Traktor (Scratch) Pro - MIDI construction & Issues

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    If I have a loop going, and want to move the entire loop say, 16 beats in one direction or the other, how do I map this to two buttons?(one for each direction)
    do I have to macro beatjump and loop set to the same command?
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    Led Midi Range CDJ 2000

    Hello everybody

    I'm mapping my CDJ 2000 in Traktor 2.0.3 and I'm having a little issue here.

    I've mapped my sync-statement to the tempo-range button and now I would like to make the outer rim of the Jog Wheel turn RED when sync is on, and turn WHITE when sync is off.
    Thus, so far I've got:

    Control - I/O - Assignment - Mode - Mapped To

    Beat Sync - In - Device Target - Toggle - Tempo Range
    Beat Sync - Out - Device Target - Output - Jog Illumination

    With the second statement (the Out-statement), does anyone know which MIDI RANGE I have to choose to make the next table work:

    Sync Off = WHITE Jog Wheel
    Sync On = RED Jog Wheel

    Its a similar behaviour like when the CDJ 2000 is LAN-connected to a DJM 2000 or 900; when it gives an "ON-AIR" status.
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    This is a great thread to discuss.. thanks for all the helpful information.
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    tried the search but no luck. probably an easy task but i couldn't figure it out yet.

    how to map specific cue points?

    for example, cue 1 to a button, cue 2 to another button ... and so on so i can directly jump to certain cues
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    traktor pro FX with hercules mk4

    Please can someone help me. I want to control the effects in Traktor pro with a knob or slider on my Hercules mk4. I can switch on the FX on my mk4 but can only control the effects by using my laptop mouse. I understand this is done by midi mapping in the controller manager in Traktor, but due to limited buttons and sliders on mk4, I would like to know which would be the best option. Has someone done this and can give me some advice.
    Many thanks for your help.
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    newbie midi mapping dicer issue

    I have read all the forums and all the posts and can not find anything to solve or address the problem I am having. I will be as thorough as I can.

    I am trying to simply (or as I thought) map the third layer of my dicers to trigger sample deck to start/stop. Sounds easy enough. I am new to midi mapping so I hope it is an easy solution. The following are the steps I am taking:

    1)delete all midi mappings from controller manager and reset Traktor and dicer

    2)Add->Generic Midi (from Device drop down)

    3)set in and out port to Novation Dicer (have also tried All Ports)

    4)Add In->sample deck->play primary

    5)learn note->hit dicer button (Ch13.NoteC4)->unclick learn

    6)set Assignment to Sample Deck 1 Slot 1

    7)Load track to Deck A (track deck)

    8)Load loop from Deck A to Sample Deck C Slot 1

    When I push the assigned button on the dicer I get an error which states "Error loading sample slot from deck: Current active deck is not a track deck"

    I am sure it is a simple solution but any suggestions are appreciated. I am running TSP 2.1.2 in external mode with deck A&B as track decks and decks C&D as sample decks with 4 slots each.
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    When assigning a LED to this control. Is there a way to have is pick up a specific beat count. ex beat 01. then another led on beat 02 and another led on beat 03 and so on
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    Solved my issue. I am officially an idiot. I needed to assign it to Sample Deck 3 not Sample Deck 1. All is right with the world now and I can proceed to mapping the rest.
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    So i just got a Hercules Dj Control Mp3 e2. Installed it along with traktor pro. Everything seems to be working fine except the cross and volume fader aren't working. Been tryna mess with the configuration but nothin seems to be working. Could really use some help! Thanks!
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    I have got an EMU midi controller... In the controller setup its allows just the Deck A or Deck B mapping...(I can assign to the Deck A or the Deck B a midi knob) The problem is that the setup dont allow the mapping to the two deck...
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    HELP w/ Akai LPD8 Sample Decks Mapping

    I use an x1 for most everything on tsp2. I need to add my lpd8 for sample deck control. I just mainly want to use it for triggering in one shots or loops over my mixes. I have looked on this board for the answer and on youtube. I did what I could find on youtube but it didn't work. When i went to controller manager and added my first pad, i don't think it was reading midi. Can i please get the missing info I need or a tsi for what I'm looking for. If I missed it on this site and someone knows where it is, please link me. Thanks in advance
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    List select up/down midi command issue...

    I'm completely mapping my midi controller, a denon hd2500. I'm just a little ways into it and last night I mapped a knob to "list select up/down", and it worked great.

    Get up this morning, and run through my mappings and when i went to scroll the list, it skips by pages, not even a page at a time. As a test of the knob, I set the same knob to "list select page up/down" and it works perfectly page by page.

    As a test to make double sure it isn't a issue with the knob, I assigned to the knob that I was using for tree select up down that is working fine, and again, one click of the knob jumps probably at least 50 to 100 tracks at a time.

    I've tried everything, shut down, restart everything, reset my controller to factory, deleted all midi mappings and created one for this single function, and it won't stop doing this.

    I also tried changing to relative mode so maybe I could adjust the sensitivity of the knob down, and then the command doesn't work at all at any setting.

    I'm really hoping there is a way to fix that command without too much trouble.

    Thanks for any help.
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    Hello dj's
    i would appreciate if somebody could help me with a problem
    i'm using hercules mk4 controller and Traktor version 1.2.4
    my problem is that the tsi file that i have to import in controller manager doesn't match exactly.
    Only some of the controller buttons "obey" traktor's operation like the play and cue buttons,synch,changing the bpm..just these.
    Is there any friend that uses the same controller and software and has solved this problem sending me a more appropriate tsi midi file?
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    Hello Phill, or to anybody able to help me!

    The TRAKTOR 'SCRATCH' PRO 2 version, can also it be controlled by MIDI inteface of the CDJ-2000? or is this only possible with the TRAKTOR PRO 2 version? thank you!
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    Hello all Dj's does anybody have link or smth else to download effects for ''Traktor Scratch Pro'' ?
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    mapping and headphones audio for numark total control

    guys! i´m having so much trouble with the configuration of my traktor. i normally use virtual dj pro and that one works perfectly fine...however i´m trying to use something better, traktor pro 2.
    i bought myself a numark total control dj mixer.
    my 3 biggest problems are:
    -i use an external audio card for my headphones, which until today i have not been able to make work appropriately with traktor pro 2 (it does work with virtual dj pro)
    -the other big thing is, i downloaded a .tsi file for traktor pro and it just wont work... whenever i import it to traktor, it won´t even play.
    -i use different effects when playing a song, and none of them do anything..... i even do it on my computer, not on the midi controller and NOTHING
    god i´m screwed...
    i would appreciate very much some help
    you guys have a good day!
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    Hi, is there an up to date sticky on this? will this example work on the latest version of scratch?