. REmix decks in traktor pro resemble traktor dj for ipad? something i always wanted in traktor being able to save the deck states as a snapshot and then recall it on the fly -- mix it with your outgoing track, (remix decks as a whole pitch adjustment and scratch is kind of nice here. ) that works :) dun dun dun dun being able to split those tracks backout of the remix decks into track decks and have the rest of each song to mix in and out of in the phase that the snap shot was saved in. See! no need for the native mix function anymore … ipad could be a nice tool

    UHM next thing key adjust ment of the decks -- k so how this would work -- (referances feature request from 2006) what I like about the freeze mode is that you can treat the wave form like a drum pad. really beautiful action on this thing. YUMMY BEAT SANDWICHES WITH PICKLES WHOOHOOO would be cool if you could modulate the key of the track while you are finger drumming. put a little touchy keyboard on thier that opens up and the analyzed key of the track is highlighted on the keyboard and you can modulate the key shift of the track by playing a note on the keyboard. While finger drumming .. that would be cool and really nice for finding nice points for the tracks to loop together. and then you take a snap shot and you can use the product in another mix.

    oh yea and being able to adjust the beat grid while finger drumming that would be cool tool.

    im trying to work with the master tempo while hitting a cue point or a beatmarker in freezemode -- really tough to get the sound i want and then have it be a drum again … cause the touch focus goes from the pitch adjustment to the other thing all janky -- fix that yea for sure

    i guess thats all -- back to chatroulette asta
  7. justjones004

    justjones004 New Member

    Also +1 on this same kind of idea. When I've been deep inside with new tunes a list would be invaluable.
    "Please add an history of the mix session.
    Add also a sign next to the tracks that have already been played."

  8. manaman

    manaman New Member

    I really want to use the remix decks on Traktor DJ (or maybe you can and I'm just stupid?)

    I'm working with an iPad Air and S2 Mk2... I hadn't appreciated the full differences between Traktor Pro and Traktor DJ before I took the plunge..

    I guess when I want to overlay acapellas and whatnot I'll load them up in TDJ on my iPhone and feed it in through the Mic mix maybe?
  9. Aytch

    Aytch New Member

    Already an awesome app, but the following would make it even more awesomererer:
    (these have mostly been mentioned by others before me, so just add +1's accordingly)

    - Fix the clicks/pops/crashes/drops in the iPad Air/iOS7/TDJ setup combo. Like, now.

    - Ability to sort by iTunes star rating in the browser.

    - Recommendations based on playlist, rather than the full library (if i'm playing a strictly neurofunk set, there's really no point in suggesting electroswing tunes).

    - Nudging.

    - Pitch bend.

    - Listing of track history (especially when recording a mix).

    - "Checking off" tunes you've played + a reset option for this.

    - "Deck-stop-FX", or at least ability to drag the BPM all the way down to zero. Preferably both.

    - Multitouch ability while adjusting tempo: quite often you'd want to do tempo changes whilst mixing tunes or mucking about with FX.

    - Not having to re-activate the cue bar every time you load a track.

    - Auto-jump-to-cue-point-1-upon-load-feature

    - Auto-mix (like in Djay) so you're able to use it as a "listening device" while adding the odd cue point here and there along the way.

    - And, finally: the ability to block that annoying dude that always comes up to the booth thinking you're a freakkin' jukebox, requesting rubbish tunes and sometimes spilling beer on your gear (and almost always nearly spilling beer on your gear). This might be a stretch, but I'd be forever grateful if you managed to pull that one off.

    Once again, thanks for a stonking setup - i'm sure it'll be absolutely mental in a few updates!

  10. Thomastune

    Thomastune New Member

    - 4 D E C K S! or sync 2 ipads over Wifi/Bluetooth for 4 Decks Madness!
    - More Delay FX presets... (1/4 1/8 etc) / Seamless delay.
    - More FX :D
    - Pitch Bend / nudge
  11. menelaose

    menelaose New Member

    ohohoh thanks!
  12. Lancer X

    Lancer X New Member

    Another vote to add the Comments field to the browser!

    Many of us use the song comments field for organization. (Want the ability to search for all tunes with the tag "chill" within the current genre, etc.)
  13. AJ:HL

    AJ:HL New Member

    My top three have ben said, some many times, so just reiterating them for NIs benefit ;)

    1. The IOS7/hardware sound issues.
    2. Marking played tracks
    3. Recommendations within playlists

    Oh, and X1 support would guarantee a purchase of that controller for me. I guess in Mk3, now.
  14. XO Gold

    XO Gold Member

    DVS support would be nice.
  15. robotsound

    robotsound NI Product Owner

    It would be awesome if the audio didn't drop out when changing the tempo. Also the tempo change sucks. It's practically impossible to smoothly change tempo, it never stops where you want and the. It just arbitrarily changes the tempo at some point during or after the change. A tempo up and down button would be nice.it would be great if it actually changed the tempo when you pressed the button. And if the audio didn't drop out that would be great.
  16. djdeebo

    djdeebo NI Product Owner

    As a standalone App it's OK, but
    when working with an S2 or S4 it really has it's shortcomings,
    no pitch bend/nudge and many other things previously said here before.
    There's a lot of potential here but I would wish for a more Traktor LE feel when using it with a controller.
    Ideally, one should not feel the difference operating the basic stuff S2/S4 with Traktor Pro or Traktor DJ,
    for now I really can't trust my instinct when I use the app and try to browse, bend or loop.
  17. trance alba

    trance alba Forum Member

    I've noticed people complaining that pitch bend doesn't work with sync on or with key lock on.
    There's a very good reason for each of those when you think about it.

    You either want your tracks to be in sync or you don't, you can't have it both ways. Pitch bending with sync on defeats the point of having sync. If you want to match tempos but then pitch bend, you can turn sync on, then off, then pitch bend. Alternatively you can sort your beat grids out so you don't have to. If beat grids are no use to you, don't use sync. If you want to use sync, you need to know how to use beat grids properly. It's may seem obvious but I get the impression a lot of posts on here exist because of people not knowing how traktors beat grids work.

    As for key lock, it uses a lot of processing power to rapidly alter pitch real time with key lock algorithms on. The only time I've had drop outs in this apps audio was when both decks were running key lock and FX, and I rapidly moved the fader slider. Too much strain to put the iPad under. NI have probably quite rightly sacrificed the ability to use the jogwheel to pitchbend with key lock on, for the reward of no or less audio drop outs.

    Fortunately, there's a crude work around for nudging individual tracks forwards or backwards, even when both sync AND key lock are on.
    As long as you don't have a loop activated, you can turn your beat jump increment all the way down to 1/32, then turn the move knob to nudge it either way. It will of course turn your sync to red. It ain't perfect, but some may find it useful.

    My personal wishlist in this respect would be for the jogwheel pitch bend to be much less sensitive. Even the tiniest physical adjustment results in a highly noticeable change in pitch. Either make sensitivity adjustable or just less sensitive.
  18. Pablo Whelan

    Pablo Whelan New Member

    nudge function
  19. ardkor

    ardkor Member

    I'd like to see a master equaliser / volume added, could be a drop down menu or something, or a way to stop the individual track equalisers resetting when a new track is loaded.
  20. JuniorPops

    JuniorPops Forum Member

    My list is as follows

    1. AutoMix
    2. Proper Cue button
    3. Support for third party midi controllers or the option to midi map
    4. Most important Sampler/ Remix Decks