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Traktor s8 + Maschine Studio

Discussion in 'Product Installation and Activation (Archive)' started by Razzor, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. Razzor

    Razzor New Member

    Anyone know how or if I can map maschine studio to a traktor s8 deck without using an external sound card on a PC? I can sync maschine to the s8 but not to a specific deck any ideas welcome? Thanks in advance
  2. Dexflakk

    Dexflakk New Member

    You need for an audio interface
  3. D-J-K

    D-J-K NI Product Owner

    You need to be more specific. By "map" do you mean route maschine's audio into one of traktor's decks ? Or do you mean "map" maschine studio to be a controller of Traktor's decks. Big difference. I'm assuming you mean route audio since you reference a sound card. On a PC, you might be able achieve this using ASIO4ALL, but I personally cannot recommend this and would worry about stability. ASIO4ALL can really screw up your system if you have other ASIO drivers . Your best bet is to get an audio interface that has multi-client ASIO drivers, then just directly route the maschine audio into your desired Traktor deck. Another idea is to run both Traktor and Mashcine off the S8 ASIO driver/ audio interface, although I'm not sure if the S8 AI supports multi-client.
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2016
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