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Traktor s4 mk2 suggestions.

Discussion in 'KONTROL S2 / KONTROL S3 / KONTROL S4' started by djjstorm, Aug 5, 2013.

  1. djjstorm

    djjstorm New Member


    Hopefully somebody from NI reads this! Not sure if they already have a new S4 in construction but just incase I'd like to make a few suggestions. The original S4 is amazing, just needs a few tweaks. And here is my list of things I think need to be added.

    1. The build of the S4 should be made like the Traktor Kontrol Z2, or like the Vestax VCI-400. More durable and solid.

    2. It definitely NEEDS a hamster switch and curve control for scratch dj's, AND please throw in the mini innofader!

    3. FLUX mode button should be added.

    4. The cue buttons would be amazing if they were like the Z2 pads and lit up.

    5. Instead of 1/4 inch outs, I think XLR outs would be better.

    6. The power adaptor should be a thick solid chord like the one the Z2 has.

    7. Probably not possible but it would be AMAZING if the jog wheels could spin like turntables! Even if you had to make the S4 heavier and thicker I think it would be worth it, And you would have a ton of turntable guys switching over.

    Ok these are just my suggestions. I hope this wasn't posted on another thread. I did do a search, so if I missed it I apologize. HOPEFULLY somebody from NATIVE INSTRUMENTS reads this!
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 6, 2013
  2. Count Zero

    Count Zero ModerAUtor Moderator

    Please just use the standard font. The one you chose made your post hard to read.
  3. tmccoy

    tmccoy Forum Member

    This should probably be in the Feature Suggestions thread, as it'll eventually get lost in this main thread.

    Just another user's comments:

    1. The issue with increased durability will be weight, which reduces portability - an interesting balance to manage in a product.
    2. Faders seem to fail for a lot of users, so InnoFader or not, nsome improvements here would be good. I do also like the idea of a cross fader curve adjustment, or at least a switch for soft/hard curve.
    3. A dedicated Flux button would be nice, but of course it can be mapped fairly easily.
    4. The cue buttons do light up!
    5. Either connector will mean some people need adapters, so I'm indifferent to this, but guess lots of mixers have XLR.
    6. Ok, but the current one is alright.
    7. Now this is an interesting one, and has a real risk or massively increasing the price and weight to provide some sort of timecode-ish control source, or just a constantly spinning wheel. But I get where you're coming from, but a, not as sure that so many users would leave turntables behind for such a feature. I personally wonder if the top plate push interaction could be improved with just distinction of top plate touch vs side touch for pitch bend. But then again, I've seen a good DJ who was able to instantly scratch and interact with the current S4 jog wheels as well as anything!
  4. beckman2007

    beckman2007 Forum Member

    I think he meant the entire button should light up instead of just part of it, at least that's what I took it as.
  5. mrpud

    mrpud Forum Member

    I think they should make the jog wheels a bit bigger as I scratch on the current S4 I find it a bit uncomfortable.

    RGB cues or just intergrate f1 into it ie like the current s4 but with f1's on each side. (may as well since it's now midimappable)

    and maybe a couple of spare buttons and knobs to be midi mapped by the user.
  6. zephry

    zephry NI Product Owner

    Put buttons on the sides maybe just 3 each with a led on top or edge.
    These would be much like the midi fighter feature.
    The purpose would be for custom mapping to have different modes.

    Or just simple mappings like window size in the software. Unload all.
    Or user start setting.
    Maybe have shift on the side. Instead of the and have it as Tap only.

    oh! Add kill buttons.
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2013
  7. KLH

    KLH NI Product Owner

    The current build of the S4 is solid. It's just not made of metal... which keeps the weight and cost down. Even (the illustrious) Pioneer CDJs are now made of plastic. I don't think that NI will change this one.

    While I'd love this, the Innobender already works with the current S2 and S4. If you want one, buy one. Since most don't scratch on the S2 or S4, the ~$200 increase in price isn't necessary for everyone to bear. Yes, it's cool. No, it's not practical.

    Why stop there? A dedicated brake and reverse buttons should be added too. No, I'm not talking about "TurntableFX" either.

    While also cool, this is unneccessary and would add cost... thus making the controller more expensive for very little benefit.

    Again, while cool, the current use of 1/4" TRS outs offer the same thing as XLR, so (IMHO) there's no real gain with XLR receptacles.

    What IS necessary (IMHO) is a dedicated booth output...

    We care about power adapter and power cords now?

    The NS7 wowed everyone with motorized platters... but ultimately failed due to increased weight (#1 complaint), increased controller size (#2 complaint), and increased price (#3 complaint). If you want this, buy an NS7 or NS7-2.

    NI doesn't build Traktor Pro to cater to the TT crowd; TSP is the tool for that. Since TSP users have TTs (and/or CDJs), there's no need to duplicate the workflow.

    I don't mean to be harsh, but your suggestions are not in line with where NI is headed. NI seems to be pushing the post-jogwheel world (i.e. iPads, X1, F1, etc.). I wouldn't be surprised if the S2/S4 mk2 had touchstrips instead of jogwheels (like the Twitch).

  8. makar1

    makar1 Forum Member

    The current S4 is not solid. I see the same handful of problems I had with my S4 cropping up all the time on forums, which also happen with high-profile S4 users playing big events.

    And XLR output is much better as you are far more likely to find standard XLR cables at a gig than TRS-XLR, which most of the time have the incorrect XLR end anyway as they're for mics. This really isn't about being cool at all.
  9. djjstorm

    djjstorm New Member

    Sure thing Mr. Picky.
    Actually I meant to say cue point buttons.
    I just spoke to someone from a well known music store. They told me there inventory for the Traktor S4 is not being restocked and that is for all music stores. He said that we can expect a NEW Traktor S4 MK2 shortly. This is just what I was told. :D
    If they DO release a new S4 MK2 and it isn't up to par I will be using the Vestax VCI 400TKT when it comes out because it will run Traktor. I am really hoping they integrate all the features of the Traktor Z2 and the Pioneer DDJ SX in the new S4 Mk 2 if they release one.
    I'm not concerned about price as long as they make a very solid controller.
  10. bxpressiv

    bxpressiv NI Product Owner

    Hooray for the mk2, I just picked up an S2 near New for $180 off Amazon. Don't need it as I have an S4 but I wanted it's baby brother to travel with.

    I personally think the mk2 doesn't `need` anything as it ties in tightly with TP2. I wonder what they will do to get people to open up their wallets or whether it will be purely cosmetic and minor incremental updates in terms of hardware layout.

    I'll go a ludicrous choice and say a Kontrol S1, one jog wheel, keeps size to a minimum and will sit pretty next to the modular way they're headed.
  11. djjstorm

    djjstorm New Member

    Dude I am just having some fun and hoping for these things. I am a turntable dj for 20+ years. Been djing since I was 12 and I still would love to use a controller. How do you know that the Turntable crowd wouldn't want NI to make something similar too the Pioneer DDJ SX or NS7-2? I actually know some highly skilled turntablists that would love these ideas. So my suggestions are not in line? You work for NI's development team? How can YOU be so sure? Relax dude, just have some fun.
  12. DjRitam

    DjRitam New Member

    If no one has mentioned it, already. A sturdier usb jack, on the back of the S4 MK2, would be greatly appreciated!
  13. djwnm

    djwnm NI Product Owner

    I am happy with my S4, would be more happy if it will have booth out, 2 independent mic channels and as a standalone mixer. Being a mobile Dj will have one less equipment to carry on all the occasions i.e. no mixer along with S4mk11:D
  14. tomazzzi

    tomazzzi New Member

    Please please please add a send fx !
  15. jeanmarclavoie

    jeanmarclavoie New Member

    I just have to add a big DITTO on all of the features most of you have listed. I especially would like the buttons to light up more and would love larger jog wheels.

    Would anyone be willing to go as large as a DDJ but with something new made by NI? I think I would.
  16. Jherome

    Jherome NI Product Owner

    I for one have been waiting for something with a larger jog wheel as well. I bought the S4 when it first came out and ended up returning it within a couple days after I realized that the tiny jog wheel was not for me. As of today, I always go back to 2 turntables, 2 Kontrol X1's and a mixer. I have tried them all including the CDJ approach, or the other brand spinning platters (which never really worked well with Traktor), or the now 3 to 4 Traktor version behind 3rd party controller.

    I really thought that the S4 was perfect except for the jog wheel. I agree with just about all the improvements mentioned by all those who posted but those are not deal breakers for me. I'd even add to the list with some remix pads but also not a deal breaker. I guess I could be ok if they decide to add some type of modular turntable but I would still be on the fence since thats what a turntable does. At that point, if I want to reduce weight, I should just get a pair or CDJ's.

    I know folks are concerned about the weight if they went bigger on the future Traktor controller. Not sure why weight is such a big issue since it will probably only add another 3 lbs? I still think it would be a far cry from the weight of 2 turntables and a mixer in a coffin.
  17. jeanmarclavoie

    jeanmarclavoie New Member

    Agreed, I want to get some 1200's for nostalgia sake and to play with control vinyl but I dread the weight for gigs. Two to three pounds more on a Kontrol S4 would be nothing by comparison.