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Traktor S8 mk2

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by Almaz, May 17, 2020.

  1. Almaz

    Almaz NI Product Owner

    Hi, everybody. These are suggestions for the NI team.
    I have been using S8 for 4 months and see some inconveniences, so I would like to write my wishes for the internal firmware of S8.
    I also see some shortcomings that relate to the location of elements or the convenience of implementing functions, these suggestions are in other forum threads, but I would say that they also concern S8

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    1. The Grid on the S8 looks different than in the Traktor Pro 3, and this is inconvenient. First, the grid shows only the position of the beat(kick and clap), and does not show the intermediate rhythm lines, because of this, it is not very comfortable to navigate on such a grid, please make a grid, as it is done in Traktor Pro 3
    https://prnt.sc/sifxu4 S8
    https://prnt.sc/sify74 Traktor

    2. Also a little strange looks blue waveform, when Traktor Pro 3 we have a color. Due to the fact that we do not see contrasts, this thin line is difficult to distinguish, that is, even on a small screen, we have a thin line of the same color and it is quite difficult to navigate it during the game. I would be the spectrum as in Pro 3.

    3. Constantly have to press the Key button on the left of the screen to view the key. This is inconvenient. Please make this information at the top of the screen, because there is still a lot of space that is not used.

    4. Not possible to see the original BPM of the track, I need to look in the laptop or go to the browser menu. It would be good to see this info in screens of the S8.
    https://prnt.sc/sifzgy S8
    https://prnt.sc/sifzqd Traktor

    5. The offset button often does not work in grid editing mode, I wrote about this problem in support, you said you know about it. Well. But why don't you fix it?

    6. Step sequencer and Remix Deck - great features, but made inconveniently at the S8 firmware level.

    Deviation: Have you ever tried to quickly throw a rhythm in S8 in step sequencer mode?
    - We have to switch between the first 8 bars and the second, the buttons on the right (this is inconvenient if we want to quickly make a rhythm)
    - to use different samples, we need to switch each time one sample for 8 pads (this is a long time and is not suitable for use in live)

    I find this kind of mode limited and almost uninhabitable. I liked the way it is implemented in the Traktor S4 MK3, when I can fill different rhythms, right with my hand - it is more practical. Sometimes a track plays and I feel what kind of rhythm I want to do, but in S8 we can't do that.

    I also consider the Remix Deck mode with single samples to be non-usable, I may not fully understand it, but I don't know which DJs do rhythms this way because:
    - pads are not designed for beatmaking, they do not have the power of pressing and have a tight move with a click. These pads can only work for launching cues.

    I would like to offer a more refined solution. Instead of the step sequencer and single mode samples make a similar mode to S4 mk3(and add it in the settings so that the DJ can choose for himself):
    When we click on the REMIX,
    - all samples are available as they are now, with a down-up switch
    - The cue button can work as a sequence recording. The size of the sequence is determined automatically, depending on the time of recording by the rhythm DJ. Like in a drum machine.
    - by pressing the cue (record), we can just fill the rhythm of the separate samples in live and the traktor will immediately play it
    - dry/wet buttons will be 4 sliders
    - we can save recorded rhythms and link them with tracks

    7. Make a Loop encoder that changes the size of the step sequence for all samples, this is more useful in live than changing the duration size for each sample. In fact, there is not so much time to configure all this during the game. Try to do this in a live mix quickly, set the size of each sample, switch to a separate sample in order to make each a different rhythm. I am sure that step sequesnor can be made more user-friendly if you will work on the S8 firmware.

    8. The Ability to save the made rhythms in the step sequencer and link them to the track, so that after loading the track in deck A, the step sequence prepared in advance in deck C is immediately loaded.

    9. The Ability to reduce the grid in the step sequencer, since we are very limited in the rhythms that we can do

    10. If you add color pads, I would like to see them in S8, especially since the samples can be colored, but the cues are not.

    11. When we do not use stem tracks, which is almost always, I do not quite understand why we need a line at the bottom of the screen under the track with information about effects, I think if the track is not loaded stem, it can automatically hide.


    Regards, Pavel
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  2. Paul Us Dj

    Paul Us Dj New Member

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  3. Almaz

    Almaz NI Product Owner

    I don’t know, I have not decided yet, but I would prefer to have an official update. Yes, most likely I will try this mod, thanks