Traktor (Scratch) Pro - MIDI construction & Issues

Discussion in 'DJ Controllers' started by PhilL, Oct 31, 2008.

  1. nicoljcraig

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    Hey guys,

    quick question. Can you use traktor scratch (including timecode vinyls) with any interface? Or does it have to be with Audio 8?

    Also, I want to use two channels timecode decks and two channels regular traktor. I guess I need eight composite outputs right? two for each channel. Will the audio 8 do this? Will the audio 4 do this?

  2. chilly

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    Why are you cross-posting your questions in the WRONG FORUMS STILL? Spend the time to read up on the product.

    Jesus H.

    FAIL x4!
  3. andyfoz

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    to get the scrtaching/on working i just noted down the settings from traktor 3 and put them into pro now my scratching works but i cant work out how o use the outer wheel for pitch bending?



    Hi,i just bought a M-Audio X-Session Pro to control Traktor Pro on my Intel Macbook,i don't suppose it would be possible for me to have a copy of your Tsi Map,i'm finding the task a bit harder than i thought it would be,i also have Ableton 7 Lite on my Macbook and would be eternally gratefull for a Tsi Map for this aswell,i have not even got that far yet as trying to Map Traktor is still not complete.Any advice would be very helpfull,i actually thought it would only take a quick download to get Traktor Mapped.Thanks alot.mrgingerninja
  5. dj_smex

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    I believe the command is 'hotcue' there are 8 assignable cue buttons and you can assign any cue/loop-in point to any of these hotcues.

  6. Jetpac

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    Loop Setting

    Hey guys,

    just starting to get my MIDI setup with my ReMote 25SL compact,
    hoping you guys could help me up with a few setups.

    Just wondering how I can set it up so that I have a button that will turn on my loops to a certain amount.

    I have hotkeys set up to move the Loop Size forward and backwards, but what is the hotkey in order to turn it on to the set amount?

    right now i have a couple things going on, i have a Set Loop/Cue In as well as a Loop Out button set, as well as a Loop Active set.
    So basically to turn a loop on properly, i am right now having to find my loop size, then hit the set loop cue in button, but that doesn't turn it on until i hit the loop active button.

    The problem i'm finding is when i hit the loop active button, it's not actually setting the loop to work with the size i've selected.
    To do that I have to press the loop forward or backwards button once again..

    how do i get around this... so that when i press the active button it will set the loop for the preset amount of time and will loop it from the cue point i have set.
  7. fleater

    fleater NI Product Owner

    Hi there. Here is my tsi map. It also includes the tsi for my padkontrol, x-session etc etc. I have my xsp set so that the middle levels are for deck A & B and the outer are C&D. You might need to use enigma to change the midi channel.

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    Cheers dude,i'll give them ago and report back Obie 1.Thanks for being bothered.mrgingerninja
  9. dj quinn f

    dj quinn f New Member

    i have the same problem as the last unfortunatly its not that logical to me either, i have ddm 4000 with the audio one and midi leads and want to connect them to each other, so is it just me or is this rather complicated, when i press a button on my ddm the audio one lights up midi in so why doesnt traktor pro pick this up. is it because i havn't updated the firmware to tracktor pro on the audio 1! think i might just get a midi to usb because this is doing brain in lol


    Thanks mate for your quick time reply,i'll reply to let you know how i got gingerninja
  11. smanning

    smanning New Member

    Does anyone have a midi map for the VCM 100 for Traktor Pro ?
  12. shanksdk

    shanksdk NI Product Owner

    Update on this:

    I found the solution for this (in Tpro 1.1), not for the master tempo though, but individual decks.

    1. In Preferences -> Midi Mapping use [Add].

    2. Select Output -> Beat Phase Monitor as control.

    3. In The "MIDI learn" section choose the Midi CC for the LED you want.

    4. The controller-range and midi-range decides when the LED should be on and off.

    Inside Traktor The beat phase sweeps from -0,5 to 0,5 with 0 being on-beat.
    In my case (CC value >= 64 turns on LED) the default setting produces blink a bit longish. To make it more snappy I set the controller range to MIN 0.0000 MAX 0.10000.

    I use the Behringer BCD3000, and used the two red QUE button LEDs on each deck (they have CC17 and CC9). It works like a charm.

  13. dj rush from vision

    dj rush from vision NI Product Owner

    Can not load my saved tsi file in traktor scratch pro

    I have been using traktor pro and i just purchased traktor scratch pro but in midi mapping preference settings there is no option to load a tsi file neither for keyboard hot keys or midi mapping,in traktor pro or traktor 3.4 , icould load any tsi file for midi mapping,wondering why no option in scratch,or am i missing something ? Any body can help me?
  14. Lemonworks

    Lemonworks NI Product Owner

    Here's one for y'all guru's out there- i want to set up one button (or key) that will toggle focus select between Decks A & B only.
    I've had a stab at doing this ,unsucessfully, with modifers but i think i might have missed the point of them!

    over to you.......
  15. rainerh

    rainerh NI Product Owner

    map the following four commands to the same button (here using modifier #7, use whatever modifier is not yet in use in your mapping)

    1. Modifier #7, Interaction Mode: Direct, Set to value:1, Modifier Conditions: M7=0
    2. Deck Focus Select, Interaction Mode: Direct, Set to value=Deck A, Modifier Conditions: M7=0

    3. Modifier #7, Interaction Mode: Direct, Set to value:0, Modifier Conditions: M7=1
    4. Deck Focus Select, Interaction Mode: Direct, Set to value=Deck B, Modifier Conditions: M7=1
  16. Lemonworks

    Lemonworks NI Product Owner

    Hi rainerh, thanks for your quick reply! out of interest, is there a reason for using modifier #7 instead of say #1 or #2?
  17. rainerh

    rainerh NI Product Owner

    no, you can use every modifier you want
    just make sure that the modifier is not used in any other mapping
  18. Lemonworks

    Lemonworks NI Product Owner

    that makes sense- thanks! ok one more :)

    focus select is toggling fine now, but i want the button on my nocturn to light when A and off when B. when set for this (max =1, min =0, step 1) it takes two button presses to toggle.

    if i set it to max = 1, min = 0, step = 0, it toggles perfectly but the button doesnt light properly.

    any ideas?
  19. Ozma

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    Hercules RMX & CD-DJ Jog

    First of all, yes I have searched without any results.

    I found how to make Jog Scratch + Tempo bend. It works fine ... kinda. The only problem is that the tempo bend is static. It bends either +1% or -1%. Is there any way I can make it work like in cd-players?

    I've seen this miracle called "CD-DJ JOG" in every place but I do not have it in my MIDI controls. I suppose it should be Add -> Transport -> CD-DJ Jog . I even red it from MANUAL, but I can't add it anywhere.

    Can someone help?

    Setup: Win XP + Hercules RMX ASIO
  20. orjan

    orjan NI Product Owner

    You are looking for 'CD-DJ JOG' and i can't find it either but if i'm not mistaken NI renamed it to 'Jog Scratch + Tempo Bend'. So actually you're already using it.
    About %, try experimenting with Prefs>Transport>Pitch bend sensitivity and Prefs>Midi mapping>Jog Scratch + Tempo Bend: Rotary Sensitivity. I think i got a small improvement, but far from perfect.