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Traktor (Scratch) Pro - MIDI construction & Issues

Discussion in 'DJ Controllers' started by PhilL, Oct 31, 2008.

  1. PhilL

    PhilL Moderator Moderator

    [MIDI Modifiers] 101 – Basic Switching

    This is the second in a series of messages taking you from the very beginnings with MIDI modifiers through to advanced switching and control. Each of the message titles will be prefixed with a lesson(?) number, This one being [MIDI Modifiers] 101 – Basic Switching

    So far we’ve covered the basics of modifier setup. Next up in this set we move look at how to use Modifiers to do some some basic switching. So far we’ve covered what is needed to make basic modifier operations possible.

    If you used Traktor 3 MIDI it was quite likely you used the midi page functions to expand your controller possibilities. Traktor Pro takes the possibilities to a whole other level. To do this we’ll create a really simple example.

    Traktor Pro uses 2 separate commands to set and delete gridmarkers. They perform what is essentially a binary operation and for those that want to use a single key to set and delete the gridmarker you were pretty much out of luck. Using modifiers its completely possible to do this by forming a toggle switch function. The function is simple latched flipflop logic.
    The first part of the function is the logic action.
    To do this you add two modifiers. For our example we’ll use Modifier # 1 or M1.

    Set the Interaction type to Direct and the control type to Button, Set the value of the first modifier to 0 and the second to 1. Now go back to the first modifier entry whose value is 0 and add a modifier to it M1=1. Next, goto the second modifier and add a modifier to it, M1=0.
    For both entries set the same Midi button to trigger the modifiers.
    OK so now that the logic is all set up its time to add the actual commands
    First Add the set Grid marker command, set the interaction type to be Trigger and control type to button. Bind the same controller button to the entry and add a modifier M1=0.
    Next Add the Delete Grid marker command. Once again, bind the same controller button to the entry. The Final step is to add the modifier M1=1

    What you have now is a flipflop, setting and deleting the grid marker. Obviously you’ll be able to see other practical applications for this kind of function. Its possible to extend the functionality to button group operations allowing you to do 1 of n operations.

    If you’re too lazy to build your own tsi file or are just completely confused by all the settings then you’ll find attached two samples the second sample does the simple gridmarker function and the first shows a simple 1 of n group.

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  2. chilly

    chilly Returning Customer


    Not to knock your thread, but why aren't these lessons in their own thread so noone can respond? You have GREAT info here, but you're burying it 7 pages deep!


    And thanks...great stuff PhilL
  3. PhilL

    PhilL Moderator Moderator

    Hmmm.... How say y'll? do you want me to put the lessons into its own thread?

  4. PhilL

    PhilL Moderator Moderator

    Send me your .tsi file with a list of your problem controls, I'll take a look. I did run into this problem and found the reason was that the controller itself was doing a toggle operation. To find out if this is the case run MIDI-OX or MIDI Monitor for MAC and watch what comes out of your controller for the button you are pressing. if the value is changing between 00h and 7fh (0 or 127 dec) with each press your button is in toggle mode. If your button goes from 0 to 7f then back to 00 when you let the button go then that is hold mode. I don't need to explain why your control is doing what is then right ;)

    As for cycling lights you could write simple script that could do it in MIDI-OX. Its been yonks since I did anything like that with it but I'm sure its still doable.

  5. jackerman

    jackerman New Member

    novation nocturn

    does anyone know anything about this and TSP?

    I have one and would love to set it up, but if it's going to be a terrible pain then i might as well just sell it off
  6. PhilL

    PhilL Moderator Moderator

    Yeah but I can't do geekery all day, my brain won't allow it. Besides, most of the really funny / bizarre stuff typically clusters around thongs bunnies and other odd questions that on occassion actually relate to DJing. dunno about you but I think this place would be a dreadfully boring pit were it not for the occassional fit of levity.

    I dunno, whats up with the lessons? Are there problems? I don't have time to sit down and write and write a daily tome. Between running a data-center at work, keeping people informed and helped here + developing my own usable SCS3.d templates and DJing and assorted other family and geekery there is only so much I can and will do. I'll get to it as I have time.

  7. Revo dj

    Revo dj NI Product Owner

    zero4 and stanton SCS3D

    does anybody has the midi setup, I was all working fine till I update to Pro. :(
    ALso I use to use Torq with the Xponent , and i build a layout for traktor 3 , Why , can we import all midi files? HElp pls.
  8. PhilL

    PhilL Moderator Moderator

    Jeez....how hard can learn be? Am I alone in thinking people are simply not willing to take some time to get their controllers working as they want them. Its not up to NI to provide usable MIDI presets for everyone Midi controller out there. There are some for the popular controllers but people are griping about those because they leave plenty of room for improvement. If you don't like what is provided then make your own! Many already are and that is brillyint. There is no value in whining that your controller support is not exactly as you want it. I have in the past created templates for the BCR and BCD 2000 controllers. Other people hated them. I tried theirs they sucked also. What it comes down to is that everyone has their own ideas about what control they want and need and noones template will perfectly suit anyone else.

    @Jackerman: No its not a PITA but it will take some time. Its easy to do you juts have to be logical about what you need start really simply and expand with only what you absolutely need.

  9. PhilL

    PhilL Moderator Moderator

    You cant import because the guts of Midi control section has fundamentally changed and the controls need different settings. Its not ideal but it is what it is. when all is said and done it would be faster to rebuild from scratch than spend hours and hours debugging every last little nuance of the converted control presets.

  10. thictool

    thictool NI Product Owner


    Actually the panel doesnt have to be set to Beatjump. TP can Beatjump no matter what panel your on.

    You need to enter two midi commands for the same button.



    This way it doesnt matter what screen you are on, when you hit that button you will Beatjump.

    Remember I used 32 as an example here, but you have the option of setting Beatjump to go 1,2,4,8,16,32.

    Also you can set the Beatjump length to go forward and backwards

    LOL....i cant even believe I solved a problem in TP
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2008
  11. redgoblin83

    redgoblin83 New Member

    I need help with my dn-s1200, the midi mapping provided with Traktor Pro only uses one player and I have two players. Thank you.
  12. S1L1C0N

    S1L1C0N Forum Member

    use 2 thongs instead of 1.
  13. redgoblin83

    redgoblin83 New Member

    What do you mean ?
  14. other1

    other1 NI Product Owner

    yes, would be gr8 to have an easy acces to the info when needed
  15. Dchild

    Dchild Forum Member

    I'd just like to start by thanking PHIL for his midi modifier post's. Very useful. KEEP UM COMING MATE.

    I'm in the process of setting up my DDM4000 with traktor pro.

    Having followed both of Phil's examples i had an idea.

    The DDM4000 has lots of midi assigned bottons which can receive midi input. This is used to get the LEDS working.

    I've currently got the 12 kill buttons assigned to the mixers kill switches as expected.

    Is it possible for these buttons to have dual use (FX on/off) making sure the LED feedback doesn't get messed up. For example all three buttons (kill switches) on channel 1 are pressed. I press a button to go into fx mode. The buttons will now reflect the on/off of fx 1.

    Does this make sense.
  16. groovemixer

    groovemixer Forum Member

    ok phill ive read what you posted but still a bit confused.

    heres what i want to do on my evo5:

    i got a continuous rotary dial that is set for scrolling up and down my track list in the browser

    i got a button i want to use for the modifier

    when i push and hold the button i want the rotary dial to move my track back and forth to set cue point in the wave display.

    when i release the button the dial should go back and scroll my track list.

    how do i set this up? all i need to know is how to set the modifier with the M1 and value no need to explain the functions of the rotary and button, im familar with that im having porblems with themodifier.

    is this correct: rotary dial set to modifier: m1 value 1

    button set to modifier: m1, value: 1
    button set to modifier: - , value: 1

    i think i had the button (modifier 1) set to m1, i tink thats where i went wrong?
  17. jackerman

    jackerman New Member


    Thanks for the answer Phil, my problem is that I don't even know where to start with this. This is the first time that I have set up a controller with anything that I am using
  18. misterharrison

    misterharrison NI Product Owner

    Nice one, Phil. This is going to be really handy for loads of things - it's given me lots of ideas. It hadn't occurred to me that you could modify a modifier, so to speak! And I also think that these 'tutorials' should have their own locked thread as a kind of library.

    BTW, I also think you have the patience of a saint. ;)
  19. Karlos Santos

    Karlos Santos Rocket Man

    No you are not alone on this at all.

    People, just get stuck in. Read up, and have a go. If you f*ck your tsi up and the jog wheel turns your T.V. on and off its no big shakes, you saved the original and the last good one you had right?
    What do you mean no you didnt save it... *WHACK*

    Come on folks.
  20. d1giPhux

    d1giPhux NI Product Owner

    Not sure if this has been answered yet.. but I have an oxygen 8 (first gen), and i mapped the top 4 and lower 4 knobs to change the values of the 'effects' in traktor scratch pro. Only problem is.. they will only go up to 75% rather than 100%.. not sure why that is. Thanks.

    System Specs : Macbook Pro dual 2.4 w/ 2 gigs of ram.