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Traktor Pro 2: How to do an internet song search

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by El Caobo, Oct 25, 2019.

  1. El Caobo

    El Caobo New Member

    I recently was one of the DJs at a wedding. The DJ with me was able to use his program to find requests from the internet. I assume that he was able to search iTunes, or something like that. I was jealous because I am not set up to do that.

    I have the original Traktor S4. Please tell me if it is possible, to be able to search, find and play a song from within the Traktor Pro 2 program, and how exactly to do it. PLEASE!

    After seeing the other DJ doing this, I feel compelled to buy that controller and program instead and leaving the traktor family. I love me Traktor though, so I am hoping that you can tell me how to do it!
  2. Friedemann @ NI

    Friedemann @ NI NI Team NI Team

    You are right - Traktor Pro has not (yet) integrated any streaming service, but Traktor DJ 2 has.
    So if you are on S4MK2 or S2MK2/MK3 you could consider switching to the free Traktor DJ 2 (iPad and Desktop) to get access to all music available on Soundcloud.