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Traktor scratch - problems ever since I bought it

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR SCRATCH' started by MrJacobs, Jun 21, 2010.

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  1. MrJacobs

    MrJacobs New Member

    Ever since I bought Traktor Scratch, I have got into several problems and I'm obviously not the only one who has problems with this software..It really annoys that this program just doesn't work as it should...First I had this problem where my music stopped while I was playing. I was told to turn up the latency, and I kept doing that until the problem was gone. As soon as the problem was gone, something else started to happen. Now the music doesn't just stop...the whole program stops and I can't just exit by pressing ctrl+alt+delete etc. I have to restart my computer. Besides that the timecode signal (I think) also gives another problem. When I play my music, there is this annoying very bright sound.
    Could someone please help me? I am going to play live this following saturday- hopefully with traktor. I have experienced one time live where this problem with the music stopping appeared and I will not try it again.
    - Thank you
    *Traktor Scratch Duo
  2. crucial d

    crucial d NI Product Owner

    If using Traktor Scratch (original Release) you have posted in the right place

    But are you using Traktor Scratch Duo? Post the exact version number of your software.

    Also, regardless of software version, post your hardware specs - (processor speed, ram, operating system, soundcard etc)
  3. Djfaiz

    Djfaiz New Member

    hey guys i have the same problem ,

    Processor type
    Intel* Centrino* 2 processor technology Intel* CoreTM2 Duo Processor T9400
    2.53 Ghz , Level 2 cache 6 MB
    Intel* PRO/Wireless 4965AGN Network Connection
    Standard memory 4096 MB
    Internal hard disk drive 640 GB (2 x 320 GB)
    SATA Hard Disk Drive Hard disk drive speed 5400 rpm

    thats my laptop config,

    i am using the tracktor Strach Pro,+ audio 8 & the X1, i most of the time use the time code...

    the problem is whn i play a track @ times it lags and stops & i get ... crazy whn i am playing live ... plz help

    & whts the best latenct to use & wht with the usb power management :(
  4. piedroporto

    piedroporto Forum Member

    Centrino... hmmm... that might be the source of the problem... dunno.

    USB wise, if you want to play on the safe side, buy a USB HUB that has it's own power. Then you're not taking that much energy from your PC.

    can i be sarcastic ? Buy a mac and the HUB and you'll be fiiiine ! :)
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