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Traktor S5 Display Screens Only Showing "Press & hold AUX + turn LOOP knob for LINE Volume"

Discussion in 'KONTROL S5/ KONTROL S8' started by targentsound, Aug 6, 2016.

  1. targentsound

    targentsound New Member

    The display screens on my S5 only display what appear to be startup messages.

    The left screen shows the Traktor logo and "Press & hold AUX + turn LOOP knob for LINE Volume" underneath.
    The right screen has a large "KONTROL S5" in the center and "Hold S&Q buttons during startup for Vegas Mode" above that.

    When the controller is plugged in to the computer while running the Traktor Pro software, it still lights up and I'm still able to use all the pads and knobs normally, but there's no waveform or file searching on the display screens.

    I only recently got the S5, so I'm not sure if this is an actual issue or if there's just something I'm not understanding. I've been searching the guides and forums for answers but haven't found anything. A solution would be greatly appreciated.
  2. targentsound

    targentsound New Member

    A picture would probably show more than I can tell.

  3. targentsound

    targentsound New Member

    Yup, I am.
  4. targentsound

    targentsound New Member

    Yes, both are registered.
  5. Greedor

    Greedor New Member

    i have the same problem :( anyone have a ideea
  6. Greedor

    Greedor New Member

    Format C and install Win 10 its work :p
  7. Rushy2562

    Rushy2562 New Member

    For my Windows machine running Windows 10 I had this issue at first after installing the latest Traktor 2 software, but I downloaded the latest Windows driver from the NI website and was able to connect my Kontrol S5 to Traktor no problems.

    I then had the same issue with my MacBook Pro, except the Mac is class-compliant, so does not need drivers. I tried everything to get my MacBook to recognise the Kontrol S5, then support told me to do the following...

    look for Macintosh HD using finder then..

    Access Macintosh HD > Library > Audio > Plug-Ins > HAL

    Rename the HAL folder to HAL1 and restart the computer.

    As soon as i turned on my Kontrol S5 machine switched on it lighted up with the red Traktor screens and it all works smoothly!

    Hope this helps! :)
  8. lionelhives

    lionelhives New Member

    anyone on windows with same issue (i can't resolve this)?
  9. Lymedo

    Lymedo NI Product Owner

    I always start mine up in the following sequence to avoid this:

    1. Power up PC / or restart if been asleep for a while
    2. Plug in and power up S5 or S8
    3. Launch Traktor

    If you still get the issue, restart the PC with the S5 or S8 plugged in and powered on.
  10. TheJesper

    TheJesper New Member

    I had the exact same issue. What I did to solve it.
    • Disconnect cable
    • Uninstall everything related (Traktor, Drivers, Service Center etc..)
    • Restart computer
    • Install Latest Device Driver
    • Install Traktor (I took the Demo version 2.11 or something)
    • Restart Computer
    • Connect Cable (try different cables, I switched to a shorter one but I guess it shouldn't matter) - Nice graphics are displayed instead of the plain white TRAKTOR text.
    • Start Traktor - The displays are showing the correct GUI
    Hope this helps someone!