Traktor having tiny interface and fonts on the new surface pro 4 screen

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR PRO 2.7.5 Public Beta Test' started by friction, Nov 25, 2015.

  1. friction

    friction NI Product Owner

    Hi everyone.

    Just got my shiny new Surface pro 4 (using windows 10 obviously) with the hopes to
    use traktor pro2 on it.
    But the screen resolution seems so high that the
    application interface and all fonts are insanely small.
    borderline usable.

    I tried going to traktors app on the application folder and going to its properties down to compatibility
    and click on a display setting in there.
    Then that allows me to full screen it, but everything is still microscopic.
    Last thing I was able to figure out is to go to browser prefs and raise the fonts up
    but unfortunately its capped at 16 point size. and that just helps a bit.
    Also this only increases fonts on the browser.

    So this leaves me with a barely usable traktor.

    Im not sure what else to try except change the screen resolution.
    But thats a step backwards.

    I believe this is a traktor code issue.
    I dont think its a windows issue.
    Also, my Maschine 2 software scales like it should
    and works perfect.

    Thank for any help!
  2. alec.tron

    alec.tron NI Product Owner

    Send a official support/bug ticket - NI devs do not interact on the forum...
    And this issue has been brought up regularly throughout the last months - i.e. that Traktor is barely usable on modern higher resolution devices... yet, no reaction from NI, as in so many cases... so your only chance is to file an official request and hope there is enough others doing the same so NI takes some action on this...
    Good luck.
  3. ImNoDJ

    ImNoDJ Well-Known Member

    This has come up multiple times and would have been revealed through a simple forum search.

    Anyhoo, right click shortcut - properties - compatibility tab - check 'disable display scaling etc'
  4. Lectrosoul

    Lectrosoul New Member

    not a very helpful reply perhaps you can link to the forums where this is sorted??..your solution does not work.. sp4 and traktor pro 2 is unusable at a decent resolution.. everything is tiny even in full screen..
  5. ImNoDJ

    ImNoDJ Well-Known Member

    Youve paid for a computer with a 2,736 x 1,824 screen. Of course everything appears tiny.

    Maybe you should research your purchases better.

    Or lower your resolution.
  6. Lectrosoul

    Lectrosoul New Member

    You'll go far enough in life with answers like that, well done, this is a problem with the programs scaling with high dpi monitors on windows not the resolution of my screen..
  7. ImNoDJ

    ImNoDJ Well-Known Member

    And you are able to disable that DPI scaling.

    Interesting how you are able to judge exactly how people will get on in life, but simple technical matters elude you.
  8. Lectrosoul

    Lectrosoul New Member

    Check out bigwigs implementation of program scaling depending on the screen in use..