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Discussion in 'TRAKTOR PRO / TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO' started by pfused, Mar 4, 2009.

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  1. pfused

    pfused NI Product Owner

    Just thought I would throw this out there. Last night I tried out traktor pro running on Windows 7 ultimate Beta and I was surprised to find out it ran quite nice.

    It was only a 2 1/2 hour session but no issues. Interface was nice and smooth. CPU use was low about 7%-9% with key lock on and effects running on 2 decks. (See my specs below to get a frame of reference)

    I switched between applications with no quirky noises or sound interruptions.

    It is still way too early for any sort of verdict but it was a pleasant surprise. Keep in mind Windows 7 is still in Beta and I went with a default setup. Not stripped down like I usually do to the OS.

    Keep your fingers crossed.

  2. kdupkid

    kdupkid NI Product Owner


    I have been for a few months and it is the best os I have used for TSP. I use it with ableton and several plugins seamlessly
  3. djquartz

    djquartz NI Product Owner

    I'm considering putting Win7 on my Dell instead of XP. I'll know by tomorrow or Friday.
  4. groovemixer

    groovemixer Forum Member

    yup ive done the same but..... i cant set the latency for my soundcard on my asus laptop. its stuck on 7.5ms and it wont move. usually i have it at 15ms.

    with my ecler evo 5, she keeps on crashing, more of the evo 5 driver then traktor but i had it working for 30 secs! LOL

    i really like 7, faster it seems then xp and not a hog like vista!

    gonna try to reinstall the evo drivers and hope it works if not back to XP i go!
  5. pfused

    pfused NI Product Owner

    I agree windows 7 acts much like xp in terms of quickness. I'm impressed especially after the catastrophe that was vista.

    Don't have a single machine using vista. So I'm glad to see that I might have a viable upgrade option to xp.
  6. tekki

    tekki New Member

    Doing Traktor and Ableton with Vista for half a year and no problems, the performance has even improved.

    Just be sure to have the latest patches and tweaked it a little bit, and you will end up loving Vista.

    (Sorry for the offtopic rant guys)
  7. pfused

    pfused NI Product Owner

    I played around with vista a little after SP1 was released and while performance improved somewhat it is still no where near the speed of xp or 7. In my experience at least.
  8. cronparser

    cronparser Forum Member

    Going to give it a try in few mins on my dell studio 1737 -- will post screen shots of the latency and cpu graphs
  9. lethal_pizzle

    lethal_pizzle NI Product Owner

    Looking forward to the release but there is no way I'm gigging out with a beta O/S. Or is there?
  10. cronparser

    cronparser Forum Member

    Update.. Got windows 7 beta working didn't need to install any drivers for my Dell Studio 1737 but the bad news Audio Latency still blows getting tons of glitches just ran the DPC Checker getting tons of Red Spikes even with the os tuned down. Tryed disabling acpi but no dice..
  11. RufusWhite

    RufusWhite Forum Member

    I've been running Pro with 7 for a few months (playing out also), after finding it worked far better than vista with my Zero8. Not found any reason to worry about it being beta yet - not crashed once! (touch wood)

  12. PhilL

    PhilL Moderator Moderator

    Been Beta Testing win7 since last year. for those contemplating the move there are some things worth noting.

    Traktor does not interface well with the Mac internal soundcard and it requires ASIO4all to work with many of the soundcards I've tried that do not have native ASIO Drivers. In most cases latency will be locked for NON Asio driver'ed soundcards due to changes in the WSAPI's ASIO4ALL works great but Traktor is expecting to get exclusive control over the driver stack and other applications won't bind to WSAPI and those won't produce sound.

    WMP12 has a huge memory leak that makes it unstable, more so with ASIO4ALL installed. With Build 7000 you can leak 20-40MB per minute until you exhaust the system resource pool and system becomes really sluggish. On other occassions your WMP will crash and you'll gain back about most of what was leaked but not all. I switched to itunes as the default player and had no further problems playing but I had to close Traktor to get its audio to play see note 1 above.

    WMPs entire audio path to the speaker is now protected. Where WMP11 on Vista allowed you to hijack the chain late in the process now you can't do that. At one time in Beta it was not possible to hijack the Traktor Audio chain even in the internal recorder (Traktor Froze) that has since been corrected (hopefully at release time too). Its important to note this is not Traktors fault but rather changes made to WSAPI in Windows.

    Avg Latency is lower in Win 7 than Vista and now is almost as low as Windows XP even with WSAPI active. XP does not have WSAPI.
    McBook Pro 17 w 2.16GHz Processor 2GB Ram
    MacBook Pro 17 min safe latency for Timecode
    XP - 4.5 Msec
    Vista 10 Msec
    Win7 5 Msec

    MacBook Pro 17 min safe latency for 4 deck no Timecode
    XP - 3.0 Msec
    Vista 6.5 Msec
    Win7 3.5 Msec

    Dual Proc Quad Core 3Ghz Xeon 8GB Ram x64 min safe latency for Timecode
    XP - 4.5 Msec
    Vista 6 Msec
    Win7 4.5 Msec

    Dual Proc Quad Core 3Ghz Xeon 8GB Ram x64 min safe latency for 4 Deck no Timecode
    XP - 3 Msec
    Vista 5 Msec
    Win7 3 Msec

    Other impressions
    Overall Win7 behaves much like XP in terms of application responsiveness though build 7000 which went to public preview is slower than more recent builds.

    Fixes to the security model make Win7 easier to use and understand and you do NOT have to hack up your user folder permissions to get something easily useful.

    Users comtemplating upgrades...
    Do a fresh install! Actually only users upgrading from Vista SP1 can upgrade anyway, the rest have to do a fresh install. I use Ghost 14 to flip versions. Its SLLLLOOW to upgrade and backup / restore on my laptop but I can switch from Vista to Win7 as needed now that Win 7 is setup. Expect an upgrade to take 2-4 hours depending on the apps installed. Fresh install usually takes 30-45 mins

    Audio 8 and Audio 4 work fine on x86 and x64 code.

    Dell 15 and 17 series users should not see the DPC spikes that plague XP and performance in realtime is much improved based on testing I've done with 4 Dell 1537 laptops in the most recent 2 weeks.

    Traktors avg CPU load on Win 7 is about on par with XP and lower than Vista, although Win 7 x64 runs hotter than Vista in most cases, I think some tuning to the twunking is necessary. Despite it running hotter there are audio problems seen so far.

    Midi support while functional in Build 7000 was occssionally problematic with the interface dropping out requiring the unit to be reconnected. Its better in later builds and I've not had a chance to thoroughly test it on the most recent build.

    Win 7 is FAT, its phat too but FAT is what I'm talking about here 30GB O/S partition minimum IMO 40+ being much better, I've observed slower performance overall when the disk partition is smaller than 32GB even though only half is used by the O/S.

    Lastly, Stability-wise... very very solid! I play live with it [x86]and have done so since mid Feb.
  13. cronparser

    cronparser Forum Member


    I was still getting Crazy Spikes with DPC in windows 7 on my Dell Studio 1737 -- was there something you did on yours that get it in the green?

    Also i'm using Traktor Scratch not the new Traktor Scratch pro
  14. DJTTee

    DJTTee Forum Member

  15. SimonStokes

    SimonStokes NI Product Owner

    Sorry to bring up this old thread, I was just wondering if we could get an update from Phil or anyone else on the Windows 7 situation?

    I'm thinking about installing it as my primary OS tonight since I've got 2 weeks until my next gig. My main reason is that I have had to tweak my Dell XPS M1530 so that it's GPU core runs at max speed continually to resolve any audio issues. This has led to it running incredibly hot in clubs and I am worried about it.

    Gonna give Windows 7 a bash and see if it handles the GPU switching clock frequency any better. But any info would be greatly appreciated.. ;)
  16. Kirk Smeaton

    Kirk Smeaton NI Product Owner

    there's now Windows 7 Release Candidate available ( a step nearer the real thing than beta).
    I've been using it on a Dell laptop for a week or two and it seems great. definite improvement on Vista.
    Only had a play around with Traktor Pro - no extensive testing but it ran fine.
  17. lethal_pizzle

    lethal_pizzle NI Product Owner

    My DPC latency is lower in Win 7 than Vista - I was getting ~1400 yellow spikes every 10 seconds, now getting ~700 green spikes every 10 seconds.

    Running x64 on a HP Pavilion DV6500T core duo 2.2, 4Gb Ram. I will probably install the public beta of TPro 1.2 on it in July to give it a runabout.
  18. intimidation

    intimidation Forum Member

    I'm running Windows 7 RC 7100 with pro and its running fine! No slow downs or crashes. I have set up an alternate user account for when using traktor with all windows effects and sounds dissabled just to make sure!

    Seems to run a bit leaner than Vista, but to be fair that could just be the fact that its a new operating system and I just want to hate on vista :)


  19. iTronz

    iTronz Forum Member

    I'm running TSP on Windows 7 Build 7127 (64-Bit) and it's running fine, along with background apps open such as Firefox and Windows live messenger. Have yet to fully test it but so far it seems promising got the latency too 3.5 on a Core 2 Duo 2.66Ghz Machine with 4GB Ram.
  20. KEK

    KEK Forum Member

    I've posted this before in another thread, but I'm extremely happy with win7 and TSP performance.

    Do it.
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