TRAKTOR KONTROL Z2 compatibility with TRAKTOR DJ

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    Here is some information on using the Kontrol Z2 with Traktor DJ:

    It is possible to use the TRAKTOR KONTROL Z2 mixer as a 2-channel audio interface for TRAKTOR DJ installed on an iPad via Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit (CCK) or Lightning to USB Camera Adapter.

    Just set the audio routing manually after connecting the device by going to the preferences (open the browser and click on the little cog wheel icon in the bottom left of the screen).

    You will be able to get the sound out of the Main Out (XLR, RCA), the Booth (Jack 6,35mm) and pre-listen via the phones outputs (Jack 3,5mm and 6,35mm outputs) of your TRAKTOR KONTROL Z2.

    Audio coming out of the Z2 can be controlled by the Master and the Booth output knobs. Enabling the Headphone Cue has to be done in Traktor Dj. Once the Headphone Cue is enable, the Z2's Cue Mix & Headphone Volume knobs will be functional.

    Please note these are hardware controls and does not mirror or control the Master volume slider, the Cue Volume & Cue Mix in TRAKTOR DJ.

    The other Z2 controls (EQs, faders, pads etc.) will not work with Traktor DJ.

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Thread Status:
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