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Traktor Pro 3: Enlarge/Zoom focused Track deck + add info

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by mesingze, Nov 26, 2018.

  1. mesingze

    mesingze New Member


    with laptops running Traktor but on stands or sideways at 80-110cm away it can be hard to read/manage details (more so on 2018 high resolution screens)
    (Ok, hence the basic LCD screen on Kontrol S4 MK3, but this is rather not enough)

    As Enter/Return button, by default, is not mapped to anything, we could use that to enlarge focused Track deck.
    PhUp and PgDn keys could be used to cycle through Decks, focusing those elements.
    Kontroler could also get a hardware keys combination to escape a need for reaching to the laptops keyboard.

    In attach you can see a 1920x1280 Traktor and Track A being zoomed (on Enter press) to the 'foreground'.
    Blurring or not the background can be an option (as colours overlap to easily see zoomed window, or just border it with distinctive color).

    As you already have a complete Track Decks management with different sizes/options it should be failry easy to implement the Track deck zooming.

    Also, the Zoomed deck could than easily expand other information related to the loaded track, like in example Hot CUEs names/comments, ideas for loops maybe, or other configurable options to display.