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Traktor & hercules RMX

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR 3' started by AngryofMayfair, Apr 5, 2008.

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  1. nigel333

    nigel333 New Member

    Inputting external sources to traktor via RMX

    So I've tryed using external inputs to Traktor via my laptops internal sound card with out having the RMX hooked up and it works fine, which means the problem is with the RMX. I emailed tech support at Hercules but they just said to refer to the instructions in the Traktor manual. So I guess I'll have to call them on the phone. (which is a bit of a bummer cause I'm in Australia and I'll have to call them in America. Hope they don't put me on hold for too long...)
  2. MaxDJack

    MaxDJack Forum Member

    Hello Nigel333,

    It is possible to solve technical issues by emails only if you detail, explain, describe the technical situation instead of posting a message with not enough technical information.

    - What is your operating system (Mac OS 10.4, 10.5, Windows XP or Vista)?

    - What are the sound sources you connect (turntable, CD player, which model...)?

    - What is the version of Traktor you use (full version name: Traktor Pro 3.3.2, or Traktor Pro...)?

    - What is the symptom you get: no sound, bad sound?

    - If you are in Windows, what are your ASIO settings (in DJ Console Rmx Control Panel)?

    - What are you audio input and output settings in Traktor?

    If the message you have posted on Hercules tech support website is as short as the one you have just posted here, they cannot help you without MUCH more technical information.

    The settings for Traktor are described on Hercules tech support website in the pdf file described in the zip files. http://ts.hercules.com/eng/index.php?pg=view_files&gid=2&fid=28&pid=215&cid=5
  3. dkineffect

    dkineffect New Member

    i had the same issue the other day

    using traktor pro my friends CDJ-800 would not work though the line in's. they did in virtual dj, but i dont want to use the DJC version that came with it. also after a couple times using it after finally getting it set up in traktor pro, its not reading the midi inputs anymore. it i hit play in traktor the LED light up on the deck, but if i hit play on the deck tractor doesnt get a midi input
  4. signaturex

    signaturex NI Product Owner

    have you checked to see that your midi device is selected and activated in traktors preferances pane. ? There is input devices and output devices. Traktor three sometimes won't recognize a device if you are hooking it up after you have started the program. Also if you have been switching between TKS files and midi assignments for the remix and CDJ there may be something mixed up or not loaded.
  5. nigel333

    nigel333 New Member

    I've been trying to get the external inputs working with two successive versions of Traktor. I'm currently trying to get it to work with Traktor Pro 1.0.2

    I'm using Mac OS 10.5.6 on a MacBook Pro and a Hercules dj console RMX.

    The sound sources that I've tried to connect have been CD decks of various sorts. I.e Pioneers, American Audio. I've also tryed other sources such as signal from a radio tuner. I don't really see the external source as particularly relevant as long as it's a constant source of audio signal.

    The symptom is that I get no levels indicated on the input level indicators in preferences under input channel A and B where I've selected Hercules Console RMX for channels 1,2,3 and 4. I also get no sound coming through. I've tryed toggling the source buttons.

    Has anyone been able to hook up external sources and use them through a hercules with Traktor using the source 1 and 2 buttons?

    As a footnote. I am able to get an external audio source to play through the external source channel on Traktor when I disconnect my Hercules RMX and use my Mac's internal sound card.
  6. fluidgroove

    fluidgroove New Member

    no thats the problem. i dont think it has anything to do with traktor or pc it is the hercules unit. i dont see why external source will not work it should be the same as an external mixer with phono/line switching between two different sources. ive searched everywhere online for an answer, maybe it just doesnt work?
  7. signaturex

    signaturex NI Product Owner

    link for manual please.
    we ripped a hercules apart in this forum last year sometime. there was a control panel that was the problem.

    ftp://ftp.hercules.com/sound/manuals/Rmx/01_DJ Console Rmx_eng.pdf/

    got it.
    have you loaded the drivers from the install cd?

    you are aware of this bit of text

    "We recommend that you connect the DJ Console Rmx to a USB port on your computer or to a powered USB hub. Don’t connect the console to a non-powered USB hub."

    for PC: on the last pages of the Manual there is the control panel section: here is where you can enable and disable the inputs of the sound card.

    be sure that sound card is active before you start traktor.

    there is also this bit of text:

    "2. Can I use DJ Console Rmx without a computer? No, DJ Console Rmx cannot function at all without being connected to a computer. "

    <for anyone who might be confused that the source buttons some how route the audio through the hardware device. The Hercules relies on the audio bus and mixing of the software to pass signal.

    so: please ensure that you are plugging in the remix before starting traktor. And also that the actual set-up panel for the remix has been configured and the proper drivers installed.

    and here is this bit of text in a help adendum that is available here:http://ts.hercules.com/eng/index.php?pg=view_files&gid=2&fid=28&pid=215&cid=6

    How can I verify that my DJ Console RMX is correctly installed
    on my MAC computer?
    Once installed, the DJ Console RMX should normally be enumerated by
    System Profiler (Application / Utilities):

    The DJ Console will also be present in Audio/MIDI SETUP
    (Application > Utilities):
    Under Audio Devices, the RMX should appear as both Hercules DJ
    Console RMX and Hercules DJ Console RMX Aggregate Device.
    This is normal and necessary for DJ software to use all the outputs of
    the DJ Console RMX.

    Under MIDI Devices, you should notice the DJ
    Consoles RMX as a device.

    the audio midi panel shows the inputs and outputs of the sound card. There are sometimes gain sliders for the inputs. these might be diminished. In addition there may be options to select between microphone and line inputs. In the manual it states that both cannot be used at once. Another note is that in 24 bit mode only one set of inputs will function. You should be able to select the bit/channel mode in the audio/midi set-up panel. And the channel availability will be visualized there.

    a good test to try may be to use the hercules sound card inputs in garage band. Garage band is included with the mac operating system. The preferance panel should allow you to use any sound card for recording.

    and here are the phone numbers for thier support

    United Kingdom 0207 216 0047
    United States / Canada 514-279-9911
    Denmark 82 33 28 58
    Finland 09 81 71 01 54
    Netherlands 0900 2026765
    Norway 23 50 01 16
    Sweden 08-51992032
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2009
  8. Jambandbass18

    Jambandbass18 Forum Member

    Searched around, don't know if I overlooked this question but- does anyone have a good midi map for controlling all 4 decks with this little beast?

    I've been doing decks A&B with the RMX, and mapped out a way to do C&D with a keyboard, but its not as smooth as I'd like, but it does work somewhat.
  9. tronque

    tronque New Member

    Fine pitch range

    Does anyone use the MIDI-only controllable Fine pitch range? Which buttons do you recommend to control this function when assigning it to the RMx?
  10. nigel333

    nigel333 New Member

    I've tryed two different hercules units with traktorDJstudio3 and traktor pro. From the four combinations I have not been able to get the hercules unit input to work. I have been able to get traktor to work with the internal sound card in my mac but just not with Hercules. Guess I just gotta bite the bullet and get stuck into the Hercules tech support service line (no matter how expensive it is from Aus.... : (
  11. Jambandbass18

    Jambandbass18 Forum Member

  12. nigel333

    nigel333 New Member

    FINALLY FOUND THE PROBLEM! - Hooking up external sources

    To enable external audio sources like CD players to work through a hercules rmx unit: Open up the Rmx control panel (which is the sepeate application that came with the hercules software and drivers etc) and on the left hand side underneath the output faders, just above the word INPUTS there are two small green squares with volume symbols on them. These are infact buttons which need to be activated before any input signal will come through the hercules inputs.

    Then obviously you need to go to Traktor and open preferences and set up your input channels in the usual way. Now next to the input selectors in traktor you'll see little monitor bars which will be showing levels if you have signal coming through.

    What a freaking pain in the ass that was....
  13. signaturex

    signaturex NI Product Owner

    Nice going.! glad you got it sorted. Another hercules TRIUMPH!

    :cool: <you

    There has been so many people that struggled with this exact issue.. do you think you could put together a small tutorial about the hercules set-up?

    We have been talking about a hercules thread on sticky that is heavilly moderated so that people can solve thier issues quickly if you put something together .. PM the mod .. Karlos and he will probably push it through.
  14. kraypius

    kraypius New Member

    hey guys. i just got my hercules rmx working nicely with traktor (so much better than VDJ!). i was having some issues with the cue headphones but i got it sorted. i just had to use ASIO and turn the mix knob down.

    Here is the last step for me to be golden.. I would like to assign some buttons and knobs to make good use of the effects. Traktor has lots of nice effects and I would be a fool not to take advantage of them. My question is which buttons/knobs should I reassign to what? I see the buttons are already assigned to some looping features. What have you guys done (if anything) about the lack of effects assignments?
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2009
  15. njmiller31

    njmiller31 New Member

    Bought a Korg KP3. It opened a world of effects possibilities for me...
  16. kraypius

    kraypius New Member

    idk i was thinking of knobs and buttons. im not so sure about that crazy looking thing but ill check it out :D

    EDIT: Correction... just saw some videos. must have it NOOOOOW
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