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Traktor DJ2 really slow

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR DJ 2' started by rach2000, May 29, 2019.

  1. rach2000

    rach2000 New Member

    It works, but barely. Aside from the random crashing, it can take 20+ seconds to load a song, and the rendering of the waveform is far from smooth. I have a new ipad, 2018 model. It has 128gb storage, which is just over half full (mainly with music).
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  2. basile

    basile NI Product Owner

    Totally agree.

    Takes far too long loading tunes (that have been already analyzed) like they are new unanalysed tracks

    Also keeps crashing when mixing on my iPad mini 4 - The original Traktor is far superior...

    Who exactly beta tested this???

    Hard to believe it was done at all with some of the basic issues!

    No settings menu or time elapsed option either
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  3. CF3

    CF3 New Member

    Definitely slow here too and random crashes also (see the thread I started).

    As far as beta testing goes.... I think we’re it.

    I still very much like it, but no way I can use it to actually DJ at this point. It’s a train wreck waiting to happen.
  4. Tarekith

    Tarekith NI Product Owner

    No crashes here, but track loading is pretty slow considering they've already been analyzed. iPad Pro 11"
    Last edited: May 30, 2019
  5. Dubi

    Dubi NI Product Owner

    With my iPad Pro 10,5” track loading is pretty quick here (2 seconds). After overall 4-5 hours playing around I had only one crash,
  6. dandercore

    dandercore New Member

    I’m shocked how bad it is. I basically bought the new S2 instead of the S4 because I wanted the option to use my 2018 iPad Pro instead of a computer and it was a huge mistake. This software is clearly half finished. It crashes all the time. Audio drops out. Load times are so slow you that you have to make decisions within the first 30 seconds of the playing track for fear of ending up with an empty second deck when the first song ends. It is impossible to actually play a full set with this due to all the issues above plus lack of ability to charge the iPad when using the S2. I guess this is just for kids messing around? Maybe it works better without the S2 connected but I really don’t care.