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Traktor Scratch and old FS2 amp (yeah again...)

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR SCRATCH' started by nik39, Apr 2, 2007.

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  1. PhilL

    PhilL Moderator Moderator

    Thats interesting I could swear I have in my inbox two or three emails both of which originated from your Gmail account (I can post the Email internet headers if needed to confirm this?). Besides, did you not last week say you had been in touch with support on the name change matter? At that time the only way to have done that would have been if you had read my emails... BTW I never did get your support ticket number either. I think it does show your above statement to be false... We can come back to this in a minute too theres more to cover...

    Out of town on the (anti)Stanton Road show perhaps? :eek:

    Quite right, so why don't we just fix the name thing and move on to those matters? Actually, the name thing is frankly tiresome. It was marginally interesting at first, but now there are more interesting things to spend time on.

    I wonder if people are actually that interested? maybe, maybe not. No_Name_Given might be a good one to use instead? You can have it with or with out without the prestige of a _tf too BTW...

    Why don't we simply deal with the one issue of your account name first That way its off the table and we can then focus on your other problems? Sound good?

    One question I have to ask why it is that you felt compelled to create a Gmail address that matches your Forums identity when that when the fancy strikes you right you will reply to yet you say you've never chcked? This leads one to the conclusion that its only purpose is to obscure your identity which then leads me to the conclusion you are trolling in a corporate style, and your near constant whining is less about answers than it is about trolling up unrest. As evidence I point to the fact that you are yet to contribute truly positively in any discussion and even when there is a chance of such you steer the discussion back into the negative. I must give you credit though its elegantly done... Much better than some who troll here do, sort of, 'cept for being traceable, it took maybe 3 mins to find your location to city levels, having two head end routers on different systems to trace to helped, I lost the plot at that point and went and played Halo instead... The fatboy has gotta play sometime....

    So anyways how does a new name feel? Are ya up for it or should Thomas just Git er Dun?

  2. nem0nic

    nem0nic Forum Member

    Can we name him "tf_FulffyPinkBunny"? I will pay for your Skype IN and OUT for a full year if you do, Phil.
  3. *FSuser*

    *FSuser* Forum Member

    Why don't you go ahead and post those e-mails as I am sure the date stamps will speak for themselves, as they were well over a month ago when I originally posted. This was before the ignorant actions of you and your fellow moderators that have caused the response you have received from me. My original intention was to only ask a question... and the response I received was less then graceful. Look around the forum a bit... I am not the only one dealing with such a response. The only time I ever received a response such as the one above is when I made a statement that was true regarding the way things are dealt with and or directly calling out the ignorance displayed by NI. Instead of directly answering questions and being helpful the moderators and NI piss on the userbase just as they have the FS userbase. It certianly has not been the fault of Native Instruments but has to be a user error when things go wrong. This is what I have seen overall and your actions only support this statement. You spent how long responding to my above statement instead of actually dealing with real issue's and questions? I just find it humurous a username could shake things up so much when a common suggestion is shot down...

    Draw up all the conclusions you like but your only wasting your time... my lack of response via e-mail recently shows you how much I care... take a look at the last date I even posted before today. Your bringing up an e-mail sent well over a month ago...

    If I wanted to really troll then I would be having a field day day right now...

    Please keep up the creative naming... I only ask that it reflect what really happened.
  4. PhilL

    PhilL Moderator Moderator

    Quite right they were in fact 4/7 and 4/9 so thats close enough for horse racing. That still goes to show your answers earlier were not true and honest. Now, to put the messages in context. You were originally grousing about not being able to get Traktor, so by email I offerred to help. Your original posts indicated you had been in touch with support but could get no satisfaction, however when pressed, you could not come up with a support ticket number and your story/complaint trail just morphed from there.... Your reply to the email message set off my alarm bells and pretty much every post since has reinforced my original private opinion (troll alert) as being true.
    So should we address the issue that you claimed you had never checked the account to see if any mail was received when in fact you were actively using the account? Dunno bout you but I call 'B.S.' on that puppy? It also does not help that you just admitted, by way of pointing out the messages I sent to you at this email address were a month old. Not really a mensa move that one.... but... not really so important perhaps either

    Anyways the message first and the header below... per your request and consent... This is the thread as I received it, your most recent message is first.

    I currently do not have any open ticket with NI regarding this issue as I have not received an e-mail back from NI. To be honest all I really want at this point is a download of a Traktor 3 build that will work with my timecode. This was an option that was marketed as an upgradable feature to FS2. This was the same request I made to support with no response.

    Thanks again for your time...
    On 4/8/07, Phil Lewis <jplewis01@comcast.net> wrote:
    OK first off I need to find out the current disposition of any open ticket you have on the matter can you please email me the support ticket number for the support request for this problem. I can find out fairly quickly from that what has happened. We'll get you sorted once I've done that.


    From: MynameisEd EdMcGee [mailto:rapedfs2user@gmail.com]
    Sent: Saturday, April 07, 2007 9:27 PM
    To: jplewis01 at comcast DOT net
    Subject: Native Instruments Forum...

    I am contacting you per your request on the Native Instruments forum...

    I honestly would love to get this all sorted out as I have had nothing but a lack of response from NI directly...

    Thank you for your time.

    Received: from wr-out-0506.google.com ([XX.XX.XX.XX])
    by sccrmxc23.comcast.net (sccrmxc23) with SMTP
    id <20070409184509s2300qtnfue>; Mon, 9 Apr 2007 18:45:09 +0000
    X-Originating-IP: [XX.XX.XX.XX]
    Received: by wr-out-0506.google.com with SMTP id 71so950458wri
    for <jplewis01 at comcast DOT net>; Mon, 09 Apr 2007 11:45:09 -0700 (PDT)
    DKIM-Signature: a=rsa-sha1; c=relaxed/relaxed;
    d=gmail.com; s=beta;
    DomainKey-Signature: a=rsa-sha1; c=nofws;
    d=gmail.com; s=beta;
    Received: by with SMTP id e3mr912092huc.1176144308919;
    Mon, 09 Apr 2007 11:45:08 -0700 (PDT)
    Received: by XX.XX.XX.XX with HTTP; Mon, 9 Apr 2007 11:45:08 -0700 (PDT)
    Message-ID: <65f247c10704091145y685f82dek2b3d273fdf3849a8@mail.gmail.com>
    Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2007 14:45:08 -0400
    From: "MynameisEd EdMcGee" <rapedfs2user@gmail.com>
    To: jplewis01@comcast.net
    Subject: Re: Native Instruments Forum...
    In-Reply-To: <001d01c779e1$b66b8250$234286f0$@net>
    MIME-Version: 1.0
    Content-Type: multipart/alternative;
    References: <65f247c10704072126y7030cd56lb1f9b0e188ab30ee@mail.gmail.com>

    Actually to be precise your original message was complaining about not being able to get the Traktor version and you changed tunes quickly when it became evident we could readily solve your problem so you moved to a much less tangible subject which is fine...except that it has been discussed to death and few people give a rip, Several do and I'm in regular contact with two by email who pointed out out they had no desire to further waste time in discussions on the forums on the matter.

    Not so so we mods have responded multiple times, not the least for you twisting up the facts of what was said to suit your personal agenda. when you were called on it by me on two seperate ocassions you were somewhat contrite and disclaimed your obvious intention.

    I go to some lengths to avoid pissing off the userbase and make it very plain to the userbase that if they feel the need they can call me out at any point and I will and do listen to their opinions both on the forums and by email. Almost all users here have my uptmost respect. I do expect I'll get a 'Let it go Phil' message on this but I want to make the _facts_ are laid out and are not revised to suit personal agendas before I do.

    Shake things up? hardly!!!Ya know whats really funny... Pathetic actually... I asked 4 or more times about a name change in my message earlier today and you have yet AGAIN sidestepped the current core issue of a simple name change. All you need to have said is "fine do what you fricking want coz I don't care..."!

    What I cannot work out is whether the name is central to your troll-quest or whether the rather idiotic p!ssing match we are both engaged in puts you at the center of attention and you can't let go. The other funny thing is this, had you said yes to the name change we would right now be haggling over your actual subject matter rather than some stupid name.

    Shuuuureee! Uh Huh, but if you escalate, it quickly gets out of order and gets ended badly in short order too. If your intention is hang on and piss everyone off then you need a slow boil to achieve that over time.

    So that would be "Complained-Refused help, whined a lot, ignored attempts to help, whined more, ignored direct requests more, whined some more.... accomplished NOTHING!_tf" dunno for sure but I don't think Thomas can fit that in the username field.

    So can we actually do this name change thing and stop friggin dancing round the bloody table... I've got a Tech house mix I wanna finish instead of giving you more rope.

  5. *FSuser*

    *FSuser* Forum Member

    Give me all the rope you need kid... I will hang you with it. You just once again changed the facts... Please keep it up! I am withholding the real fireworks... So go ahead and have fun with your little sparklers...

    I told you I will allow the members of this forum who are offended by my name to give me a proper name that is suited... Not an ignorant moderator who only makes false claims to save face.
  6. PhilL

    PhilL Moderator Moderator


    I saved the fun stuff for last.... ;)

    Ya know its almost worth it just for the laugh value alone....

    However, we've annoyed the bunnies. They feel that Fulffy is too much like 'filthy' or 'filfy' and they resent that. A rather animated living room discussion ensued this evening with the entire Local 3063rd heavy infantry 3rd battallion of the armey and by way of making their point, I now have a lovely RPG induced skylight (and some wicked rocket burns in the carpet) to decorate this weekend instead of getting this bloody Tech House mix finished. Doooh!!! Too bad its p!ssing down rain tonight, tomorrow, Friday, ...

  7. PhilL

    PhilL Moderator Moderator

    Well dodged! and not not answered either, exactly as expected. Prompt too, **** its gotta be like 2am there? security company got ya working nights now? I can't even begin to imagine where you think the facts changed, this should be good...
    Any danger that you'll answer the question of a name change?, Or will you continue with the dodge whine twist ignore strategy? I bet the latter.

    Yawn time for the scratcher....
  8. *FSuser*

    *FSuser* Forum Member

    Before you pull out that scratcher fill I mean PhilL please go ahead and answer all that I have asked of you and your staff...

    I am not dodging anything... I just could care less at this point. I know now how your company operates and that is all that matters. Go on with your tech house mix in your basement... I will be playing out in the meantime.

    I have family all over BC... when is the next time you are playing out?
  9. PhilL

    PhilL Moderator Moderator

    Some other time... I start early tomorrow. I got what I needed anyways.

    As for the basement bit, nah don't got one of those... Would be good though I would love to set up a good studio.
    The plush well lit garage practice setup works well for me for that kind of stuff. The Mackie 450's and Sub Bin out there are on loan but are just too loud for a neighborhood environment in the late evenings, I like my neighbors and they are happy campers, That would not remain the case with the contents of the garage pumping out 115 to 120 Db at 11:30pm. So instead of the SRMs I use M-adio BX5's loud but not too deadly.

    Playing out huh, I hear the midweek reirement home circuit in Flo'ida is busy, but they wrap up early, gotta have the seniors in bed by 10:30 or summint like that? What was the closer tonight? Knees up mother brown?

  10. *FSuser*

    *FSuser* Forum Member


    I dont need to brag about my equipment to make up for my shortcomings and I can at least admit when I am wrong...

    Defend NI until the end... They will surely soon show their gratitude.

    I am up this late because I am on the club time clock... if you actually played out you would know how it is, as you would just now be leaving. Playing at a coffee house during happy hour for a bunch of your high ass friends doesn't count.

    PS: It is 3am where I am at and not even midnight where you are but you have the balls to sit here telling me I am playing for an old folks home... I think you are just sour about your last gig.
  11. Thomas @ NI

    Thomas @ NI Administrator NI Team

    Questions are answered on these forum by moderators and NI staff regularely and thoroughly, especially given that this is a user forum in the first place. If you wanted to make the point that you would like to see more forum statements from NI directly, then this is acknowledged.

    Your username should be chosen by you, not by other users. I have removed the "raped" part from the name for the time being. If you would like to go with another username entirely, let me know here or via email.

    I am not sure what kind of answer you are expecting here. Could you make this question more specific?

    In general, a less negative general attitude and more courtesy towards the moderators would very likely go a long way towards getting you a better reception in this community. Your track record here definitely invites suspicions about your agenda on these forums. I will give you the benefit of doubt one last time if you will agree that a friendly and constructive tone is the best basis for any kind of discussion.

    Regards, Thomas
  12. Dijibuddha Magnetik

    Dijibuddha Magnetik NI Product Owner

    Well,that's a good laugh!

    You guys are seriously taking things wayyy too far...
  13. nik39

    nik39 NI Product Owner

    Doh. Is this meant to be serious?

    There is someone who feels raped. Accept it. Why do you need to change the names now?

  14. *FSuser*

    *FSuser* Forum Member

    This is about the most absurd statement made thus far considering your moderators demand a ticket number from members just to get a response from support.

    Agreed, but yet you had no problem changing mine... I just wanted to give a chance for those who have been truly offended to be able to speak their piece.

    If you noticed I have only fought fire with fire and will continue to do so... I wont let some llama spit in my face.

    I don't feel I need to be the one defending any kind of track record thomas... considering what I have seen from your companies side lately. I think native instruments is the one who needs to check their tone when it comes to constructive discussion.
  15. trat

    trat Forum Member

    Shiver me timbers!! I'm so glad I sold off my TFS 1.5 back then and didn't jump ship with NI ever since. What a joke: I've read this whole thread and I got the shiver on me timbers again, from my past (über) futile shots at getting good support. I even had to run my TFS software with a warez keygen cause the registration didn't work and I got snail support.

    Apropos, registration? WTF? Couldn't the scratch amp have been a dongle? All this extra wasit of time and resources. What else could I be using the 1.5 software with / for? Or... *turns 007 music on* is this registration game part of this whole crossgrade charade? A conspiracy for building userbases for new products on the back of (unplugged) predecessors'? Untill... The whole world... I'll take any answer for a "yes". On the other side, guess whats on some peoples mind's with the whole "certified mixers" and "shelving out cash for the software" proposition... :eek: Hmmm...

    I guess if things turn out bad with TS, NI could always pull the plug and make it "Open" (whatever...).

    I know a joint venture between a New Zealand based company and a USA based company that DID manage to make a great (upper class stabilty and support) DVS product. Both earn good money from it, and (most important) MY respect. They even managed to make it a INDUSTRY STANDARD (hurray).

    Don't argue ( = BS) with me: I'm always right.
    Last edited: May 9, 2007
  16. nem0nic

    nem0nic Forum Member

    Hey, look! It's superfan #1.
  17. trat

    trat Forum Member

    M0rronic, didn't you get your last payment? Or is this pseudo board police comment a cry for attention? Don't you have some (twisting of) testing (results) to do?
  18. PhilL

    PhilL Moderator Moderator

    Guys I'm not sure If you two are lovers or what but don't start another war if there is ill-will between you. I was guilty as charge in driving the last frickin farcical effort and it does not need to be repeated. Trat; welcome to our little slice of fuzzy pink nirvana. If you have something useful to say by all means go right ahead, but DO NOT start a flame war on your opening posts here. Now would be a good time to step off, refocus on the subject not the person and return if you need to, to the subject at hand.

  19. trat

    trat Forum Member

    Ok, I have some (serious) questions:

    • Does TS has a dedicated CD encoder (i.e. why would this be a pro for any DVS - CD control work fine in SSL)?

    • What is the 3rd party component of SSL, and why is this important for comparison (i.e. what is the pro of not having a 3rd party component)?
    Following up on the above question.

    • Why aren't the Cirrus Logic convertors accounted for as 3rd party components?

    • What is the pro of having a integrated Beatport store (i.e. what is the con of not having it)?

    • What is the pro of having an optional ground lift (i.e. why should I care not to be able to deactivate ground lift)?

    • What is / does the rumble filter add to the package (i.e. what does it do and why should I care to (not) have it)?

    I would apreciate to get more technical answers (i.e. quantitative answers a.o.t. qualitative ones) to these than only "it's better" (= qualitative) answers.
  20. djquartz

    djquartz NI Product Owner

    Forget the what's better argument, here are some quick answers.

    Answer #1:

    CD control has been enhanced by using a special variation of the timecode on the cd's.

    Therefore the timecode is handled differently in comparision with the vinyl timecode to perform better.

    CD control suffered on the FS platform

    Answer #2:
    I guess this is all wording.

    Technically what they are saying is the software is made by Serato and the interface is made by Rane.

    Just as how FS was engineered by Stanton and they contracted NI to build the software

    So in a sense it's 3rd party is that relation, not by the what components are used in the interface.

    Since the Audio 8 was developed and engineered by NI, and TS is developed by NI. There is no 3rd party to be involved, everything is handled by NI.

    Answer #3:

    Beatport intergration is the comparable to Rane's upcoming White Label service.

    Only Beatport was out first, offering pre-striped tracks to Traktor users for purchase. Also you can connect directly within Traktor 3/Traktor Scratch and preview/download tracks one time and spin them.

    Answer 4:

    The ScratchAmp2 suffered ground loop issues, etc. The Audio 8 was fitted with the ability to lift the ground to resolve this problem.

    So no more using isolators or 3 to 2 prong adapters, etc.

    Answer 5:

    The rumble filter was designed to make Traktor Scratch completely resistant to low frequency feedback. This is NO lie, TS will not suffer from bass feedback.

    Nemonic has made a demo with him placing a speaker right by his turntable and TS could care less and kept working.

    I can also attest to this because I had tracking problems with FS2 in clubs when it came to feedback. I just turned the bass down but that is a disadvantage in my eyes.

    With TS, I can crank the bass as much as I want it doesn't care.

    So there are some quick answers to your questions.
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