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Traktor/mackie D.2 Pro is not letting me record my sets with both turntables......

Discussion in 'Technical Issues' started by ninja_traktor, Oct 11, 2009.

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  1. ninja_traktor

    ninja_traktor New Member

    Hey everyone...

    Usually im the type to solve a problem on my own, but I've been trying and trying to do this on my own and so far, im only stressing myself out more and more...

    Basically I have a:

    -Mackie D.2 Pro certified scratch mixer

    -Traktor scratch upgrade software version (minus the audio 8 hardware, since its not needed because I have the D.2 certified dj mixer)

    -2 numark ttxusb turntables

    Now I have 2 problems......each time I try to record my sets, I end up only getting 1 turntable's audio recorded. And it will switch to the other turntables audio and only record "that" turntables audio if I choose a different EXTERN RECORDING INPUT..like channel A or B. With Channel C, I'll get the left turntable recorded audio. With Channel D, I'll get the right turntable audio recorded. With Channel A, I get a high frequency hum recorded, and with B I think its just the left table recorded still. I can't seem to get both table's audio recorded....its driving me nuts.

    Now im noticing also that the cuts im making with the crossfader are not being recorded at all either. So im starting to think I have to do some type of midi option? The manual doesn't go into detail of what I have to do so im losing my mind right now playing the guessing game....

    If anyone could tell me what im doing wrong I would be very very very thankful, because I feel like giving up now and sending this thing back.....but im keeping faith in traktor since I think its better than serato.

    (as my "AUDIO DEVICE", in the soundcard tab.... im using the d pro ASIO driver)

    Only thing is, I think I heard somewhere on the net that any updated software for traktor isn't compatible with any certified mixers, so im also scared to update to new drivers........help somebody please if you can..........

    I also have a digidesign 003 connected to the second firewire port, but its never on while my d.2 pro is on. However it shows up as an audio device in the traktor audio soundcard setup. I really don't think that this is causing the problem though....
  2. djBCK

    djBCK New Member

    How to Set Up Recording in Traktor Pro Using the Mackie d.2 Pro

    I had this problem too--it's really unclear how to do this at first, but I think I figured it out. Basically, the mixer has an MAIN output assigned from the Firewire port. You can record that output by routing the Firewire going from your d.2 and into your computer. From there, if routed properly, the signal enters the computer and Traktor's recorder. If you have a 2 Turntable or CDJ Setup, try this:

    1. Open the Preferences window.
    2. Go to the Recording panel on the left menu.
    3. Set Source to External (abbreviated Extern).
    4. Set External Input to Channel C (assuming your turntables are set to A and B).
    5. Go to the Input panel on the left menu.
    6. Where it says Input Channel C, set L to 13: d.Pro (0123) ln 12, and set R to 14: d.Pro (0123) ln 13.
    7. Load a track into any deck and play it.
    8. Return to the Input panel in the Preferences menu.
    9. Check that there are blue bars showing in the level indicators for Input Channel C.

    For the d.2 Pro, Inputs 13 and 14 are assigned to the Left and Right Firewire MAIN outputs. What you're trying to do is route those inputs back to the recorder. We're basically telling Traktor to record the sound from Chanel C, which is being fed by Inputs 13 and 14, which are the MAIN Left and Right outputs coming from the mixer's Firewire Port.

    For the d.4 Pro, I'm unsure as to what the exact MAIN input lines are, but I'm sure the process is similar. Check the d.4's manual for MAIN output assignments. I really hope this helps!
  3. TeLLy

    TeLLy NI Product Owner Extraordinaire

    Whoa this guy busted out the gate strong. Good first posts, djBCK.
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