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Traktor Pro 2.6.0 & Windows 8 Pro

Discussion in 'Technical Issues' started by ElectroItalia, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. ElectroItalia

    ElectroItalia New Member

    Hi All !

    I am an Italian user, but I will try to tell you about my experience with Traktor Pro on Windows 8!

    No problem with the installation or use of the program without an external controller (I have the s2). But problems arise when using the sound card of s2! :angry:

    Of course, there is still no support or a version of drivers for this version of windows (I ask N.I to hurry up and release it, because Windows 8 is already out by the end of October!) :angry:

    I've tried everything! The biggest problem is to find the latency and the buffer just not going to do the audio clip.

    And this is:

    44100 Hz Sample rate
    1024 Process Buffer
    1ms Usb Buffer (if it continues to clip the audio or you see that the cpu usage goes bust, try to change)

    (I hope you help those who has problems with the audio on windows 8)

    In any case this does is reduce the time between a crash and another ... Traktor crashes anyway!

    I am currently continuing to test with many modes of "compatibility" and changing from one graphics card to another (yes I have two video cards, an ATI and Intel HD)

    As soon as I find the solution more stable I will inform you via this post! If you have suggestions write! ;)

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