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TRAKTOR PRO 2.9 online

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR PRO / TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO' started by Keir @ NI, Aug 3, 2015.

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  1. Keir @ NI

    Keir @ NI Community, man NI Team

    Hi everyone,

    TRAKTOR PRO 2.9 is now available for free download in the NI Service Center. Here's the low down:

    New Stem Deck Flavor in TRAKTOR PRO
    TRAKTOR 2.9.0 introduces a new Stem Deck which is capable of playing and mixing .stem.mp4 files. Thanks to the Automatic Deck Flavor Switching that was introduced in TRAKTOR 2.8.0, a Deck will automatically switch to Stem Deck whenever you load a .stem.mp4 file. The Stem Deck functions identically to a Track Deck, but just has additional sub-mix features for controlling the 4 Slot Volumes, Filters, and FX Sends for the stems.

    Stem Support for TRAKTOR KONTROL S8, D2, and F1
    The TRAKTOR KONTROL S8, D2, and F1 controllers now natively support Stem Decks.

    The KONTROL S8 and D2 will provide full 4-stem visualization of the Stems on the in-built displays, and the Performance Knobs, Buttons, and Faders control the sub-mix of the stems (such as Slot Volumes, Slot Filters, and Slot FX Sends). The KONTROL F1 also supports Stem Decks via the same sub-mix controls that are also used for Remix Decks. When assigning an F1 to a Stem Deck, you’ll be able to control Slot Volumes, Filters, Mutes, and can also access the FX Sends via the shift-layer of the Pads. The Pads also serve as 4 visual level meters for the 4 audio slots in the Stem Deck so you can see if audio is playing on a slot even when its volume is turned down.

    Stem and Remix Deck Sub-mix Controls in Controller Manager
    The sub-mix controls for the Remix Deck have now been upgraded to Deck Common controls in the Controller Manager. Controls like Slot Volume, Slot Filter, Slot Mute, and Slot FX Send Amount are now located in “Deck Common > Sub-Mix”.

    When mapping a MIDI Controller to these controls, these controls will now control a Stem Deck or Remix Deck, whichever type is loaded. If you had MIDI Mappings for Remix Deck mix controls previous to this update, those controls are now automatically mapped to the Deck Common Sub-mix controls for convenience.

    Stem file management in Browser
    To support management of .stem.mp4 files, a new smart folder called “All Stems” is added to the Browser Tree. All Stem files in the Track Collection can be found quickly by clicking on this node in the Tree.

    Performance Optimizations
    Playback of Stems requires more resources from your computer, so the team implemented a number of performance optimizations to TRAKTOR to reduce the overall CPU load. These optimizations can be enjoyed even when not playing Stem files.

    Fixed Issue with Preview Player Loading via Controller Manager
    There was a bug where attempting to load something into the Preview Player via Controller Manager (hardware control) while no track was selected would result in the function not working until restarting TRAKTOR. This has now been fixed.

    Known Issues in TRAKTOR 2.9.0:

    Stem files must be analyzed before loading and playback
    Due to the large amount of data that must be read from a Stem file, it is currently necessary that Stem files be analyzed before loading into a Stem Deck. It is not possible to load and play a Stem file before analysis is

    CPU Spike when enabling Keylock on Stem Deck
    When enabling Keylock on a Stem Deck, you might experience a brief CPU spike. This spike is only temporary and CPU load will return to normal after Keylock has been activated. If you experience this problem, it is recommended that you enable Keylock before you perform.

    Windows users must run the 32-Bit version of TRAKTOR to be compatible with 32-bit audio drivers
    TRAKTOR is now a 64-bit application for OS X and Windows. However, if you are a Windows user who is trying to use older 32-bit audio drivers with TRAKTOR (for example, audio drivers for Pioneer DJ products), you will need to run the 32-bit version of TRAKTOR in order to be compatible with these older drivers by following these steps:

    1. Rename the "Traktor.exe" found in the Traktor 2 folder to "Traktor 64.exe". This will be your backup 64-bit application.
    2. Go to the x86 folder and move the 32-bit "Traktor.exe" file to the Traktor 2 folder. Now your Traktor 2 folder should contain both files "Traktor 64.exe" (64-bit) and "Traktor.exe" (32-bit).
    3. Now you can launch "Traktor.exe" which will be the 32-bit version of
    TRAKTOR. You may also create a Desktop shortcut for quick access. This problem does not pertain to OS X as the operating system only supports 64-bit drivers and applications.
    3.4. ALAC Support only for Windows 10 Microsoft Windows 10 will natively support Apple Lossless Codec (ALAC) playback, thus restoring this functionality to Windows users. If you previously used ALAC files before QuickTime was deprecated, you can resume using ALAC files by upgrading Windows to version 10.

    Playback of M4A (AAC) files limited to 48kHz on Windows
    The Microsoft Media Foundation supports playback of M4A (AAC) files, but only up to a maximum sample rate of 48kHz. Attempting to load AAC files with a sample rate higher than this (like 88.2kHz or 96kHz) will result in a file loading error.

    Fullscreen Issues on Windows
    Some Windows users with high-resolution monitors are experiencing trouble when setting TRAKTOR to Full Screen Mode. This problem appears to only occur when the “Change the size of all items” Display Preference is set to a value larger than 125%. Therefore, if you are experiencing the problem, setting the preference to 125% or smaller
    should temporarily fix the issue while we continue to investigate a permanent fix.

    Crackling During Playback of WMA Files on Windows
    We have now diagnosed the issue that is causing the WMA playback problem on Windows, but we still need to implement a workaround for the problem which will take more time. Therefore, WMA playback issues still exist in this release version.

    High CPU Load when Loading Tracks on OS X 10.8
    OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion is no longer supported as of TRAKTOR 2.8.0. Users of OS X 10.8 may find high CPU load when loading Tracks into the Decks. If you experience this, please upgrade your OS to at least OS X 10.9 Mavericks.

    Best wishes on behalf of the TRAKTOR team,
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