New Traktor Pro 3 - Delay and T3 Delay vs Traktor 2.0

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Jam One, Nov 6, 2018.

  1. Jam One

    Jam One New Member

    The delay and t3 delay effects sound so different in 2.11 and 3.1 - anyone else having this issue? in 2.11 if I put my dry/wet knob on my z2 to 100% I'd hear full original signal and full FX signal... in 3.0 it feels like I get 80% FX signal and almost No original signal.. sounds super weird to me

    latest update
    windows 10
    intel i7 4.2ghz
    16 GB ram
    running off SSD drives
  2. Dj T3MPR3

    Dj T3MPR3 New Member

    Hi I have the same problem
    I hope there is a fix for this because it sounds terrible , it’s my main fx and I cannot use it anything like I used to
    It’s really harsh