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Traktor Pro + Hercules DJ RMX

Discussion in 'DJ Controllers' started by stereoworrek, Nov 3, 2008.

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  1. somatica

    somatica New Member

    Yip, however there is no way you can control the actual effect (percentage), you are limited to the dry/wet. Anyone have an updated tsi that solves this issue?
  2. Nashblaster

    Nashblaster New Member

    I finally bought a RMX to go with Traktor Pro, replacing my old battered MAudio. I've set everything up, imported tsi files and now everything works (including lights!). I am however getting massive lag and distortion, if you just load a track onto one deck and let it play it's fine, but then if you try and cue another track or do pretty much anything else both tracks distort and lag.

    I've tried other latency settings in the RMX CP, my laptop (Windows) is more than powerful enough to cope and I have nothing else running (CPU meter in Traktor says all is good).

    Any ideas/suggestions on how I can sort this would be greatly appreciated...

  3. switchfront

    switchfront New Member

    I had this same issue. There may be better fixes but for me, I solved it by opening the Hercules Control Panel in the systray and changed drivers from WDM to ASIO. Strangely in Win7 after doing so and opening Traktor, it wouldn't work at all. I had to switch to ASIO, reboot, then make sure ASIO was still selected when I looked at the RMX CP and then load Traktor and make sure the Hercules ASIO was selected in the audio setup of Traktor.

    There's my 2 cents :)

    Edit - Edit - Just tried.. was set on WDM - opened Traktor, distorted, changed to ASIO, exited Traktor, opened Traktor again, chose Hercules ASIO in Audio setup and worked fine. Didn't have to reboot like I had stated before.. oh well, you get the idea of what I'm saying :)
  4. DJ Phatso

    DJ Phatso Forum Member

  5. Nashblaster

    Nashblaster New Member

    Switchfront, is that something you have to do every time? seems long winded... I don't even know what WDM is, I was always under the impression you had to use ASIO as it somehow reduces analogue to digital latency ...(?)

    Phatso, I'm pretty obsessive about keeping my laptop running efficiently, although not done the USB power mangement stuff (really worth it?). But I'm sceptical if having a Desktop Wallpaper is mutually exclusive to using a MIDI controller.

    Although saying that I've tried neither suggestion, will be doing so soon... I'll let you know, thanks, appreciate your help..
  6. Made In Breizh

    Made In Breizh Forum Member

    Hello Nashblaster,

    The USB power management setting - disabling Windows authorization to cut the power on the USB bus - is useful to keep the best audio quality on a USB powered sound card.
    On most computers, this setting is not necessary (but disabling Windows authorization to cut the power on the USB bus never causes any problem), but on some laptops, letting Windows setting which cuts the USB bus power damages the audio.

    Phatso recommendation on desktop wallpaper is not related to the controller: Windows Vista & 7 aero graphics is CPU intensive if your graphic cards doesn't process in hardware DirectX 9 pixel shader, so, with a strong graphic cards, it is not needed to change the desktop wallpaper, but with a limited graphics chipset in a laptop, Windows aero display may consume up to 20% of your CPU ressources, so on such computer you should disable aero display before mixing, whether you mix with a mouse or a MIDI controller.

    Made In Breizh
    Team Member of Hercules DJ Mix Room
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